Defectors put Sabah in spotlight


The defection of two key ruling coalition parliamentarians to the political opposition has shifted Malaysia’s pre-election equation and highlighted the importance of the crucial swing states of Sabah and Sarawak in what is expected to be a neck and neck contest.

Historically a “fixed deposit” of votes for the Barisan Nasional (BN), the coalition that has ruled the country consecutively since independence from colonial rule, Sabah and Sarawak are expected to play a prominent role in the coming general election pitting Prime Minister Najib Razak versus opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

BN won 140 of 222 federal parliament seats at the 2008 elections, a result that saw the Pakatan Rakyat opposition win control of five of 13 federal states. After the recent defections, BN holds 20 of 25 federal parliament seats allocated to Sabah and 29 of 31 in Sarawak on the island of Borneo.

Full article on Asia Times Online.

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Sabah is the most impoverished state in Malaysia today, with poverty rate of 19.7% as compared to Perlis – the second poorest state with a poverty rate of 6%. Sabah is 5.5 times poorer compared to the national poverty average of 3.6%.

What promises have been fulfilled for Sabah in term of 20 points agreement when Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963, 49 years ago?

ong eu soon

The defection in Sabah or Sarawak will not have any impact to the deposit of BN. The serious lack of electoral workers such as counting agents to ensure a fair and clear election is the most cucial factor in determining the outcome of the election. The last Sarawak state election, we had witnessed the serious lack of electoral works in monitoring and counting the votes. How can you win when you depend on BN to announce the electoral results. The great Anil Netto is either sleeping or still in denial mood refuse to face the reality and refuse to rectify… Read more »


Eu Soon will be very busy at polling station of adun where LGE will be contesting, to monitor if his nemesis shall continue to be his headache in Penang after GE13.


aiyoh– people born in the year of the frog are likely to jump// fixed deposits moved from BANK A TO BANK B00 so no issue?? FROGGIES ARE AN EXPENSIVE ITEM IN SABAH NOW

Gerakan K

Hello anil, there is problem in your commenting system. It says 5 comments but only showing 1 comment. I have printed this article with the said problem in pdf format and uploaded it in ‘submit photo’. Please check it.

Andrew I

Here’s another dedication to Gherkin:


Sabah young people are now smart and creative.
They know the trend and BN is not what they want.

Enjoy the Sabah’s Gangnam style:


You do not have to go to that LKW university to be creative.

Sabahans really got style!

Gerakan K


Anil has spoken ~ Defection and spotlight !!!

Eh, suddenly frogging is OK by anil (pakatan friendly blogger).

Pakatan fanboys certainly have no issues with former Dap strongwoman ‘Datuk’ Hee Yit Foong famous enlightening achievement. The same also apply to Jamaluddin Mohd. Radzi and Osman Jailu. Therefore, BN 99.99% will *retain* Perak in next GE. How nice is that ???

I wonder when Anwar will return back to UMNO ??? Maybe after pakatan resounding defeat in next GE !!! Welcome home former Deputy PM ~


Yes we must really BEWARE. FROGGING has always been associated with BN UMNO & MCA. They is why they are against anti hopping law as proposed by DAP. They knew they would lose and will be able to buy immediately after the election. And we have the adulterer pornstar … President who say why need anti hopping law. He ask LGE DAP to just put a law in their Constitution to prevent Adun from joining the DAP party. And he say its so simple as that. Well well he must have been born in the 13th month. This idiot, he… Read more »


GK : Are you shiok sendiri…

Andrew I

Keep on dreaming, Gherkin. Why would Anwar join a bunch of followers when he has so many innovative people who are supporting his ideals? Don’t bother applying. You won’t be considered anytime soon. Truth be told, you’re doing quite a good job for the other side, considering how intellectually challenged you are.