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Bayan Baru has become GE15 hotspot in Penang. Incumbent YB Sim (ex political secretary of Anwar) to face MCA’s Saw Yee Fung (former political secretary of MCA wanita Chew Mei Fun), Gerakan #2 Oh Tong Keong. May be Warisan’s Jeff Ooi (ex DAP Jelutong IT guy now nemesis of Lim father & son) or Penang Front Party chief Dato Patrick Ooi (Kaffa kopi chain also Lim Nemesis) to join the bandwagon ? Whoever are coming better don’t forget to reinstall Bayan Baru Library or set up a Community Centre of aging retiring and young 18+ voters. As for my circle… Read more »


Many Chinese residents in Bayan Baru are tired of PKR and YB Sim who did not help the Chinese community as taken for granted. YB Sim tried to please the Malay community at the expense of the non Chinese community. MCA is coming in at the right time to recapture the votes of the disgruntled residents. PKR treated the library closure likely at Bayan Baru and will get backlash from residents.


Bayan Baru Library was the legacy of past Gerakan effort. DAP and PKR apparently closed it to make way for [email protected] and only created a irrelevant digital library at Batu Maung condo (imagine B40 going to private condo area? Where’s the logic?)

Present Gerakan Oh Tong Keong failed to gauge public sentiments and always bark at minimal mistakes of DAP/PKR, and does not understand a library is information hub to expand the minds of young and old reader to cultivate reading habits.


You dont understand what is a library. It consist a collection of books of all subjects and lanuages. A well eqipped library also consists of videos, magazines and computers. Who monitor the computers if someone uses them making sensitive comments or go to blue website or online gambling? As for newspapers some may take their time in hours to read. Some may take home certain sections like stocks. If misconduct, who is going to bar him from using the library as his conduct also affect other users

Xiao Wen

Cannot understand why PKR removed the library without a replacement. This has made many senior residents unhappy because their children got no place to study peacefully!


Even if students get 8As, under BN gomen, where can he goes? Why they have to take STPM? They may give him a university like study zoology. I know some of them enter unis but doing courses which is not their interest. You can vote non PH but over 60s, what have BN done to correct the country’s human resources?


8As can get ASEAN scholarship to study in Singapore, get a degree, then a job, then PR. Get it?

Focus on this. No need to worry about matriculation and local university, let alone UAC recognition, so long as the causeway is open for entry to SingLand than accepts good talent.


smart and clever no need to study very hard. but those above average have to slog hard. you think sink apor gomen cincai give asean. asean orso include from vietnam. many from viet get scholarship.


Langkawi killed it’s tourism goose for golden eggs. Remember the exorbitant price Siakap fish? Now shunned by local and foreign tourists, who prefer Thailand Phuket for better value.


Other problems: (a) over-development, even affecting the beach, reported some time ago (b) focusing on rich tourists.


No booze allowed, so those Mat Salleh cannot chillout at night.


No cencert or boogie nights with funky dances as banned by PAS, Oh Mega says PAS has improved in governing. Of couse, less people but more kuching wonder freely


Oh mega – Your BN government is doing well. This year BN borrow so little. You can paid them by Credit card or write down in 555 Notebook and then signed IOU. Everything kau tim

See what FMT has to report


RM100bil rise in Putrajaya’s debt within a year worrying, says PAC

Federal government debt stood at RM979 billion last year compared with RM879 billion in 2020, according to the Auditor-General’s Report.


PAC just commented that overall 2021 govt. liability was RM1.3 trillion, or 84% of GDP.




A survey by rates Bolehland as 2nd. most racist after S. Africa. Others in its top 10: Guatemala, Peru, Trinidad, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Saudi, France, Brazil.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

A1 == DAP FOOLISH TO PUT LOYAL SANTIAGO ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK by Ibrahim M Ahmad dd October 20, 2022 8:30 AM ======== Everything that is said about three-term MP Charles Santiago seems to point to him as a hardworking man, committed to his work, have serious concerns for constituency and the Rakyat there and loyal to his party. So, why are there rumours about MP Charles Santiago being dropped from contesting this coming GE15. Well, ah can think of only one thing. He must have rubbed his party leadership the “Wrong Way ” and is not playing ball with them… Read more »

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )


The story of Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Lee Lam Thye and how he left his political party comes to mind. Seems like those who are popular, who are hardworking and dedicated to their constituencies are usually drop by this political party. 

Something must be seriously wrong with them. Are they not concern about the well being of our Rakyat? Should we Rakyat vote for this type of political parties ? Think about it and vote wisely, Selangorians.



Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) chairman Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj summoned by cops over “Dark Forces Towards GE-15” forum.


Parliament has been dissolved paving the way for the 15th general election, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri has announced – the nation will go to the polls in 60 day.

No Penang state election this year?

Hope to have more GE15 analysis in anilverse.