Even before Malacca election, People Power wins


How? There were several issues drummed up in the run-up to the polls.

  • The ridiculous brouhaha over the Timah whisky
  • Restrictions on alcohol sales in Kuala Lumpur
  • Former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ridiculous attempt to get a house and a large tract of land – worth a total of RM100m – supposedly in recognition of his services as a former PM.

In all these cases, a public outcry forced the government (or BN or PN personalities) to back down or back track.

The Timah whisky maker was allowed to keep its name.

Yesterday, the government said it would allow conditional approval for sales of alcohol at some convenience store and Chinese medicinal shops in Kuala Lumpur.

And Najib was forced to decline the ‘gift’ of a house and land. Many among the public said the practice is for former PMs not not convicted criminals! Besides, don’t these former PMs have their own homes? Chalk three up for People Power!

That said, these are relatively minor issues in the larger “scheme of things”. If only we could mobilise public opinion to push for better schools and public hospitals, more genuinely affordable homes, ecological protection, a more egalitarian distribution of wealth and more inclusiveness (ie an end to discrimination). Maybe these are not specific ‘sexy’ issues that would captivate public attention, but they are far more crucial to the people’s wellbeing.

So on to the Malacca polls today. A PKR strategist tells me Pakatan Harapan is hopeful of getting 18 out of the 28 seats on offer. He expects Perikatan Nasional (ie Bersatu and Pas) to be crushed. [But then, after licking its wounds, Pas might then gravitate towards Umno ahead of the looming general election.] He qualified this by saying a PH win would depend on the voter turnout. If the turnout was over 60%, then PKR and the rest of PH will fancy their chances. [The turnout in 2018 was 84.5%.] Let’s see.

At the end of the day, what we really need from our political parties are principled leaders who really work in the people’s interests (not vested interests – whether corporate, crony, personal or other interests) and have an inclusive vision. It seems such leaders are in short supply these days.

Check out some of the updates below on the Malacca state election:

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Friday, 19 Nov 202111:41 AM MYT


Look boys, Democracy at play here. State’s Rights > Social Responsibility – the Right to Ban Gambling VS Human Rights – the Right to Gamble. The mediator/judge is going be the court. Now, this here is going to be one good ‘debate’, well that depends on who the representing lawyers are on both sides and what their presentations are going to be.


Uncle Wyatt, I bet you are going to win BIG!. I am betting (gamble). Does it means I cant bet? Kedah PASS bet PASS going to win in Melaka. PASS should not bet?

Ray of Light

Uncle Wyatt (Gerakan K?) no mood knowing Melaka Outcome?
Uncle Shriek (Zoro?) to lose faith in Bersatu Hati with Uncle Wyatt and realign with Milk Tea?
Uncle Tunglang is still considering his comeback after long ceasefire with Uncle Shriek?


The infamous Gerakan K and Zoro back with different moniker. Likewise tunglang can adopt a different persona to be back in anilverse, to continue the saga.


Hello shriek, go ahead and bet if you like, but it is said that gambling is a pastime that’s impossible to master and easy to get addicted. Once one becomes a compulsive gambler, a whole range of negative issues will start to come up. For example – Relationship problems, Financial problems, including bankruptcy, Legal problems or imprisonment, Poor work performance or job loss, Poor general health, Suicide, suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts.


There are compulsive gambler and orso gamblers for FUN. There are orso gamblers heavilty involved in Stock markets, warrants and futures. PASS may as well ban the stock markets too. Uncle Wyatt better not smoke and drink as one can orso get hook and who loves to get close to second hand smoke?

Milk Tea

Waste of time…you think this is the United States ah? The constitution is Malay and Islam…


 But, but… last heard, Malaysia had a dual court system – one for civil matters and the other for Islamic matters. Has there been a change?


“The decision of the Kedah state government to not renew such gaming licences is ultra vires the Constitution as the power to issue such licences is exclusively within the jurisdiction of Parliament.”

– DAP’s national legal bureau chairperson Ramkarpal Singh



With PASS, they tried to PASS them just like they wanted Peng land kias if they can drink yellow or brown beer can orso drink S Muda kopi o water


You think it is Yankee Revolution? The origin is written by the British in UK and in ENGLISH.


Coffee shops selling beer will be required to apply for a new licence from Jan 1 as part of a new federal government policy.



shriek Reply to Wyatt / 22 Nov 2021 7.53pm Whoa shriek, you so all knowing. Wyatt at 84 can’t do alcohol and smoking any more. Penang doctor recommend major lifestyle change to live healthy life. Wyatt thinking of going Vegan. Body needs to overhaul. So, no more whisky and cigar. Music, blues with green tea now. Gamblers / gambling starts with fun later become compulsive then depressive, become nuisance to society in a variety of ways. Business is also like gambling, there is investment, there is gain n loss. Do you think it should it be banned. So, where does one draw the line… Read more »


uncle wyatt. pengland has many temples and monastry. become a monkand sifu is as easy as xyz. if there are no bosses opening business, many will be unemployed. if business is like gambling, then same as mrriage.marriageis like gambling, some beliefs allow more than 1 and up to 4.having children is like gambling too. offspring can be she or he or become lky or idi aMIN


The government is committed to increasing the involvement of Bumiputera businesses in large-scale national projects, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

He said the government was also committed to reviewing the procurement policies of government-linked companies (GLCs) and government-linked investment companies (GLICs), as well as issues related to Bumiputera corporate equity, which was still far below the 30% target.

Milk Tea

DAP should be out of the PH coalition. It is better that they run alone. We are wasting time with Anwar Ibrahim. We are wasting time with parties like PKR and Amanah.

Ray of Light

PKR fails in reformasi agenda after over 2 decades?
Majority in Malaysia still favours UMNO despite scandals?
After GE15, possible coalition of revised UMNO with DAP and MUDA?
Bersatu,PKR, Amanah, MCA, MIC shall be in the syllabus of Hari ini dalam Sejarah?
PAS shall lookaround for collaboration may be with Pejuang with new Muafakat?

Milk Tea

Haha, I was proven right, PKR ‘jiak kong’…This is what you get for accepting kataks aka frogs. Already predicted beforehand, how useless PH is. The Chinese are still in their dreams thinking that they can make any changes,


MCA and Gilakan has been sleep with DUMNO for so long. They are useless too like MIC begging. MCA in PN and get the recent budget cater for who?


Absolutely Based and Redpilled.
Despite getting hammered all these years with harsh insults and humiliation by the Chinese community, Bossku still does not succumb to the easy route of transitioning into a full blown race/religious nationalist as this is not his nature. Not many can have such a big heart. Kudos!


“Timah Whisky” meant only for non-Muslim consumption, but almost all the Malay politicians whined and bitched until foaming at the mouth that the whiskey would confuse the Muslims. Eating diseased non-halal horse and kangaroo meat (from meat cartel scandal – fake halal beef for the last 40 years) seems more acceptable than “seeing” a product called “Timah Whisky”.



PKR 0 Gerakan 0
Both got zero support from Rakyat.

MGR Maran

Gerakan’s poor showing in Melaka will not help it’s revival in Penang.
UMNO and PAS will review their Muafakat strategy tomorrow when the poll outcome is announced.
Bersatu can be irrelevant after tonight’s result.


Keluarga Malaysia PM has proposed quotas for Bumiputera-owned businesses in strategic locations such as shopping malls. Remember Mara Digital?


Grab is set for Nasdaq debut.


Sadly, Grab is now part of Keluarga Singapura.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, PM9 could insist 50% bumi stake if it remains in Bolehland.