Eve of polling: Hopes of a nation… your thoughts


Here’s where you get to share your comments – your thoughts, hopes and prayers, your reflections, poems and aspirations – with other Malaysians and with the world on the eve of polling.

Share with us what you think – who you think is likely to win, what it means for the people, the government and the country…

Just add your thoughts in the comments section.

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I have something to share: My mom, who is 62 this year, was a keen supporter of Anwar and Lim Kit Siang. She asked me to read out the news for her and she is very happy to hear that Anwar has won the election. Thanks for the updates.


Dear Anil, Here is a true account from a voter: I went to queue up in front of the SK Seberang Jaya II voting centre’s gate @ 7.45am. There were already several early birds in the queue and hoards of reporters. Arif Shah and his wife and several women walked from his house and arrived there @ 7.50am. He attempted to chat up the voters but their responses were luke warm. From their expressions and body language it looked like they were not voting him. Nobody offered to salam him. Even those extended salam by him merely shook his hand… Read more »


Besides hoping the nation to reform, every individual should take its own role. Starting by reforming our community environment. This is no use just talking. I am working on persuading my siblings to join my mission on community revolution. Such idea is not new in Japan and South America.

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim

PERMATAING PAU Victory for Saudara Anwar is guaranteed by the Grace of God He has suffered enough at the hands of the Cruel Dictator – Mahathir; … the police chief to beat him to break his neck and (Mahathir) told the nation that Anwar himself beat. Under the Penal Code such offence, the sentence should have been 20 years; but the police man was given two months… The his case was to be heard by Justice Dato K.C.Vohrah; (but the judge was) transferred … to another section. …A kangaroo court…bullied him right and left. Justice paul was a cruel man.… Read more »


I was in BM this afternoon and saw for myself the sentiments on the ground. My conclusion; Barring any massive rigging, Anwar Ibrahim should win hands down. Starting from tomorrow night, we should be able to go to bed with dreams of hope rather than nightmares of despair. A new beginning! I only would like to urge all those who worked tirelessly for Anwar’s return to parliament to realize that the work has only just begun. Work to strengthen and consolidate the Pakatan Rakyat and work to make the final push for Putrajaya so as to be in a position… Read more »

Mei Leong

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”
— Winston Churchill

Today is the day for the PP voters to “write” history on behalf of all Malaysians..a new chapter entitled “The journey to Merdeka”!
My prayer as a mother: that the day will come when our nation’s children will truly be “colour blind”, able to appreciate their own racial heritage and also celebrate the differences among themselves, safely under the Malaysian sun.

May God bless Malaysia with His peace and presence.


Finally… It all boils down to this. History in the making indeed for Malaysians. A by election that will change the face of Malaysia forever. I smell a change in the air and it feels good. Nevertheless, be very vigilant for those who are willing to risk everything just to cling on to power. I just want to see, before I close my eyes for the very last time, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sitting in the Prime Minister’s office, smiling broadly and thanking everyone for helping to realise the dream of a BETTER Malaysia… where equality is the order of… Read more »


All hope for a New Malaysia begin on 26th Aug 2008.

Wish DSAI good luck and victory!!

Wish he can bring us march together One Race, One Nation to Putrajaya……and beyond


Anak Bangsa Malaysia of Permatang Pauh, In you lies the awesome power……


Messy Christian

I want Malaysia to become the nation it’s meant to be, where all the races can live in harmony. Sounds idealistic, yes? But well, we should at least have one lofty goal to aim for.

I do hope that Anwar can be the uniter of all races that he seems to be … but our racial prejudices is going to be challenging to overcome.

Hopeful Malaysian

Have the MyKads been returned to rightful owners today?


DSAI to kick a**!!
for the sake of hope… hope of restoring Malaysia Inc
the current bunch of geezers must go!!!

delCapo – new kid on the blogWagon

Sivin Kit

Someone asked me the other night, “What does it mean to be a Malaysian?” I guess, what came out from me would also be relevant to your post here. Let me put up here some of my raw random thoughts. To me, being a Malaysian means .. … we have a chance to create a future together we can call home … being a people who will bring our uniqueness and diversity not into a melting pot where we cease to be who we are but a mosaic where we can become better than we are in isolation .. a… Read more »


hi anil, great job you and the bloggers are doing. have been forwarding all your blog addresses to people outside ptg pauh,a s far as melaka and selangor. these ppl have been surprised by the onslaught of the MSM on anwar. the word being spread around is that anwar will lose. i pointed out to them to check out the ground zero info first (you guys)before making up their minds. One thing for sure – BN is running scared. i have been on “standby” duty here for the past week, so while i can’t compromise my “duty”, I’ve been observing… Read more »


This nation does not belong to BN. The nation does not belong to PM and his family. DPM ! It is not your birthright to be the next PM of this nation. Not even the right of the ruling party to decide on who will be the Premier but it is the rakyat who will decide. VOTE FOR DSAI.Permatang Pauh, Malaysians across the nation will pray for you.26 AUGUST 2008-VOTE FOR DSAI. PERMATANG PAUH IT IS YOUR CALL AND BN GOONS MUST BE TAUGHT ANOTHER LESSONS. We will remember you people of Permatang Pauh, your bravery, sincerity and commitment for… Read more »


lets pray that PR will win tomorrow. its for a better tomorrow. lets hope makkal shakti will be restored……….whatever race u r, whatever religion u r..please pray that justice will be prevailed…its like watching tamil movie where the corrupt politician gave you so much of troubles and i hope the endung will also be like a tamil movie where the hero will win (DSAI)


Oh, I hope DSAI will win. Enough of these crap dished by UMNO.

Am careful that there smells like evil all round. somehting is brewing in corrupted minds ..


If anwar win, group of our friends will have a celebration dinner tomorrow.wish malaysia out of darkness n leave those devil in hell.

malaysian niah..

richard … goto anwaribrahimblog.com lar …. you new kah?

cinta Malaysia

I am somewhat nervous of what might be the end game tomorrow.I happen to share kenny Gan’s observations.It is riveting to comprehend the repercussions of Anwar not securing a bigger majority than Dr Wan Azizah.Any deficit in terms of majority will be capitalised by UMNO spin doctors. Any decline in Malay support for Anwar may prevent the exodus of BN MPs towards Pakatan to form the Government on 16th September.


I can never imagine DSAI can be defeated. If it happens, it is definitely the work of some crooks in power. Anyway -IN GOD WE TRUST, and Permatang Pauh should be proud to create the history for future generation to look back of how a warrior strive to fight for the nation. It is all about national interest and my prayers is with all people of Permatang Pauh and your decision is the most strategic one as it will dictate the future of Malaysia. Time for CHANGE.


Hello, anyone has tonight ceramah schedule and locations.

PKR has not issue any schedule for tonight which is very important. I tried calling their handphones but all received the same message “try again later”.


IF tomorrow comes…….

Kenny Gan

Permatang Pauh is the nexus of unfolding political events. The whole battle between BN and PR has been distilled into this focal point. For this is no ordinary by-election. The results will determine the future direction of the country. If Anwar wins with a huge majority, it means that Umno has lost political support among the Malays who rejects their racial politics. MPs may take it as a sign to jump ship. It will act as a catalyst for change that will spread throughout the country and eventually topple BN Federal rule. If Anwar fails to pull a convincing majority… Read more »