Election 2022: An emotional rollercoaster ride and then, new Hope

We must also push for reforms to our institutions and for the deepening of democracy and a decentralisation of federal powers

Photo finish: Anwar Ibrahim became PM after a post-election cliff-hanger - ANWAR IBRAHIM OFFICIAL/FACEBOOK

It was an emotional rollercoaster, from polling night on 19 November to the announcement at lunch time on 24 November – five days of hope and despair to find out who would form the next government.

Many were glued to their mobile phones for the latest updates. At various points, it looked as if we would have a government made up predominantly of one ethnicity and religious background foisted on the country, leaving minorities poorly represented.

And so, this election season even made many people ‘religious’. A friend of mine, who is hardly religious or spiritually inclined, said, “I have never prayed so hard in my entire life!”

Many had done all they could before the elections – acting as polling agents, talking to friends, helping with transporting postal ballots – and now they prayed. Full article on Aliran website

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Harimau Tua

However emotional luckily PN (already kerajaan gagal) did not become government else PAS influence in Islamisation will threaten our secular status.


During the emergency imposed by Abah, there was no parliament sitting, so there is no debate or scrutiny on the government expenses. There was opportunity for abuse, even the procurement of vaccines is a closely guarded secret as as as pricing is concerned.


The issue is the authority of a department, minister,etc. to sign an agreement which is (a) “negotiated”, not tendered (b) confidential, or difficult to access (c) what the Accountant General, other investigators and prosecutors do about violations.

For the covid jabs, the excuse was that the agreement already signed due to urgency was confidential. For Bakun and the Penang highway project, there were some hindrances for the publlic.


After the scare and thrills of roller coaster adventure, many came to realisation with common sense that Hadi is a bigger threat than Zahid in terms of national harmony.


The “Black Wave” Protest – Muhyiddin & Hadi’s Latest Plot To Overthrow The King’s Unity Government.

The protest would involve instigating pro-PN Malays to wear black or change their social media badges to black. The idea is to create a false and dangerous narrative that majority of people, especially the Malays, do not support Anwar-led unity government.



The Pakatan Harapan-led government must be smart and quick in handling race and religious issues that will be played up by the opposition in the coming months, said analysts.

They said failure to handle such sensitive issues will see the fall of the Anwar Ibrahim government.



Apartheid is entrenched and systemic. What a reasonable period to resolve it? 10 years? 1 year?


One of many: This Malaysian Chinese got 9As for SPM, excelled in extracurriculars & still couldn’t get a scholarship from JPA



Such brain could have been in civil service to improve the productivity and creativity. But Singapore readily absorb our talents. Brain drain.

Cleo Ho

Gerakan must quit PN if it wish to have any chance in Penang state election.

Otherwise Gerakan must be able to convince Penangites that PN will not pursue racist or religious agenda, as been shown during GE to be against Christianity and non Malays.


PN hopes to get malay votes to win seats in Butterworth in the state election. Now Dominic is thinking that he could get at least 4 seats for Gerajan on the island, enough as RPK’s projection to win Penang for PN.

Be careful Penangites!
Look at what had happened in Kedah – no 4D Toto and liquor.


Dominic is gambling hard on PN.
He wants to be Penang CM with the support of PN followers.
But Penangites must never accept Gerakan to bring in PAS and Bersatu.
It will be a unreversible damage.


Frustrated Malay voters who rejected Umno voted for the PN symbol, not realising that PAS candidates were being camouflaged by that symbol. When voters wake up to find PAS MPs who have not gone beyond their districts representing them in Parliament, they will come to their senses.

Mina Manja

seemed to have unlimited campaign funds during GE15 and the Pulau Tioman and Padang Serai elections. This clearly shows some tycoons or billionaires are [allegedly] financing them trying to stop Anwar from bcoming PM and his promised reforms from bcoming a reality which they are worried will affect their monopoly businesses, cartels and cronyism. Surely they will continue to finance any opposition against Anwar in the days ahead. So why not closely monitor their actions, businesses, financial transactions and have appropriate actions taken. Otherwise they will continue their nefarious acts which will cause chaos, political and economic instability which inevitably… Read more »


There are few laws here on funding politics. U$ has laws but they all favour the very richest people. When you are in the opposition, depending on what you promise, funds will come from foreign “champions of democracy”. Some NGOs, “think tanks” and even cults survive on foreign funds.


