DAP central committee election results; Zairil Khir Johari is in


The DAP central committee election election results are just out. Zairil is in, rising from 20th position to 12th, finishing just ahead of party stalwart Teresa Kok.

DAP central committee election results
DAP central committee election results

Surprisingly (or maybe not, given that he is the party strategist and played a role in the party’s inroads in Johor), Chin Tong finishes top, ahead of three DAP big guns. That’s a meteoric rise from the 14th position he achieved in his maiden appearance in the top 20 back in December 2012 – and a 46 per cent increase in the number of votes since then.

Chin Tong, the incumbent DAP national political education director, pips Kit Siang, who drops to second spot in the central committee results with 11 per cent fewer votes from the last time around.

Curiously, incumbent general secretary Guan Eng slips from second to fifth with an 18 per cent drop in the number of votes from December 2012. This is surprising, given the party’s strong performance in Penang at GE13 on 5 May. Interestingly enough, Chow Kon Yeow, who serves as a Penang state government exco member,  moves up from 13th to 8th.

Incumbent chairman Karpal remains in third position – his number of votes about the same – while son Gobind climbs from seventh to fourth, displacing Chieng Jen, one of five vice-chairpersons, who slides to sixth.

Incumbent national organising secretary, Anthony Loke, who finished fifth in the previous central committee polls, drops to seventh this time.

About a quarter of the elected committee members are young ‘uns while only three (15 per cent) are women. The elected members remain dominated by a single ethnic group.

All 20 elected in the controversial polls last year have been elected again – which means the RoS has really nothing much to go on.

Compare the current results in the photo above with the 15 December 2012 party poll results (the revised version of the results on 29 December) as listed below:

1. Lim Kit Siang (1,607 votes) [ranked no 1 in 2008 polls]
2. Lim Guan Eng (1,576) [2]
3. Karpal Singh (1,411) [9]
4. Chong Chieng Jen (1,211) [8]
5. Loke Siew Fook (1,202) [11]
6. Tan Kok Wai (1,199) [3]
7. Gobind Singh Deo (1,197) [20]
8. Tony Pua (1,162) [13]
9. Teng Chang Khim (1,152) [15]
10. Fong Kui Lun (1,137) [4]
11. Nga Kor Ming (1,075) [16]
12. Chong Eng (1,006) [14]
13. Chow Kon Yeow (986) [17]
14. Liew Chin Tong (984) [new]
15. M Kulasegaran (984) [5]
16. Boo Cheng Hau (958) [19]
17. Teresa Kok (925) [6]
18. Teo Nie Ching (903) [new]
19. Ngeh Koo Ham (824) [10]
20. Zairil Khir Johari (803) [new]

The full central executive committee is made up of 20 elected members and 10 appointed members.

The newly re-elected DAP Central Executive Committee immediately held its first meeting to coopt the same 10 members appointed after the December 2012 election, reports Tony Pua in a Facebook entry. “The CEC has also unanimously elected the exact same office-bearers led by National Chairman Karpal Singh and Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng.”

What are your thoughts on the results?

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This Zulkifli guy is trying to entice Umno by criticising DAP repeatedly… is (he) hoping that Najib will give him durian runtuh to leapfrog(?) In the meantime, we can expect him to do more damage.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Jong What I proposed is to ensure better representation of groups that were previously overlooked. DAP will still have the best women members elected to the CEC (because women will have to contest for these 1/3 reserved slots). And the interest of Malay members will be better represented too. In the past, the DAP – a multiracial Social Democratic political party – did not pay sufficient attention to the interests and worries of Malay members. This has improved with the prominent role played by YB Liew Chin Tong, who has done research on PAS and Malay/Muslim politics in Malaysia.… Read more »


Respect should be EARNED , not spoon fed. Alas, it is never an insult for umno that used to spoilt rich child “putra” mentality to paratroop to position deem unfit. (just remind me the infamous over rated so and so want to become big man ASAP after join DAP.).

Are competitions inside opposition less than umno? Indeed, it is less, at least Malays inside DAP don’t need to compete with umno culture of “title calling” man, somebody son, somebody cronies and their legions.

However, the weakness of Malaysia political parties is more than just democracy process.


Instead of trying harder, Zulklifli Mohd Noor made lots of noise when he failed to get into CEC.
He will most likely follow the move of Tunku Aziz to quit the party in protest.
I suspect he is a mole from Umno to discredit DAP with all sorts of accusations.


No doubt DAP is a Chinese dominated party but unlike UMNO, MCA and MIC and several others that are hardcore race-based parties, DAP membership is open to all races. It is up to the non-Chinese, especially the Malays, to join the party – cant’t force them. One reason not many Malays join DAP is that they have choices of UMNO, PAS and PKR. As for positions in the party – any political party for that matter, it is up to the members to decide. Of course, ideally, it would be nice if the composition of the CEC is a mix… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

PKR is solid too 🙂

Gerakan K

Any update on Anwar retirement as promised before GE ???


