Clowns, angpows and beer – Enjoy, Amigos!


Diners at the free 1Malaysia dinner at Pulau Tikus market last night were somewhat surprised to see an unfamiliar brand of beer being served.

A closer look shows that the free beer is a Vietnamese brand, 3 Amigos.

Ang pows and beer
Ang pows and beer
Take a closer look at the been can...
Take a closer look at the beer can…

A quick search on the Internet reveals that the beer is linked to San Miguel Brewing in Vietnam.

3 Amigos beer
Photograph: 3 Amigos Facebook page

San Miguel Brewing is of course linked to San Miguel of Philippines, which in turn has a stake in Petron. Petron now has a presence in Malaysia.

These names should be very familiar to many Malaysians.

Meanwhile, lucky draw numbers were called but to be eligible to claim the prize, the winners were supposed to be wearing the 1Malaysia T-shirts. Some bright Penangites resorted to wearing a 1Malaysia T-shirt on top of their shirts. In the true spirit of solidarity, some of those who wore these T-shirts or had an extra one sportingly lent their T-shirts to those whose numbers were called but who didn’t have the T-shirts on. T-shirts were hastily worn by the grateful winners before they went up to claim their prizes.

A blog reader of mine who was carrying a can of beer asked another diner, “What does it taste like?”

“You have a can there,” the diner replied.

“I haven’t tasted it yet,” said the blog reader.

“Well, it’s free,” came the response, implying you can’t complain about the taste.

As for entertainment, apart from female dancers prancing around, a clown was spotted juggling balls to entertain the diners. Perhaps a suitable future candidate for a career in Malaysian politics?

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Penangites talked about their lives under Pakatan in this video clip:

Anson Yeo

FYI, this guy Shen Yee Aun is also known as Chinese Perkasa, who led protest in Komtar recently:


So, it is proven right to vote PR, Penangites! we were give free dinners, free lotteries, lucky draw for wearing 1 M’sia shirt… life can be so good by just voting PR, it is proven!.


The current topic of discussion in coffee shop is that rakyat will have to ‘pay back’ big time after GE13 should BN returns to office since so much money has been spent on goodies and election propaganda/banner etc. Be very afraid!

king kong

why kiasi? Tell everyone to vote PR to ensure PR win then everything is kau tim. $$ oredi spent but after the election, catch who is the master mind behind free makan

Anti syirik

These so called Pakatan supporters are such hypocrites (munafik).They scold the BN online but got the audacity to take free food, lucky draw and T Shirt. Anywhere with Ubah, ubah kepada negara Islam. The end of all the salacious Getai, drunkedness. It seems like Penang looks like the Isrealites escaping from Eygypt and acting in syirik manner. Like dancing around the golden bull. Syirik!

18 Squadron

Its was our hard earn tax money anyway.
This is smart because, vote Pakatan and Rakyat gets BRIM $$$, food, etc, etc….This is what we call competition…

Cheer up !! Yamm….. Seng !!!


why BN double standard? Only serving bir in chinese area and sky juice in other areas?

Batu Ferringhian

the first, talk about bad timing. looks like he’s scratching his …

anyhoo..let’s thank pakatan. they’re the reason why BN is giving free dinners and cash handouts.

Gerakan K (Team)

“If u drink Amigo & pump Petron then u are definitely support BN & u are 1Lubang with them. ”

That is extreme and stupid opinion. Typical childish attitude of rocket chauvinist supporters. The idea of boycott is not going to work. Are you going to boycott RICE and thus stop eating any RICE from now on ??? Come on. Walk to talk, small kid !!!

p/s: By the way, do you know what is “1Lubang with them” ??? What is my crime as a consumer ???

SL Wong

One type of Rice feeds hundred type of peoples. I’m not sure what your parent has feed u that produced such a useless u. Maybe the type of rice u taken not really make your eyes open to tell right or wrong / black or white / dirty or clean / justice or injustice since u were borned.

Even a 3 years old kid knows We change government @505. Go home ask your kids and learn from them. Still not too late to reform yourself to a useful & responsible Malaysian & father.

UBAH !! 505 We change Government.

Andrew I

If boycott doesn’t work, why you worry?

najib manaukau

Remember any support is support for the rapscallion’s son !

SL Wong

Mahatir’s son (is linked to) San Miguel, San Miguel brews Amigo beer in Vietnam & own Petron petro station (formerly known as Esso & Mobil) in Malaysia.

If u drink Amigo & pump Petron then u are definitely support BN & u are 1Lubang with them.

UBAH !! We change Government @ 505

Desmond Lee Chee Moon

I have ask 16 of my VIetnamese and 1 Phillippino friends to go makan and drink for free

Andrew I



Andrew I

Try again.




San Miguel Brewing is of course linked to San Miguel of Philippines, which in turn has a stake in Petron. Petron now has a presence in Malaysia.

And is not the m kuty son that has a share in it. !!!!!

Teh Chee Seng

Irregardless, is the beer good? Have not heard or tried it before

king kong

3 amigos. Cheers, bottom up , yam seng to PKR, DAP & PAS. Thank you Gerakan K for promoting the 3 components of PR.