Hawker centre election revelations


It is amazing what you can learn by talking to people at a hawker centre in Penang.

Here’s what I found out this morning:

University students are wary about expressing their views if they are critical of the ruling coalition or supportive of opposition parties for fear of reprisals. You can’t be too careful; you never know who is going to snitch on you.

Apart from spam messages urging people to vote for BN, a couple of people have received SMS birthday greetings apparently from a local BN candidate (in mainland Penang and in Sabah). I saw an SMS text birthday greeting that had the recipient’s full name, age and the name of the sender, the BN candidate from mainland Penang who allegedly sent it, and his parliamentary constituency. Have you received similar birthday greetings?

Some kind of lucky draw and more handouts are in store for Penang. One source told me she saw a leaflet announcing that 40 people are to be selected from each of the 40 state constituencies in Penang to receive RM500 each for a total of RM800,000 to be given away. To be eligible you had to put up 1Malaysia flags or posters or wear 1Malaysia T-shirts or aprons. You could also give your name and IC number to participate in some kind of lucky draw. Another reported that he had seen such leaflets all over town. Have you seen them?

One coffee shop patron said he was intentionally reading The Star in front of others. A group at another table asked why he was reading the paper. He replied, “I am just reading it to see how stupid it (the paper) can get,” whereupon the group at the other table roared with laughter.

Another group handed to me a booklet outlining the concerns of a ‘Gerakan Perubahan Ibu Bapa’, some kind of group articulating the concerns of senior citizens. The booklet discusses:

  • why the nation is ailing,
  • how corruption is plaguing the country,
  • how to improve ethnic relations,
  • why it is said the present electoral process is unfair,
  • abuse of power, crime and security concerns,
  • how to handle multiple crises facing the nation, and
  • what is driving the movement for change.
  • The booklet ends by dismissing any concerns about post-electoral instability.

The group’s position is that it wants to end the 50 years of corruption, cronyism and abuse of power andthe race-based hegemony of power under which ruling cliques divide the spoils of power. In its place, the group wants the country to move towards a people-centred political system, democratic consultation and unity in diversity.

What have you heard or seen in coffee-shops and hawker centres?

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On the Penang Free Port promise – Its a Total sham and scam! Points to note: a) if Cars/cigarettes/Alcohol are duty free, will it be only for the island or mainland also? b) If it is for the whole of Penang state, how does the Royal Customs going to control smuggling? c) We have a totally porous state border – impossible to prevent leak d) If only Island is Free Port status, does that mean all the pubs and cigarette sellers will end up going bust? With so many crossing the bridge, why drink or smoke duty paid stuff? e)… Read more »


BN is giving us a false sense that they are confident.
Take the money, free food, free t-shirt (can be used to wash your car) etc but reserve your vote for Pakatan, just don’t tell them though!
I hope Penang folks have better dignity to deny Gerakan once again.


Heard from a coffee shop in PJ, bookies are allowing bets on the number of parlimentary seat MCA can win. 10 seats is already considered a win. If you bet MCA wins 10 seats or above, Rm1 will get you Rm10!


gerakan K

more plastic bags is kosher for corrupt BN? never heard of GREEN?
Trolls are paid well.
Can I join? I need to pay my biills.


Just came back from a BN ceramah nearby. Now I know why BN need to serve free food, drinks and free gifts. The stage only has a handful of spectators listening while the rest of the people are there queuing for the food. Hahaha no wonder, they come for the food not to listen to their bull…


I did not try but it was quite good with the usual hawker stall, mamak curry food, satay, drinks and ice kacang. As usual long queue. The people enjoy the food but for the ceramah I doubt so as most are not listening.


Let’s hope the food standard does not betray the reputation of Penang food.
Maybe Anil’s foodie expert Tunglang should give his review?


Hi Catfish. Thanks for looking-me-high! When I talk & salivate about Penang street hawker food (strictly street talk), my taste buds dance with glee like pom-pom cheer ladies of US football stadium. But when I angrily spite of BeeEnd, K Doctor of Helang Island & Boh Hoot Kia, my appetite sink to the bottomless pit of fire. Much less for these free lunch, free hawker food. Where got shiok when the stomach is burning with anger? “A hungry man is an angry man” does apply for these instances of illegal buying votes. But if you still want free meals till… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)

Anil: “What have you heard or seen in coffee-shops and hawker centres? ”

People wanted to vote out that arrogant LGE because of Kg Buah Pala, highways and tunnels. They also do not believe RM2 billion typo error. Also, no plastic bag policy is stupid.

Andrew I

Anything else?


Gherkin forgot to mention, Ah Cheap UMNO may also put in the pornstar CSL to stand in Penang and will be CM if BN win. Haha aiyoh boliau Teng. And we will not only have more film star coming to Penang, we will also have more pornstar.

Ahmad Sobri

No Plastic bags stupid? Is your boss stupid or YOU are BODOH? Can’t you see the UMNO government spending huge amount of money in educating people to say ” NO” to plastic bags? My share Mr. Anil, was at a busy coffee shop in Island Glades at 5.00 pm today. Saw a UBAH poster and asked the lady sitting behind the counter where she got the poster. The lady was hesitant to talk to me at first, but, when my friends who knew her said it is fine, she said, last night DAP people pasted it there. Asked her who… Read more »


Can tom dick & harry have lucky draw? Then mamak and cendol stalls have luck draw too. When I was young, ice seller have lucky draw by spinning the wheels but was told it is form of gambling still allowed in ISLAMIC country promoted by UMNO?Gerakan?


I wrote to a few friends recently about their opinions and prediction of GE13: 5 did not reply 1 said Gerakan habis 1 asked me to refer to his postings……….. he posts voraciously, mainly cut and paste. So his opinion doesn’t really matter as he just said to wait and see. These are all gentlemen of over 55 years. It would appear that my peers and their seniors did 3 monkeys when BN went about plundering the country silly. They are the silent majority but may have change their voting patterns now. They finally see the light through the eyes… Read more »


Saturday night my wife don’t cook so we always eat out.
No problem we shall join the crowd and make these BN UMNO Gerakan and MCA shiok sendiri. On the the 5th May I will put my votes for PR.


Just tell your friends, associates and anybody you meet, go makan and on 5-5-2013 put an DAP ( x ) or PKR ( X ) or PAS (X )

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anilnetto, What you reported is true. This morning I purposely approached one of the BN 1M booths set-up, and was given a phamphlet “Malaysia supports you!”, which outlined 4 ways that you can win a RM500 prize, with the campaign running from 9 April to 20 April 2013. The 4 categories: (1) Fill & Win: for individuals, daily lucky draw, but one needs to fill in particulars each day to qualify for that day’s draw; (2) Wear & Win: wins when spotted wearing 1M Blue T-Shirt, Shirt or Apron; (3) Hang & Win: for kopitiams, hawker stalls, shoplots, houses,… Read more »


Every where you can hear the sound of the words CHANGE / UBAH Some may be discreet for fear of reprisal but in their heart and mind it is CHANGE / UBAH Change is now coming. Let us not take this opportunity pass away. Remember this with CHANGE you could still get the 500, or 1000 or 1200. The fisherman and taxi driver got it. Everybody will have it. For 50 with one sided victory for BN UMNO you get nothing. After the 5 states, LGE and Khalid gave our 100, 1000, 200 and free water. Only then did BN… Read more »

Andrew I


How stupid it can get.