Don’t waste time on ‘Datuk T’


Now that ‘Datuk T’ has been revealed to be a trio of familiar and not-so-familiar characters, people should focus on the real issues and the Sarawak polls.

The ‘Datuk T’ group’s ‘sex video screening’ has provoked much mirth and outrage (is it possible to feel both at the same time?) from many people I know. Their antics appear to be have had the exact opposite effect of what they had intended. Completely backfired on them.

Anyway, enough of all these antics and desperate tactics. Don’t waste time on the video. Let them do their best to divert your attention. But don’t fall for it.

Let’s not waste our energy. Focus on the real issues while rejecting the politics of sleaze and character assassination.

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Penang Voter

Are we allowed to screen xxx rated movies now?????


If you check his facebook wall history, you’ll notice that he was updating it during the alleged sex incident. What say you?


1) CSL had a laptop in his video.
2) There are many well-known Malaysian politicians who nobody credits with updating their own web presences.
3) RPK’s defence in one of his court appearances was that anybody could have been responsible for the updates done in his name.

As alibis go, this is as much proof that he wasn’t there as a grainy video of the top of Angela Yam’s head next to a hairy paunch is proof that he was.

Andrew I

1) CSL had a laptop in his video.

I was informed that the laptop was there for purposes other than tweeting.

More W.I.Y. was the impression I got.


Sex conspiracy aside, have you ever noticed that our national leaders have stopped commenting or giving views on gross abuse of power, endemic corruption, mega wastage and daylight stealing? It shows one thing – they have lost the moral decency to govern. They have too many skeletons in the closet to say anything on these issues. Instead, they just go on hoodwinking the people with its endless slogans, ETP, GTP, NKRA, NEM, high etc. All these would have happened naturally (no need to waste money to pay those CONsultants) if we have got rid of the ills inflicting this country.… Read more »

Andrew I

Well, we all know what happened to the last guy who spoke up. He was replaced by the guy who likes to look at himself…at the tailors and no, this is not syiok sendiri.

In fact, the latter could be considered the Father of Prequels.

Andrew I

…not forgetting that there’s also a Grandfather of Prequels.


But PSM only fields a few candidates!


Well said, Anil. There’s nothing more important, seeing the Sarawakian elections up ahead.

Besides, if Anwar takes more hits between now and then, and has his hands full with Sodomy II + Sex Tape, there’ll be someone else to take over from him and help Pakatan achieve in East Malaysia, right?

Or will there? Now that is some food for thought.


The inaction of our polis is puzzling….

Jeremy Soong

The police shuld have (investigated) the following 3 parties: 1. Datuk Trio for possessing, organizing and screening pornography ; 2. Carcosa for knowingly hosting an unlawful act ; 3. Journalists for watching a porno clip in public and knowingly participating in an unlawful act. Why is the police so slow to act? Why the double standards? Why does the Home Minister sees nothing wrong in this? Because it is a political advantage to them? Have we got clear thinking, judicious people running the government? Why are the 3 Datuk still not (hauled up)? … Isn’t the secret filming an invasion… Read more »



So watching and showing porn are bigger crime than a national leader (allegedly) having extramartial sex with a prostitute ?

Even in liberal Italy, their president having sex with prostitute is a big issue…

Stop living in denial…stop killing the messenger.

Andrew I

Changing the angle to suit your message? The Italian pros was very young and that was the issue. They don’t have a President but a Prime Minister.

Andrew I

…who is involved .


I vote for Datuk T as our very own Malaysian porn (film producer)! Datuk Ton Jeremy. Anyway enough of this rubbish. I was very amused that the mainstream media jumped on this occasion to give this story so much visibility. WITHOUT trying to verify the facts. No investigative journalism at all. sigh


A womaniser who.. complains about someone else’s morality. That made me laugh. Thanks… ROTFLMAO.


The … chua was thje victim of sex dvd….why so quiet leh? dare not come out to condemn the trio stooges???


I love this. With a few votes of dislike, we can shut this annoyance called Gerakan K out.

Gerakan K

This is a fine example of the free-speech suppression and cyber-bullying act.

Andrew I

Which leads to the next dedication:


It’s like don’t waste time on him. 😀


Had a frank talk with Gobind and even Uncle Lim said Pakatan cannot win in Sarawak. We will make a lot of inroads but Barisan has pretty much won already. A lot of money has changed hands and the old Sarawak rich still support BN. No doubt though Pakatan especially DAP will consolidate a lot of ground in Sarawak. The Taib family backlash will be strong. DAP are also expecting strong support from native Sarawakians. Again we are hoping the young guns of PKR can start firing. PAS will also start to make some good inroads in some seats. Again… Read more »

Gerakan K

Why cannot win ???

Repeat the 50++ years of corruptions, etc song to them lah.

