Crunch by-election looms in Terengganu


Yesterday, a Terengganu Umno state assembly member passed away, paving the way for a crunch by-election.

The BN holds 17 seats in Terengganu to Pakatan’s 15. So if Pakatan wins in the by-election, it will be 16-16 – a hung assembly. In which case, the BN may be asked to show if it can command the confidence of the majority in the assembly.

But first, the by-election …

While some may see Kuala Besut as an Umno-BN stronghold – Umno won here by 2000-plus majorities in the 2004, 2008 and 2013 general elections – it was not always this way.

In 1999, Pas actually won the seat. According to Pas’ Mujahid Yusof Rawa, in 2013, the Pas candidate, Napisah Ismail, lost, partly due to some issues among the electorate over her being a woman candidate.

So yes, this high stakes by-election will be contested with earnest in a state where the BN won 53 per cent of the popular vote to Pakatan’s 47 per cent.

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victor liew
victor liew
27 Jun 2013 11.23pm

if the voters turnout is near to 100%, the result will favour PAS.

27 Jun 2013 3.19pm

I would have voted for opposition if I were the Kuala Besut local….first, the whole constituency will get first windfall in the by- election. Then in the event of a hung assembly with state-wide re-election, more windfalls again… nice!

27 Jun 2013 2.55pm

Now we must exercise the optimum strategy to woo RUral Malays and Conservatives.. No lady candidates please.. Especially of the ex- Entertainment category! Fancy putting Dayangku Intan and Aishah for PAS? Bengong, what were the heirachy thinking, that orang Kampungs and Ulu care for the joget – tandak type to lead them in Islam and their akidah?
Might as well put Gangnam Man, Psy as candidate!