Dyana Sofya: Breaking barriers in move to New Politics


Dyana Sofya’s candidacy in the Teluk Intan by-election is signficant in more ways than one.

Her candidacy could potentially herald a breakthrough for New Politics and signal a further shift away from the Old Politics that emphasises issues of race and religion.

This New Politics – issue-based politics that cuts through identity barriers – has been embraced by an increasing number of younger Malaysians as evident in their participation in various public interest campaigns such as Bersih and protests (e.g. against Lynas, Barang Naik, GST and TPPA).

Coming in the wake of the hudud controversy and cynical attempts to use race and religion to divert attention away from public interest concerns, Dyana has entered the fray and in the process broken the mould of the right-wing pressure groups. These groups would prefer us to think that Muslims are homogenous and uniform in their acceptance of a conservative narrow agenda – an agenda that is integral to the Old Politics in Malaysia.

Dyana shows us that the Malay-Muslim community cannot be stereotyped so easily and that there is a diversity of views within the community about what being Malaysian, what being Muslim, is all about. Through her candidacy, she is presenting herself as an alternative role model to younger Malaysian – showing them how youthful energy and idealism can be positively channelled into politics, specifically the New Politics of articulating public interest concerns that cut across barriers of ethnicity and religion. “I had seen how racial politics was nothing but a scam,” she said.

How far the New Politics advances need not depend on the outcome of the Teluk Intan by-election. Already the die has been cast, not just for the DAP but for Malaysian politics in general. And not a moment too soon, given the depressing political landscape where shrill right-wing voices type take delight in imposing their narrow views on the rest of us.

Dyana’s entry serves as a timely reminder that we must move away from the Old Politics. It is this possibility of a sea-change in politics – a shift to New Politics – that has given the BN and Mahathir in particular an almighty fright as they face the prospect of being increasingly abandoned by a younger generation of voters, who regard the Old Politics has long past its sell-by date. Gerakan’s Mah is just a victim of this phenomenon.

The by-election shows us that politics need not be all about race and religion but should transcend that to focus on the common good – issues that matter to the people. Teluk Intan gives us hope that the time for New Politics has come.

Will political parties in future look less at the ethnic composition of voters in constituencies when choosing their candidates and more at who is best capable of representing the interests of ALL the people? That is a key challenge in the move towards New Politics.

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Mah is promising a university for Teluk Intan. Is there a shortage of university in Malaysia now that we have many unemployed or underemployed local graduates?

Wee Chin

Ceramah by Dyana Sofya at Teluk Intan on 21 May:


Thanks for the video link. I hope more people could watch it as the mainstream TV and Astro Awani do not give airtime for Dyana.

Here is another great ceramah by Dyana:

Wee Chin

Shaberry Cheek is luring votes with promise of internet broadband in Teluk Intan. Now we know why he has got not money for RTM to show Thomas Cup live.


Anyway, the current broadband speed in Malaysia is slower than Vietnam and Cambodia!!!
Teluk Intan folks should not be deveived by such desperate vote buying practices.


Shabery Cheek need to specify the speed of the broadband he promise as telcos will profit once again.

Shakirin AlIkram

Forget Shabery (got the) Cheek we have UMNO once and we have heard enough. I am a Melayu too old enough to have 4 cucu been there did that some 17 years ago when I was an UMNO (PJ Selatan) Just followed my parents. But after both my parents have long departed. I’m so relieved they didn’t see UMNO (Baru) is in its dying throes. For 56 years did not make it any wiser or Rakyat-`didahulukan’ party. Instead its turned UMNO leaders into avaricious lot one PM/President after another, especially Post 1981, when Mahathir ursurped the Powers from Tun Hussein… Read more »


Anil is right in saying ‘breaking the barriers’ that are created by Umno to inhibit the thinking of Malays so that they remain in the Malay Dilemma. Obviously Mahathir is upset as he always wants the Malays to be indebted to Umno in order for Umno to survive. But we know that Malay is not Umno and Umno is not Malay! We need more Malays to stand up and be counted like Dyana.


I see malay readers in Anil’s blog are beginning to speak up.
This is the impact of Dyana factor!

Don Anamalai

Is UITM wholly sponsered by umno funds or govt funds that these umno leaders say that she should be grateful to umno?? If govt funds (meaning blood and sweat from our taxes) from the raykat) then I don’t see any reasons why these umno leaders should condemn her for choosing her own path.

Don Anamalai

Last nite TV1 9pm forum invited the ex-Chancellor of UiTM Ibrahim to impressed to its audience that UiTM is for Bumiputera only and should not be challenged. Sadly, In-breeding in UiTM certainly does not promote diversity in views, to make the community myopic and not competitive in the real world, and perpetual use of tongkat.


