Early voting: 95% turnout surpasses 2018 figure. Is this a sign of things to come?


Early voting today witnessed a 94.7% turnout (out of 224,828) this time around compared to 83% (of 278,590) in 2018!

A total of about 212,961 armed forces, police and general forces personnel cast their ballots at early voting centres today.

Is this a sign of things to come on polling day for the rest of the registered voters on 19 November?

That said, I am not sure why the number of registered early voters this time is a lot lower than it was in 2018.

On the other hand, the number of postal votes for Election Commission workers, election workers, armed forces and police personnel has doubled – from 149,730 in 2018 to 299,097. How has this come about?

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Freddy Lim

Early voting nothing to be proud of since they are mostly government servants supporting BN.


GE15: survey predicts hung Parliament, with likely BN-GPS-PN pact after polls

Endeavour-MGC Research Centre projects Pakatan Harapan will fall short of simple majority



High turnout will only be meaningful if you vote wisely and correctly.

Please heed this advice from Rafizi, as the 3rd possiblity of rojak government (Umno+Bersatu+PAS) could be a reality.


PN will join BN as grand coalition after GE15. So do not vote for PN.

Consolidate our votes for PH.
Sorry independent candidates.

Freddy Lim

Muafakat Ummah will again thwart PH entry to Putrajaya. GPS will be stupid to support such alliance of islamisation!