Drum roll … and polling day is on Sunday, 5 May


Nomination Day: 20 April, Advance Voting Day: 30 April.

NST website had already quoted political sources and reported the date before the Election Commission’s official announcement. How la?

The NST headline: ‘Polling Day has been set for May 5’

Political sources told the New Straits Times that nomination day will be on April 20. Polling Day has been set for May 5.

The question is how did these political sources know before the official announcement and how did the NST know they are reliable?

An sms alert was going around as early as 10.30am.

The Star reported this morning on its website:

The EC will meet at its headquarters in Putrajaya at 10am, followed by a press conference where its chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof will announce the dates.

The electoral rolls used will be that for 2012.

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Han TK


This video has gone viral on Youtube.
Watch it and ponder about our life as a Malaysian before the big day on 5 May.

A day in the life of a Malaysian

Andrew I



1Malaysia = Sapu Malaysia!
Kroni BN bolot semua kontrak. Rakyat diperbodohkan!

Jom Bersihkan Malaysia!


BN cronies sapu all contracts and our daily life are controlled by them.


All the excitement, all the sandiwara and the EC Chairman was merely reading was was given to
him to read!


25-days to D-day..The race is ON!.

Gerakan K (Team)

May 5 is the day when Penangites will vote out that useless DAP gomen !!! Justice for Kg Buah Pala !!! Say no to insane highways and tunnel !!!

Time for me to stock some champagnes.


I don’t know which hole did you crawl out from, but that certainly will not happen.


Where were you all these while? Penang Pakatan/DAP gomen will be back to action after GE-13, effortlessly! Penangites simply love Lim Guan Eng & Co. Don’t believe me, ask around. And live in Kampung Buah Pala has never been better, only that those cows have moved to Sharizat’s million ringgit condos.


May 5 will be the day Najib BN & UMNO will be calling May Day, May Day
No champagnes but spilt milk. They will be kicked out.

LGE DAP will continue, Kg Buah Pala residents happily living in a RM750,000.00 double store house.

Say Yes to highway and tunnel and NO TO HIGHWAY TOLLS.

Andrew I

In your mini markets to sell to PR supporters? No lah. Some people are sore losers.

Han TK

The clock is ticking towards the fulfilment of RAHMAN prophecy.

NST & EC are the same entity working for BN, so not surprise.
By the way, my newspaper vendor gave me NST for the last 3 days free, saying it was ‘sponsored’. NST has only one-sided reporting, praising BN and bashing Pakatan.
A syiok sendiri paper for BN supporters.


EC is reported to say that polling day need not fall on a weekend. Is not the EC’s role to ensure more people can turn up to vote? Would not a week day not be helpful for out of town voters who need to travel, some as far as Sabah and Sarawak? EC started to set Tuesday as a polling day half way through the by elections.