I hope more young malays could emulate Dyana, not to be afraid to stand up against Umno.

Don Anamalai

Marina on Dyana Sofya: “Saya tidak kisah apa parti beliau (Dyana), beliau muda, perempuan dan kita jarang lihat ia berlaku. Beritahu saya siapa yang sama tarafnya dalam BN?”


Style Logan

This is a sign that Umno is becoming irrelevant to young Malays that are educated, even from UiTM!

Dyana Sofya will join the likes of Nurul Izzah and Adam Adli that represent the aspiration of young Malays tired of Umno’s antics of cronyism and corruption.

We should give our full support for Dyana Sofya to shape a better future for Malaysia.

Don Anamalai

Great messages by Dyana for the malay community:


Smart GrandDaddy

Dyana’s mother raised her to be like Mukritz but the daughter embrace the styles and thinking of Marina ==> more uitm grads favors Marina’s over Mukritz’s idealogies ?


Unfortunately many are influenced by BTN ideologies while in UiTM, Dyana is one of the minority who have rational mind. Let us hope more young graduates could follow the spirits of Dyana in order to escape from the Malay Dilemma.

Don Anamalai

Ibu Dyana Sofya :”Saya cuba didik anak saya jadi Mukhriz, tetapi apabila dia sudah besar dia jadi Marina”



The tiger was slayed by Lee and DAP still have no shame that keep mentioning tiger for survival. Anyway the tiger has been slayed and gone. What tiger, tigress, tokong or cub is all an illussion. What we need now is the VOICE for the people and DAP has none. Does DAP LGE LKS really have a voice. Now lets see !! Can they VOICE their STOP HUDUD TO PAS. Before they even open their voice, PAS has already said STOP talking, we are implementing hudud. Really a shame. Key beware. Awang (PAS hudud harcore supporter) has said it loud… Read more »

Shakirin AlIkram

#Yang. why look at Hudud which won’t/can’t affect you. Hv UMNO done better 4 your lot? MCA/Gerakan gv you voice. You are paying daily for theri transgression on the Rakyat n corruption till Kingdom come. What not satisfying you? Really? Now you have brought `tak syukor’ there is Pakatan rakyat to check their shenanigans. We wld have been the govt. guess there is PKR to deal with still. an 15yr old off-shoot of UMNO or like RPK said UmNO by another name! That the troubleif too many UMNOs in an organisation, they have to learn to be like PAS or… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, mark this name. She is the princess of new politics. Even the old man Yang said she is beautiful. The Chinese says “old man, yam sap”! This lady, I just do not believe my eyes and ears until I heard her in Teluk Intan, this is UMNObaru’s greatest fear. Her maturity belies her age. And this is one leader who is committed to her political cause. I like the way she rebutted Shahrizat. Now Shahrizat has practically disappeared, perhaps at the request of Gerakan? Who else and what else UMNObaru? Where is the sex? Where is… Read more »


Too bad Dyana is a Muslim otherwise she stand a good chance in the local beauty contest. As an MP I think she is still way off. What can she really do except maybe become another permanent secretary in Teluk Intan (if elected) writing letters and filling form for the constituency in addition to the one in Gelah Patah


What new barrier. This is old stuff by DAP just to mislead the rakyat. This seat is 42% Chinese, 39% Malay and 19% Indian. It is not a Chinese, Indian or Malay majority seat. It is a mixed seat. Gerakan is a multi racial party since day one. BN is even more multi racial since its inception comprising 18 coalition parties from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Murut, Iban, Dayak, Melanau, Thai, Portuguese, Orang Asli and what you can name it in our country. Yes it is new stuff to DAP because DAP has been playing the race game since its… Read more »


Although Mah is using gentleman approach in the Teluk Intan by-election, the same cannot be said about Gerakan advisor Datuk Chang Ko Youn who … will ruin Mah’s chances with his irresponsible remarks on Dyana.

Wee Chin

Chang Ko Youn did not do justice to Mah by saying that it is now a ‘new policy’ (later denied to be a BN policy but a Gerakan one?) that Mah would not enter senatorship via back door if he lose in this by-election. Mah may be humble but the same could not be said about the rest of Gerakan folks. Many Chinese I knew decided to switch their votes to Dyana knowing that Mah alone could not stand up against the bully of Umno as seen in the recent antics of the hooligans.


What have the old politics of egregious Mahathir brought to this country except misery and above all a divided country compared with the one before his entry to the Malaysian politics ! In fact before his entry Malaysia was a peaceful country and if you care to look back of the time before he came into Malaysian politics this country may not be the best place for the (minorities) to live in the world but it is still tolerable. Fewer (minorities) were immigrating and as such there wasn’t any shortages of professional men power in the country and the civil… Read more »