Feeding for votes: On the free-makan campaign trail


Blog reader Jackie reports on the free dinners being thrown by certain parties to win votes.

BN is giving free buffet dinners in many places on Penang island. Apparently there was a free dinner (plus free beer) given to residents in my area (at a hawker centre in Fettes Park) on Tuesday. I understand each hawker was given (money) to provide food to those who came for the dinner and there was a wide varitey of food served.

Another dinner is going to be held tomorrow in Lebuhraya Halia area which is a stone’s throw away from Fettes Park.

Since the food is free, people take more than they can eat and leave behind plates of unfinished food. What a waste of money!

I am sure there are better ways for BN to spend the money to help the rakyat. Penang residents are flocking to the various places where these dinners are held and some are saying let’s give BN another chance.

Hope not many people are fooled by BN’s overwhelming “generosity” before the elections.

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9 Apr 2013 12.07pm

This saturday (9 Apr), there will be a free buffet from all the hawkers at the Pulau Tikus market from 7.30pm. Last night, I went to the free dinner at Han Chian field, total 500 tables ALL FREE…….ADA MAKAN KITA MAKAN, BILA UNDI, UDILAH PAKATAN.

Han TK
Han TK
7 Apr 2013 12.51pm

BN/Umno can promise the sky and the moon in its manifesto but it is not going to get the votes because it does not offer long term solutions to the rakyat’s problems. It has failed to outdo Pakatan Rakyat in the following areas: (1) Open tender in all govt procurements (2) Abolish toll (3) Free higher education (4) No GST (5) Reduce petrol prices (6) No increase in water and electricity tariffs (7) Independence of the judiciary, police, macc and others (8) Free healthcare, wifi, ETC. It is very obvious the rakyat will be very much better off under Pakatan… Read more »

7 Apr 2013 12.19pm

MCA seems to be losing the plot nowadays.
MCA is giving up Gelang Patah for fear of losing to LKS, admiting that MCA is no longer winnable? Or is it another way to please Umno?
MCA wants Ghani Othman to be the sacrificial lamb at Gelang Patah, and this according to the newly-hatched conspiracy theory is a also plan by certain Umno people to bury Ghani for good in Nusajaya as Ghani is long overdue and (allegedly) impede many Umnoputeras a bite at Nusajaya’s Iskandar contracts.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
7 Apr 2013 10.03am

Free makan by pakatan[1]!!! Don’t miss it !!!

Don’t know who is copying whose idea. Basically it is 2 x 5. But BN comes with 1Malaysia vision, BR1M (RM1200/RM600), no-PAS hudud, and pro-business policies. Do the right thing, makan first then vote 1Malaysia vision !!!

[1] As election nears, Nizar woos Umno voters with breakfast (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/as-election-nears-nizar-woos-umno-voters-with-breakfast/)

7 Apr 2013 10.38pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Gerakan K,
BN’s buffet dinner vs Nizar’s breakfast treat.
BN’s offer in the highly educated city island of Penang vs Nizar’s treat in remote kampungs in Perak.

I’m more interested to know how they fund the free food.

SL Wong (@wong8898)
7 Apr 2013 1.23am

Orang bagi duit, ambil lah saja.
Orang bagi makan, hantam lah saja.

Tapi, masa undi tentu lah PR saja.


Andrew I
Andrew I
7 Apr 2013 7.32am

This message, to Gherkin, is like garlic to a vampire.

9 Apr 2013 8.18am

110% agree !!!

6 Apr 2013 10.13pm

Hey, KL got or not?

6 Apr 2013 8.02pm

Aiiyaa Gerakan K ….. IM4U mah !!!! A lot of beggers would be very thankful lah …..

6 Apr 2013 7.54pm

I just spoke to a couple of beggers along the Kwan Yim temple …. They are very excited !! Anybody have a bus to ferry them there ….. Gerakan K ?

6 Apr 2013 7.18pm

As usual you will see GK looking forward towards it like what (not so nice to describe it)

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
6 Apr 2013 7.10pm

Yahoo !!! 1Malaysia carnival !!! Let’s enjoy (performing the psy horse dancing now ~ )

Han TK
Han TK
8 Apr 2013 1.15pm

MCA is losing its plot!
First it dare not put its candidate to face LKS in Gelang Patah, no it is giving up seats to MIC and PPP although it claims it represents all races.
Looks like MCA is following Gerakan to align with Perkasa to contest only for malay votes.