Do you share Anwar’s optimism of a PH win?


What do you think? Does Pakatan Harapan stand a chance of winning a simple majority?

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BN = Barang Naik = Bebas Najib

Alpha 888

So, now your Opposition PH is busy having a meeting with BN on a possible coalition partnership. What have you got to say now.

T Lang

It’s to shake up the decaying corrupted system to move on for Malaysia to be a force again to bring values to ringgit and better livings of people.

Vote for Pakatan Harapan for a vibrant change to kick out bad stuffs affecting the racial harmony of multi cultural Malaysia.


Are you tunglang?

Hope to see your return in full force !

This site is boring without tunglang!


Kita Boleh!

Jom undi 1119!


Great video gets my support!

PH for me! Reject BN!

Alpha 888

What about now, after GE15 ? Both Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional are said to be having a meeting to be together. Anything to say ?


PH must win as many seats possible as a possible BN-PN coalition will spell the end of Malaysia. All the people will suffer including the Malays. If we don’t want our country to descend into the dark ages, we must not vote for BN and PN. Even if PH didn’t win overall, PH must do well enough to form a minority govt together with GPS and GRS. We need a clean, competent government to save ourselves. Therefore avoid Warisan that is our to ‘pecah undi’ for the benefits of BN and PN in urban seats.


After 2 years, PAS emerges as ‘true power’ in PN

“Muhyiddin is in no position to dictate what PAS can or cannot do. He has no bargaining power. Bersatu just has to follow what PAS wants.”

Alpha 888

Well, hope your dreams comes true because right now both BN and PH are having a meeting to form a government together. What have you got to say now?

Joseph compez

Yes,i have strong hope in PH will get a simple majority in for parliament,perak will change hands.i am a r3gistered voter for Tambun.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

tvince reply to  Alpha 888 ( A Voter ) dd 13 Nov 2022 11.55pm ” KJ admitted that Umno is Kotor… ” ======== Here is the news article below, where Khairy J. has spoke about UMNO. Please show us Rakyat, where he has admitted that UMNO is DIRTY or KOTOR. The only person ah hear using the work Dirty or Kotor is RamKapal of DAP in the video you submitted. REPORT : SUNGAI BULOH SIGNALS THE START OF MY FIGHT TO CLEAN UP UMNO, SAYS KHAIRY By Zarrah Morden dd Saturday, 12 Nov 2022 10:06 AM MYT So, what did… Read more »


Nov 12 — Barisan Nasional has projected victories in at least 112 seats needed to win the 15th general election with a simple majority, the coalition’s communications director Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek asserted today.


Nov 14 — BN is confident of forming a stable government after the GE15 with the cooperation of GPS, said caretaker prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.


Certainly not…ANWAR must give way to younger leaders to carry the torch…


BN’s Bayan Baru candidate Saw Yee Fung has challenged PH’s Sim Tze Tzin to a debate on the future of the Penang industrial boom town, inviting interested media outlets to livestream it.

Young Vs Old – Aliran can organise the debate and Anil can be the moderator?

T Lang

Aliran appears to be rather tame these days. Reach out to the young minds with Aliran Tik Tok or being swept away by Aliran perdana. Sorry to say so but a fact still a fact.

Auntie Lucy

That young MCA girl is answerable to her handler, possibly umno penang chief. Better vote for Sim to be safe. Avoid Jeff Ooi of Warisan out to spoil votes.


War is an is wasting your votes! Avoid them at all cost!


Sim Tze Tzin says he wants the Bayan Baru debate to be participated by all six candidates, and the issues must be of national substance instead of just being localised ones such as flooding and traffic congestion.


Sim now want to make Bayan Baru bandar antarabangsa, after fearing the onslaught from the MCA girl that is making headway?

What you think Mr Anil?

Must reject Jeff Ooi of Warisan for speaking bad about DAP. He is really ungrateful!


The current situation:
-Housing: false promises, cheating and gentrification (expensive houses)
-Food security: poisoned food, hindrances for small farmers, cartels.
-Public transport: mega-contracts that last 10 or more years, wreck towns, provide little transport capacity.
-Health care: out of medicines, overworked staff, private profits
-Education: ever-increasing chauvinism and illiteracy.


Only BN because they think Sons of earth? Look at our neighbour.Garden City. Growing food on roof tops and invent Newater


Food, housing, public transport all require LAND and DEVELOPMENT. Where to get land when Penang is shrinking in size due to sea level rise and erosion? Land has to be clearedand make botak

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

Where to get land ? Forgot about mainland ? No land over there anymore?

You party member, shriek ? Do you have a backyard ? Maybe can check your backyard to see big enough to accommodate or not.

Factories in mainland have huge backyards lying idle for years and not used. What is the State Govt doing about it.


Warisan will shipwreck and lose all deposits in peninsula. Why? Because they do not wish to serious contender, merely contest in a few urban seats to split votes. Let Jeff Ooi retire for good!


Be careful for what you wish for. International status will bring you high cost of living, already we have seen CU replacing your traditional provision shops, Zus replacing your traditional kopitiam… People want fancy stuff to keep up, eroding their savings detrimental for later years.

Purple Haze

Zahid’s reason for early GE15 despite potential monsoon flooding


Zahid hinted many are on waiting list to join him in court should BN lose.


The [Indonesian-origin] guy is [allegedly] sneakily corrupted and a mrnace to peaceful existence should him being under court threats.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

A1 == So, the Pakatan Harapan Opposition leader says; 1. ” GE15: PAKATAN WILLING TO CANCEL RAMANAN’S SG BULOH RUN IF PROOF SHOWN, SAYS ANWAR” dd 09 Nov 2022 7:58PM 2. ” MIC TREASURER-GENERAL STEPS DOWN OVER FRAUD CASE by T K Letchumy Tamboo dd Januari 27, 2014 12:59 MYT >>>>> Now we Rakyat would like to know what has become of the appeal against the alleged fraud case back in, assuming it was in 2014. Can the PKR candidate for SB let the Rakyat know if it is still pending ? There seems to be no news in the news… Read more »

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

A3 == Believe, this is the first time our Nation has been impacted by such a deadly virus. Hard choices and tough decisions had to be made by our Government of the day during the height of the pandemic without which the politicians now will not be able to move around so freely campaigning for GE15. Are not our Rakyat also just as relieved and are able enjoy life as it was before the pandemic. Well, almost and we are getting there. So, do show some appreciation to the Health Minister / Ministry and his team of dedicated health workers. His political… Read more »

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )



>>>>> According to this news, it is all above board.


Do note, a lot of us Rakyat did not know about this controversy involving PKR candidate for SB until he himself revealed it to the news media. Now the whole Nation knows about it. 

Not sure why, PKR candidate for SB would want to tarnish his own reputation by bringing up and exposing his past alleged fraud case instead of campaigning about what he can and is able to do for his constituency. 

Cont. to A3


KJ admitted that Umno is Kotor…