“…which means the RoS has really nothing much to go on.” Binggo! Shame on ROS!

Congratulations to ALL in DAP who made it to top 20! Party members have placed their trust and confidence in you so chin-up guys, swing into action and start battlecry GE14!


The court has made a verdict that the election shall go on whatever decision it has made but then it did not mention of ROS whatsoever. You as the UMNO (supporter) can always pst pst DAP members to make the complait. But I believed DAP and the people will be waiting to see what lies and deceits will again come out from ROS, UMNO and their (supporters).

Gerakan K


please check harder. Even there are 2 law professors urging Dap to talk with RoS to prevent further trouble. Interesting time for Dap. That tokong pride is bigger than the party survival ???

Phua Kai Lit

In the future, DAP should consider reserving 1/3 of CEC slots for women (i.e. only females
can contest for these slots) and a fixed number for DAP Malay members (i.e. only Malays can contest for these slots).


Dr Phua, I don’t think that’s fare. Merits, ability and capability of CEC members should be the criteria, not gender or race. Throw the challenge for good clean fight and we expect only the best and only the best up the ladder. No?


oops, sorry should read “fair” .


The disciplined and determination of DAP broad leadership is the best in the country right now. UMNO/BN has basically conducted political terrorism on DAP and it hardly scratched them.. But a strong, disciplined and determined party that can’t go beyond their limitations changes nothing in the broader Malaysian landscape. DAP need to a breakthrough, a leap frog in ideas, resources, to spread itself beyond the shores of its strength particularly in Sabah and Sarawak.. Its need even an expansionist policies if not directly at its enemy of UMNO/BN at least around it, to choke it. Hence it need expansionist ideas,… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

Congratulations to those who won 🙂 A lot of Malaysians still view DAP as a Chinese dominated party…perhaps it may seem so but they are doing something to shake off that notion. It will take sometime but they are getting there. There are lot more non-Chinese members in DAP these days. You can’t expect them to have non-Chinese members to contest just because they are of a different race. It boils down to quality and that’s quite hard to screen. Being a woman, I would love to see a Malay women in the CEC 😉 I have a strong feeling… Read more »


Some guys are either stupid or ignorant. Some DAP guys have already make complaints and the court has made a decision for the election to go on.

Gerakan K


I challenge you to read the verdict word by word. The court says it is beyond its power regarding to political party decision/matter but ultimately it is up RoS to decide.


Fact is also fact, UMNO is a Malay party, MCA, Gerakan, PPP, MIC etc are Chinese and Indian party. At least you have a Malay CEC and Malay adun in DAP but do you have a non malay in UMNO. Yes you have a non malay like M kutty and Zambri …

Phua Kai Lit

Social Democracy on the march in Malaysia.

Good bye Gerakan. Unless you return to your original social democratic
roots and stop being a lap dog to the increasingly
neo-fascist UMNO Baru, you have lost Pulau Pinang forever.

Gerakan K

I have few points: 1) this article proves that aNIL is Dap diehard supporter. I don’t see the enthusiasm in aNIL when reporting other party election. 2) Again, aNIL is still detached from reality. Some bright soul already mentioned that according to Dap party constitution, it will need 10 weeks notice before that election can be conducted and certainly that just concluded election was unconstitutional. It is a matter of time some Dap members to file a complaint at Ros. 3) See the tokong votes. Even own members also cannot tahan his tokongness. 4) Lots of candidates had withdrawn and… Read more »

Andrew I

I have a few points:

1. This comment shows that Gherkin is a paid troll. Shows acute nitpicking in selected articles.

2. A popular tokong is better than one who is a legend in his own mind and/or on VHS.

3. No mention of money politics…because there is none here.

4. Gherkin’s own nest isn’t that multiracial either.


Of course we would have liked to see more diversity in the CEC, but I think this simply reflects the majority Chinese membership and the need for visibility (example, Zairil is a well known personality) more than anything else. I don’t think having some form of “affirmative action” like implementing quotas will be helpful, as it will be deemed as tokenistic. Perhaps, DAP needs more visibility and publicity for the malay and indian members?


What a wonderful result. A perfect score for UMNO to continue their campaign to paint DAP as a Chinese chauvinistic party. A dream come true for UMNO.

Gerakan K

The fact is fact. Dap is chinese dominated party. What is the problem ??? I’m not so good in math, please calculate the total chinese % in the newly election CEC.

Don Anamalai

DAP must beware of the Umno moles that are trying to infiltrate the party.
Signs are all there as some are talking like Umno criticising the party for not admitting malays to its central committee without understanding of democracy and meritocracy.
We have witnessed many such cases e.g that TA guy.


Do you even see a Chinese or Indian in UMNO? None, Nada!