Election monitoring: Your reports


Quite a few rumours and allegations circulating, it makes it difficult to judge what is fact and what is fiction.

If you are asked to participate in any planned irregularities, have nothing to do with it. Say NO! We want a clean election; so don’t betray your fellow Malaysians.

If you have witnessed anything, share it with us here. But please, only what you have witnessed personally, not hearsay, not what someone else told you.

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SPR has reduced saluran mengundi across the country. e.g Kelana Jaya reduced to 102 from 122 although population of voters have increased. Some voting centres reduced to 4 from 7 for 2800 voters. From 300 voters per saluran in 2008 to 600 voters this year! SPR says they will allow those in line to vote even after 5pm. Hmmm..If it takes 2 mins per voters, now it will take 20 hours to clear all voters!!! SPR have set the stage to blame TINDAK MALAYSIA and BERSIH for any disruption and delays.. Sumthin smells like a ROTTEN FISH!!

semac sn

Looks like selling their birthright comes easily to some people.


Women voter is the kingmaker this time. Many of them have taken deep interest in this GE13 with many of them discussing it among themselves in early morning market. With rising cost & crime, many of them going to Ubah. Look at the ceramah attendance. Their number is very high. Mark my word, the womenfolk has arrives.


Yes, Kulai women should vote for Teo Nie Ching!

She is good for our parliment.


We mothers just want the best for our children. We want them to have role models who are honest and behave with integrity and dignity. All the blatant vote buying is so shameful. Even my young son can understand what is right and what is wrong! And don’t underestimate the old aunties…. They will be there on 505 to ubah!


The Flimsy excuse given for the Flights from Sarawak and Sabah AFTER THEY DENY ANY FLIGHTS all just scream the same denial of Scorpene, Altantuya, Deepak, Rosmah’s ring etc..

PR is definitely close but could be derailed by Fraudulent votes…


If ‘they’ can erase the immigration records of 2 Mongolian ladies in 2006, what more can we say when they (allegedly) can ‘import’ phantom foreigner voters in the guise of registered voters fly-in by friends of BeEnd? (Why not by BeEnd itself?) Today, there will be a free makan-makan at Ayer Itam market vicinity. I don’t have the appetite but anger to turn the Blue table on 5513. An angry man is a hungry man (for CHANGE). FYI, Altantuya’s birthday is on the 6th of May. Do remember her when you Vote Responsibly for Malaysia’s Future & for Altantuya’s 2… Read more »


1. My son did not register as a voter but his name is in the electoral roll. If this is the case so can many many others – including immigrants be included(?) 2. RM50.00 vouchers are now given and must show them the IC. I refuse so no voucher. Only valid when BN win. Any constituency. Not sure whether to be given for that constituency win or when state govt is formed. 3. RM10.00 now distributed at market and you must show them the IC. Can be used at the market place but did not see any 1Malaysia stall there.… Read more »

Loh Chin Kong

There are still either naive or greedy people in Penang who are falling for BN’s cheap handouts that require them to show their IC for an immediate small cash amount and a promised bigger amount if BN win Penang. Penang people must realize that they are being cheated. Rumour going around that some people’s names have been taken out if the electoral roll. Is this true. PKR must advise everyone what to do if they can’t find their name in the roll. Thought that electoral roll was based on names as at 31 Dec 2012 and all political parties have… Read more »


This is what Abdullah37 has to say in Haris Ibrahim blog: “I am helping out in a voters checking center in Penang. Many voters had their names transfered to other districts without their knowledge. A few were transfered to Baling, Kedah and two had their names transfered to Skudai, Johor. Many complained that their names were removed from the spr.gov.my site after attending functions sponsored by the 1 Malaysia Group. Some who had not even registered found out that their names in the spr voters list. COULD IT BE THAT TEMPORARY ICs WOULD BE ISSUED TO THESE DUBIOUS PEOPLE TO… Read more »


Oops! Sorry Anil, forgotten about that part of no hearsay. I was just replying to LCK’s question as to whether it was true about hanky-panky happening to people’s name in the electoral roll.