Western democracy is flawed given their legalised corruption. US president must pay back to it donors, mostly defence contractors. Thus create more conflicts outside US to sell more arms and weapon.

I prefer China Socialism with Xi’s characteristics – eradicating poverty and prevent Hugh wealth disparity.


Under PN, political appointees are paid 5 figure salaries, excluding other benefits. At a conservative RM20,000 per month, the cost to the country has been RM340 million per month – or at least RM4 billion per year.


Mat Din

If you follow the Star Wars saga, a New Hope is followed by The Empire Strikes Back.

PN the evil empire will strike back with another Sheraton Move?


Mahiadin is the Sith Lord Palpatine that will masterminds the First Order to restore the Empire, with Snoke Hadi as his puppet ruler?


The final day anti-Christian message by Muhyiddin swing to votes to PH to capture all seats in Malay heartlands especially in Kelantan, Trengganu and Kedah.

Malays should be less emotional and rationally ask themselves what threat could Christian pose to them? But years of indoctrination has caused the damage to be fearful of losing their rights.


Hadi PAS uses Communist to scare the uninformed malays and Muhyiddin Bersatu uses Christians to scare the unsecured Malays. They both won voters.

But Dominic Gerakan got nothing to scare the non Malays, therefore he lost big time.


Hadi and PAS cannot be ignored as the momentum is there for these Islamists to eventually capture Putrajaya. Through years of brainwashing and now Tik Tok, the younger generation of Malays seems to have fallen for the Islamist ideology. The big danger is that a theocracy might replace our current parliamentary system. We hope that non Muslims are not disenfranchised. Hadi has repeatedly made statements that non Muslims are not qualified to hold leadership positions in government.


Most countries including theocracies maintain the illusion of representative democracy. In 2021, UK passed a law explicitly exempting some government departments from criminal prosecution for violating almost any law. U$ did that much earlier.


Look at Morocco fans at the Qatar World Cup, the ladies are quite open and not tudung clad. The Moroccan players have wives that wear scantily clothings.


Some folks simply lack critical logical thinking. Blame it on non scientific education from young.

Harimau Tua

You can find the answer if you look at our poor education standard, with the history syllabus gearing for propaganda.

Anwar administration with 2/3 majority must initiate redelineation exercise ASAP else the green wave of PAS will engulf even the urban area.

Mina Manja

The new Education Minister need to revamp the syllabus of Sejarah for school students. The wrongful portrayal of communist and factual errors in movies like Mat Kilau must be corrected. Need to highlight the contribution of all races leading to Merdeka!


Movies like Mat Kilau is not about nation building since it purely fictional with distorted facts. By protraying the Sikh people as British agents killing the Malays is deplorable. I walked out of the cinema midway in the screening of the movie sponsored by the government authority.


In other “democracies”, government and especially the military finance propaganda movies.

Cleo Ho

The new ministry must revamp Finas to ensure that such movies with inaccurate portrayal are not made simply just for box office and to stir up the nationalistic fervour. Other races also stood up against foreign aggressors like the Japanese.


Strange that [many] malays did not seem to oppose to Japanese occupation during WW2, no mention of Malay hero against the Japanese(?) The late Prof Khoo KK did not highlight this?


Since the fall of Melaka in 1511 until end of WW2 [some people] seemed to be happy to be colonised. But later Umno came up only to use communist insurgency as malays’ enemy? Today [some] malays are forgiving the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese who occupied their land but still unhappy with the jungle communists who has never topple the Sultanate?

Walter Smith

I was very concerned by Muhyiddin statement of the eve of GE15. Thankfully PN did not win else expatriates like me may have to relocate elsewhere!

Please give Anwar a chance without any interference. Hopefully the King will see that no more Sheraton Move to destabilise the government!


Good move by RTM to cancel Ridhuan Tee


Cleo Ho

Such speakers spew hatred and interpret religion in extreme way to suit certain agenda.


