DAP to use PKR, Pas logos


So the DAP has decided to use PKR and Pas logos in the coming general election.

Aliran’s P Ramakrishnan has come out with a statement.

Umno-BN may have shot itself in the foot. Zaid Ibrahim has his own take on this:

Meanwhile, it is likely that PSM will face a three-corner fights in Semenyih and Jelapang against Pakatan and BN opponents while contesting under the Pakatan banner in Kota Damansara and Sungai Siput against the BN.

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NC Vincent

we understand the situation well, used under tactics to win votes, no way. please look at FB, message can reached voters in minutes. Voters get more angry and vote PR, instead.


Agree with Zaid, as for DAP, i don’t think, a party like DAP did not see this coming their way. To me they have plan for this.

Chinese are relatively informed and matured politically, PAS logo would not hurt chinese support. DAP probably gained much malay community ground with PAS logo.

The only risk is how BN spin this out, thru all media.


Anil, I read that LGE had announced to try use Rocket’s letter first and if rejected by EC, then produce PAS’s or PKR’s letter. And from comments over the net, many oppose and question this risky decision. He said this was because many supporters wanted him to try if EC accepts the Rocket. But anything can happen even after EC accepts the Rocket. I think these supporters are selfish…loving the Rocket sign more than the nation. He surely knows there are people out to kill off DAP at all cost and yet naive to think things will work out in… Read more »


The Moon represent my heart
月 亮 代 表 我 的 心

Listen to this song and remember it on 5th May


Even an idiot can smell a trap when the EC said that DAP can go ahead to use their ROCKET to register on nomination day


The Moon represent my heart
月 亮 代 表 我 的 心

Listen to this song and remember it on 5th May


Last night I was thinking of ROS action against PAS and in my mind is the exact words as what Zaid Ibrahim tweeted Let us now move forward and tell all the people of BN UMNO Ah Cheat and their sycophants despicable acts. I believed it is not just the work of UMNO, It is part of the work of the MCA pornstar president. if he think PAS and hudud can sway the people, I think he will be in for a great surprise. The whole Chinese Community are now practically very very angry. With the PAS logo it will… Read more »

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Yo. The Rocket is now sitting on the moon and launch from the moon. Thanks god.

A vote to PAS & PR is a vote for DAP.



The rocket’s engine had failed to start but who cares??? As long as there’s something to fall back on & this time it’s the MOON. It seems DAP is now gonna do the ‘OPPA NEIL ARMSTRONG STYLE’ by stepping on the MOON. LIM KIT SIANG should stop whining, stop complaining, stop groaning & stop bitching….what’s the … problem???? Even if it’s a problem, then, it’s DAP’s fault becos they handled their own internal Election foolishly. However, it’s just a freaking LOGO for goodness sake & stop giving sympathetic excuses before you even go for battle!!! Stop acting like a CRY… Read more »

Mlaysian In Action


Wise move all round.
We are really in changing time:)
That is all what Malaysian wants ….. less division more taking care of the country.
But political animals and their ambition will be their own downfall.

Gerakan K (Team)

One down. Two to go.

p/s: Finally, rocket has embraced PAS. No more obstacle for PAS hudud. A vote for PAS/PKR is a vote to PAS hudud.


Imagine BN politicians without hands walking around. Bring it on.


Is BN getting worried about the growing popularity and influence of the rocket symbol such that ROS is ‘instructed’ to play along with its dirty tactics???? BN is having wishful thinking that the usage of PAS logo will work against both DAP and PAS interest in the GE13. The conspiracy theory has it that the unsuspecting Chinese voters will be dead scared if they are told that voting for PAS logo will bring the Islamic party nearer to implementing the harsh Hudud Islamic Law on them (but such scare tactics popularised by MCA has no effect now on most of… Read more »

Andrew I

There’s something that people haven’t considered. The scapegoat factor.

DAP will not be winning any seats and if BN loses, which parties have won?



Let’s UBAH, Ini Kalilah!