Election fever reaches Malacca


A large crowd has flocked in front of the Bukit Piatu, Malacca PKR office for a ceramah tonight.

Photograph: Mahfuz Omar

Meanwhile, PKR Malacca is also hosting a sold-out 170-table dinner tonight at the Pay Fong hall. Among those present are Anwar and Mahfuz Omar.

Photograph: Media Rakyat
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When we have thieves … stealing billions of the Nations wealth and Injustice all over the place like Altantuya murder ,Beng Hock s ultimate tragedy we all know we have a very serious situation -where Crooks, Thieves of public funds in the billions & the Corrupt even Murderers walked away free and laughing in our face ! God help save us !
REFORMASI! Say NO to return to the dark days of Mahathir !


Chor Chee Heung has confirmed to us that under BN regime, RM26 billion has been lost because of corruption and leakage!

Ong Goo Kang

Because of the stupid antics of MCA Melaka Chief Gan Tian Loo, many fencesitting Chinese in Melaka has decided to give their votes to Pakatan.

Chinese in melaka are not happy that MCA is so desperate to use Umno’s brand of dirty tactics in character assasination!

Kien Hong

That Melaka MCA chief Gan Tian Loo (sounds like Toilet Gantian?) has confirmed that MCA has nothing to offer to the chinese community, who are now looking up to Dong zong to fight for the interest of chinese education.

Why should he remind us of the sexcapade of CSL? possibly an infighting within MCA? Or is he diverting attention away from all teh woes of MCA e.g. long delay in granting approval for an independent chinese school in Kuantan?

As I know the yong chinese are condemning MCA in the Facebook postings. MCA is finished!


Gan is certainly living up to MCA’s motto of ‘Make Chinese Angry’!

Ong Goo Kang

Gan Tian Loo dare not talk about this issue in the open as he is scared to be sued!


Look at the crowd and it is mostly Malay. Beside PAS & PKR flags, the DAP flag is also prominently display. Although AMMO & BeEnd is trying to make DAP as anti-Malay, the Malays have come out in full force and it clearly shows that their tactic of using race have failed. This coming GE every Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban etc etc will come out in full force as Malaysian to oust and kick out BeEnd AMMO and their sycophants.


Yahoo !!! I am thrilled seeing the crowd, ya it is now or never.

May Allah God save Malaysia !!!

Gerakan K

sold-out 170-table dinner ??? Must be a lot of money pocketed by pakatan. It is better than doing any business !!!

Ahmad Sobri

Hudud in Johor by UMNO/sycophants? Supported by PAS!
What is GELAKAN’s stand on this ?

All these in the backyard of Chua Soi Lek?

Surely, we would like to know his stand?


Attending Pakatan you need to pay using own own mney
Attending AMMO Barang Naik you get paid for using the peoples money
And only idiot would think Pakatan is making money when ticket are being sold at about 30-50 person with the cost of a table at RM300 -500.


No lah Gerakan K. It’s a dinner, need to pay for 1) Food caterers 2) Rental of Pay Fong Hall, you think free kah. It’s a private school, that’s why can get to rent.


Not surprised with the swing of Melaka toward less corrupt administration.
Very little progress has been made in Malaysia despite a slew of bombastic-sounding economic programs and social reforms.Najib has tried to portray himself as a global moderate. He has failed with the influential Washington Post dubbing him the “champion of double talk” instead. Looks like Najib will stick with the usual Umno tactics of throwing the blame at Anwar, suppressing the media, stubborn denials as well as hatching fresh controversies to deflect attention from himself. So far, all of these have not worked.


Now is the time, ITS NOW OR NEVER


Taiger Lambong

Ali Ros…tam must be shivering deep down with Nor Yakob reminding him of 1511 event in Melaka ?
This time no foreign invaders but disgruntled local folks ????


Its Ali Rustam’s backyard? One of UMNO’s biggest ‘tai-kor’ homeground? AND its PKR? NOT PAS?

Certaintly it does not bode well for UMNO. If its like this in Melaka – Negeri Sembilan is a freaking mess for UMNO…

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Such great response from a truly 1Malaysian crowd of Malaccans augurs well for an entrenched 2-party system, whereby the PEOPLE are the true masters, not the politicians! I am really very encouraged by the pictures posted here that come this GE, Malaysians would do the right thing, i.e. dumping the 55 years of abuse, intentional mismanagement, corruption and cronyism of BNputras and UMNOputras. I believe the ordinary members of BN and UMNO would even vote against BN as they would also have had enough of the past 55 years of such a self-serving regime!! It is also time… Read more »


Don’t be too confident.These are in urban areas. In rural areas it’s a totally different game. And let me remind u that most seats lie in semi-rural and rural areas. Not in these cities and towns. So what if you muster 20-30k ppl. They make up only one seat. Big deal. When u go to the rural areas you lose ten seats for the same number of ppl.


mb boldly claimed no opposition in melaka.

ANOTHER toyo in the making?

same mes for guan eng, eh. never say zero opposition. before every downfall lies ego.


Actually Ali Rustam thinks he is smarter than Toyo. He is claiming Melaka is safe and wants to leave and contest a parliamentary seat.

If Melaka falls next GE, he can then blame it on his anointed successor. Typical UMNO politicians; always ready to blame others for their own shortcomings.