There are also an Indian convert. What makes them turn around 180 degrees and spew hatred against their former communities and traditions? Are they being specially coached and rewarded?


Another one to take note is FW … who has allegedly been speaking ills about other religions.


Rollercoaster ride for PM9 and KJ?

MACC will summon former PM Muhyiddin Yassin and two ex-cabinet ministers who served in his administration for the alleged misappropriation of 600 billion ringgit ($136 billion) of public funds for tackling the pandemic.

The other two are former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin and ex-finance minister Zafrul Aziz, who now heads the international trade and industry ministry in the new government, the New Straits Times reported, citing people it didn’t name. The funds for the pandemic included resources for vaccines, the newspaper added.



Both Indonesia and Thailand (the two top countries in GDP in ASEAN) were reported to be waiting to join
BRICS along with Saudi Arabia and some OPEC countries. More and more will join soon. What happen to UN?

BRICS countries would be the kingpin in global trading and economic development using their gold-backed currencies among themselves.

This goes to show the IMPORTANCE of China in the immediate future.

Lucky we have Anwar as the 10th PM. He knows what to do.


Dec 15 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s government has sacked all chairmen and board members of government-linked companies, statutory bodies and and state-investment fund appointed politically with immediate effect.


A Rakyat 888


” SMOKING BAN TO BE REVISITED ” by Yuen Mei Keng dd Sunday, 11 Dec 2022



>>>>> Yes, smoking should be BAN totally. It is just as addictive and harmful as drinking alcohol and gambling. Former Health Minister Khairy (KJ) started the GEG process and the current Health Minister should complete the GEG process.

Smoking does no good to anyone except for the tobacco manufacturers. Its a waste of money going up in smoke and also causes harm to one’s lungs. So many things bad, nothing good. Nothing much to deliberate about it.

Cont. to A2


Governments are addicted to the tax income from tobacco, just as they are addicted to various forms of income from private road transport for passengers.


The latest ‘London Move’ out to displace Zahid as Umno #1 (to be replaced by Hishamudin?), then pull out Umno support for Inity government to oust DSAI?

Many rightminded rakyat now want Zahid as Umno chief for stability of the nation. But Hishamudin-Khairy could be eyeing Umno top 2 positions to collaborate with PN (PAS & PN) to wrestle back the Putrajaya hot seat.


PH and BN will likely work as a team in the Penang elections, DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng said today.




Umno president Zahid Hamidi has accused Dr Mahathir of indoctrinating party members into hating DAP, in defending its recent alliance with the party.

“He was the one who indoctrinated us for 22 years and portrayed a negative picture of the party,” he said in a talk last night.



There seemed to be little movement from PH and BN in countering PN’s narrative. PH must be more aggressive in responding to PN through facts and figures on social media, including TikTok.

A Rakyat 888

A2 == World Health Org. – ” The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than 8 million people a year, including around 1.2 million deaths from exposure to second-hand smoke. All forms of tobacco are harmful, and there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco. ” One should know that it is foolish to talk about ” unconstitutional as it meant that the youths would have no “freedom of choice” over smoking ” when you already know, smoking KILLs. Our politicians always talk about the well being of our Rakyat, keeping them… Read more »

A Rakyat 888

” PAS UNDER FIRE FOR ATTACKING ANWAR’S DEPUTY MINISTERS LINEUP ” https://focusmalaysia.my/pas-under-fire-for-attacking-anwars-deputy-ministers-lineup/ ======== Why get angry and for what ? Silly people these so called netizens. PAS is now the Opposition, it is their right to criticize. Criticizing is part of the current Opposition job function.  When you clueless supporters were as Opposition, what do you think you people were doing– criticizing BN and PN day in and day out. Anything also criticize. Now you hypocrites are ‘sleeping’ with one of them. Where is your ‘ Maruah’ in that ? Clueless supporters of ex Opposition now ruling, go and do your job right. No one… Read more »

A Rakyat 888

By Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah – December 10, 2022 @ 2:25pm



Yes, Yes, Yes. An excellent choice by the PN opposition coalition to appoint 
Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin as the parliamentary Opposition leader in the Dewan Rakyat. So far the only thinking person in the Opposition unless the Opposition can produce more.