Come back home and vote


Malaysians living abroad should do their utmost to return home and vote given the uncertainties surrounding the absentee voting system.

A campaign is underway urging Malaysians to return home to vote:

Jom Balik Undi (Malay) = Let’s Go Home and Vote!

Jom Balik Undi is a campaign initiated by Malaysians overseas to urge all Malaysians living abroad to fly home to vote in the 13th General Elections to realise the possibility of a cleaner and brighter future for all Malaysians.

We are Malaysians who are passionate about our beloved country. There are many reasons why we are where we are but what connects us all is we hold Malaysia close to our hearts.

Send your photo to [email protected] along with your name, town or city you reside in and your current status: student, accountant, lecturer (e.g. Roslina Yusof, Toronto, Undergraduate).

Jom Balik Undi Malaysia

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7 Apr 2013 2.04pm

Let us remind all Malaysians about UMNO’s 55 year misrule, especially the Indians.

Yes, all the name calling, deaths in police custody, denial of basic rights, statelessness while citizenship is granted immediately to Pakistanis, etc, denigration of HInduism, denial of basic services like education and de-recognition of Crimean medical universities already recognised in Europe, and (wrongdoings) by MIC, MCA, etc.

Tell your neighbour, tell your friend, tell your relative that their vote for Pakatan may be the one that provides relief to ALL of us from UMNO misrule.

14 Feb 2013 11.38am

A reminder: whoever has registered as absentee oversea, may not able to vote locally in Malaysia.

13 Feb 2013 11.21am

Johoreans working in Singapore must return to vote. Chinese votes are critical given the following possible post-election scenarios in Johor, assuming Indian support for Pakatan is constant:

•Malay support at 25%, Chinese support at 65%, Pakatan will win just one parliamentary seat in Johor;
•Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 70%, Pakatan will win six seats;
•Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 12 seats;
•Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 16 seats;
•Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 80%, Pakatan will win 20 seats.

13 Feb 2013 5.58pm
Reply to  Joyce

The so-called Prominent Blogger from Muar has claimed that his hometown chinese will vote for BN to give thank to MCA for giving them oranges during CNY. FMT reported that a sizable group of chinese in Penang will give state seats to Pakatan and parliamentary seats to BN to achieve ‘2 party system’. Like that the chinese are wasting their votes and would eventually give 2/3 majority to BN to pass laws that is detrimental to non-malay community, like revoking their citizenship as proposed by Mahathir. Chinese must think carefully with their votes for the sake of future generation. I… Read more »

T C Koh
T C Koh
13 Feb 2013 1.40am

They care, so should we!

12 Feb 2013 5.39pm

Do not forget to wear green or yellow!

12 Feb 2013 3.27pm

To overcome the dirty electoral and phantom votes, let us all come out in full force and vote.