Maybe got chance. If it still cannot be won anyway, there must be a leadership problem. Then, ask those top top leaders to resign lah, since they can not perform and have low KPI.

Betul tak ???


Sewel You hardly need to talk to Gobind or LKS to know that DAP/PR have zero chance in the election, not just winning but even denying 2/3 majority. Even our Anil here is just being shiok-sendiri by playing up the Sarawak election as in the end Taib gonna win comfortably and will retire in glory. The only reason PR is making so much of noise is due to their 2006 state election victory when DAP won a number of seats. And I hardly need to tell you that the reason is nothing to do with Taib’s “corruptions” and “long rule”.… Read more »


Kometenmelodie, thanks, you raised some stark points there which many will say are true. DAP however has changed and evolved so much over the years its quite remarkable. True it was a party that drew its members mainly from Malaysians of Chinese background but today you will be surprised just how many Malaysians not of Chinese background who are DAP members. It has become the educated Malaysian’s political party. DAP today has come to symbolise hope for English educated Malaysians and including English educated Malays too. If you notice, DAP is the one party that truly wants to see a… Read more »


Sounds like an ad for DAP membership drive…

Nope, you are completely wrong. DAP remains a mono racial party with sprinkling of Indians as mandores to do their biddings.

Almost every Malay I know simply detest DAP as a chauvinist party…!

Charlie Oscar

Since you are interested on the Sarawak election, do you agree on the following?
DAP if win, will Only in Chinese Majority areas. That’s All.
The Natives of Sarawak Do Not Know what is DAP!!!
PAS = Zilth. As usual!!!
PKR “may” this time, get a couple, if lucky!!!
The Rest are All Sarawakian base parties!!!!

Ong Eu Soon

Leader come and go. No one is indispensable. Dr M was once touted as indispensable by majority of Malaysians. Today he is no more in charge, but now majority of Malaysians will agree with me that Malaysia without Dr M is a better Malaysia. At this critical moment, it is our hope that Nurul Izzah Anwar is strong enough to face the harsh reality. She should not feel defeated. If Anwar really committed the sin of sex romp, that does not mean she has to bear the sin too just because she is the daughter. We need a new leader… Read more »

Kian Ye

Oh yes, ANIL.

To totally IGNORE this issue (sex man in tape) & move on is equivalent to a DISORIENTATED soul trying to live in a world of DENIAL. Ain’t this sad???

I sincerely still think finding out is the man in the sex tape is Anwar Ibrahim or not is equivalently important to any State Election or even General Election.


Kian Ye

You got to understand that Anil is so focussed on demonising Taib now that the Sarawak state election is just around the corner. Little things like a major sex scandal involving a global leader can wait. He has bigger fish to fry mah…

Ong Eu Soon

If the video is authentic, Anwar should do the right thing, admit his wrongdoings and gracefully step down for the sake of the people who voted for change and reformasi. It would be a nightmare for all his supporters when he is forced out than to bow out gracefully . There is no point to struggle desperately to redeem himself, if he is indeed involved in the sex scandal. The struggle to overthrow BN is a long winding battle that need leaders of impeccable record. Without the support of Malays, the effort to overthrow BN will be futile. We need… Read more »


true. at the end of the day we need Nurul Izzah to be the fresh face of PKR and Pakatan. Anwar made the road for Pakatan now lets finish the job Anwar started. In many ways Anwar has been our Malaysian Abe lincoln, and right now he is fighting his gettysburg.
Sadly Anwar’s most cruel enemies have been the very party he tried so hard to reform and modernise.


Sewel…are you “sewel” ? Anwar’s our Abe Lincoln ??? That’s stretching matters a little too far…don’t you think ? As for Anwar trying to reform UMNO, do you know that Anwar’s known as the father of money politics ? He’s the one who started the whole evil thing. And BTW as for Nurul Izzah, please don’t get me started on her. She’s hopeless, NATO politician ala LGE the Cheap Minister. Her track record as MP is rubbish and she won’t be a MP, much less a future national leader you guys trying to hype up. Talk to (people) in her… Read more »


I am no fan of Anwar but that guy has a lot of kahoonas. Especially standing up to one particular person. As for money politics, I remember about 20 years ago I asked a very worried Anwar what was wrong. He had just returned from a meeting with a senior UMNO President. He told me he was going to be ‘set up’, because he refused to ‘release’ finances for a a failed statutory company. I was busy and i did not take notice of what he said, as i was also leaving UMNO. I could not stand the discrimination against… Read more »


Well, obviously you didnt get the full picture for Anwar was the one who started the money politics in UMNO. As for not releasing money to a company, that’s possible I admit.But Anwar himself was not above the same action for companies he favored. Anyone who was active in the stock market in the 90s will tell you that ! As for sodomy, I don’t think it was a set up. Talk about Anwar’s (alleged) sexual adventures were rife in the 80s well before he became the DPM. In fact I heard this started during his Kolej days. Heard it… Read more »

