CNN interviews Ambiga


Bersih co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan has appeared on CNN and put across the call for free and fair elections in Malaysia to a global audience.

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What CNN does not tell you is that Christian Amanpour the daughter of a British Intelligence agent Patricia who served in Iran during the time of the corrupt Shah. and herself a protected species of the US political establishment is the wife of James Rubin, Clinton’s former assistant secretary of State at one time. Rubin was the reason Amanpour was able to get to places lik Bosnia during the war, breaching all norms and ethics of journalism by muscling her way into areas under the protection of US troops whilst her colleagues some of whom were killed were not afforded… Read more »

Aidil Yunus

grkumar should remain watching the current affairs program on TV1 and TV3 for self indulgence i.e. syiok sendiri.


yes me think cnn is better than any of our local mainstream news/radio rtm1,2,tv3, ntv7 with their lopsided n biased, and hate campaign against opposition party n their leader.. even though rtm is paid by Malaysian’s tax payers money n NOT umnomangkuk’s money BUT hey rtm is NOT working for ALL malaysians BUT ONLY working for umnomangkuk!!!

pencinta agama negara bangsa

CNN anti country was led by the Muslims who have the strength and capable of generating its own economy. various negative perception will thrown. BERSIH that destabilize malaysia is an opportunity for them to drop malaysia. why only police video broadcast throwing tear gas? why there is not a video that shows a BERSIH participants rude behavior?


Anil, any info on (alleged) legalized illegal immigrants with a ‘gift’ IC attached with a vote?
I fear the worst of Obama’s tactics which appealed to the Hispanic voters that tilted the election to his favor at the last seconds. This could happen this coming GE as had (allegedly) committed in Sabah election decades ago.


I thin bertaubat applies to UMNO BN especially. Such blind people led by lies and blindly follow til the end.# sets of laws apply to Malaysians-UMNO-BN laws, other BN member laws and laws for the rest of the population. Enough said…..change!

Boo Soon Yew

Now the whole world knows !!!
Now the “you-know-who” cannot hide things anymore !!!



Very brave women who continue to shine and light the way for the rest of the world…change is coming, keep up the international pressure on these governments as it is clear that human rights violations is every one’s responsibility….

Batu Ferrhian

This gives me hope 🙂

Aidil Yunus

We are awaiting the next Himpunan Bersih.

Important to remind voters once again before the next GE, as the EC has not done anything to the demand of Bersih.

Hidup Bersih!


Any truth in the Joceline Tan (Sunday Star) report that Ambiga is no longer in good terms with Pakatan because of Bersih 3.0 being associated with ‘angkara kotor’ by BN?

the mythbuster

Joceline Tan is another MCA shameless stooge taken to spinning weird innuendos in the hope of being noticed another rabid follower of CSL. Maybe she has her sights on a datukship or becoming a winnable candidate for MCA. Morons are aplenty in MCA.


Joceline Tan, Joceline Tan another paid up STAR columnist who writes ONLY bad things of Pakatan n their leaders even if it is not true or half true BUT erites NOTHING bad of BN leaders n polices.. me think she wants to … get a datukship from umnomangkok.. best wishes to Joceline Tan and to all her stupid rubbish articles which ONLY CSL would like to read as the superhead of te stupid star…

Gerakan K

Ambiga malukan nama Malaysia. Bertaubatlah sekarang !!!

Andrew I

Mooning old butts that need ironing is malu.