Kian Ye

GOSH!!! I didn’t even claim the man in the sex tape is ANWAR IBRAHIM. I just said there could be a possibility that’s him (that’s all) & this is the reason why I think a RCI ought to be set-up in view to find out the TRUTH. This is IMPORTANT for ‘the rakyat’ to know what kind of man that is behind the leading role of Pakatan Rakyat. What’s wrong with it, right??? If the man is NOT Anwar Ibrahim, then, I see there’s no reason why anyone should be AGAINST the idea of finding out the truth. Well….unless you… Read more »

Andrew I

Gherkin K’s recent glowing assessment of BN parties:

“While all parties in BN remains peaceful and committed to 1Malaysia. Stable and reliable.”

Found in the lower rungs of the Star’s headlines today:


Anil, why not have a … chamber for the UMNO/BN … to cleanse their … souls!!…they are too intoxicated with … wealth…

najib manaukau

Yes I cannot agree with you more, Nil, don’t waste anymore time on this promiscuous affair of AI and above all don’t fall for the tactic of corrupted Umno morons. They are just trying to divert your attention from the coming Sarawak election and the ex C.M. of Malacca will still be the C.M. if he was any good or even elevated to the cabinet. He and his ‘gang’ is just trying to get Umno’s ‘appreciation’ for their stupid idea. Datuk ‘T’ you just don’t get appreciated at anyone’s expense especially when it is from the grand father of all… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Adios! Hasta la vista! Bye bye!


wow i see a sudden surge in cybertroops.

Can we have a no-fly zone pls?


Recruited from Kerala, paid handsomely from taxpayers’ money.


A video is not admissible in court as evidence. It cannot prove anything. Surely the trio would be smart enough to retrieve some dna specimen and prove that it is “Male Y”? So now we know why the ppl are so desperate to get a sample. It can be planted any where and get the person implicated. Dont forget a lady also said there are 18 other videos.


Ever heard of any country where politicians busily watch sex videos as part of their moral duties to bring down any opponent in Opposition? Legalized pornography for the benefit of [email protected] for the selected few?
Only in Bolehland.


tunglang…Indeed in many countries indeed watching and playing or even making porno is indeed legal. But in most countries having sex with a prostitute and having an extra marital affair is illegal !!


Many of my friends & I thinks this video is not meant for internet citizen but for the rural folks.


B’cos clean-headed rural folks don’t know what is video editing or role play.
Much less the word ‘incrimination’.
Not even the legal terms ‘invasion of citizen’s privacy against human rights’.
A very convenient brain washing target for spreading monkey-business malice.

telur dua

T = Trio of Stooges. And they are not exactly exemplary citizens with high moral authority.

They should be charged with the crime of invasion of privacy, possession and screening of porn. The Star of that porn flick should also be charged with impersonating the ex-DPM.


So I suppose you agree that we should set up a RCI to investigate the veracity of the tape ? What would you suggest we do if the actor happens to be indeed Anwar ?


Anil I find your views rather puzzling. Let me put it this way. If someone (let’s say someone like Bala for example) and produce a video tape accusing Najib is in the tape having sex with a foreign prostitute, would you and the so-called alternative media just dismiss the entire thing as a waste of time ? I surely don’t think you or AM will do so but on the other hand latch upon this for months, calling upon Najib’s resignation, RCI,etc,etc. I am sure your Aliran president Rama will be one of the first to come up with his… Read more »


OK. I see your points. However the issue at that time the tapes were released, I can’t remember you or anyone from the alternative media asking people to focus on other issues and dismiss the tapes. This issue was closed quickly as he resigned within days in a honorable manner.

If Talib the Sarawak CM is in the same situation, would you say the same thing Anil ?

Charlie Oscar

This issue Only JUST started and you are asking people to focus on Sarawak election.
It is very Obvious you are Bias!!!
Don’t you want to know the TRUTH???
Who knows, you may get a Copy and post it for your fans to see whether it is … ?
That Will Be The Day….

Charlie Oscar

For those who are not aware, CSL Resigned as Health Minister, All Party Posts and did not stand for GE12.
The current issue is more interesting!!!
You should not waste time on the Sarawak election because Sarawakians do not give a damn about parties from the Peninsular.
Want to place a small wager on how many seats PKR will win???


I thought Badawi sacked him?

Gerakan K

I think we must stop wasting time with Anwar as well. Who think Karpal Singh can help him ???

Gerakan K

Anil is asking every pr supporters forget this issue and move on. Bad pr for pr mah, “mesti lupa” and “buat tak tahu”.


Tutup satu mata ??


You are correct correct correct. Anil asked us to forget a lie. Meanwhile, you asked us to forget a porn star and ‘maybe’ corrupt BN government.