Citizens’ reports: Share with us your polling day experience


Malaysians head to the polls today. Tell us what you see in an around polling day.

Already a couple of people claiming on social media that their ballots papers did not have a rubber stamp marking. Is this true?

I will probably head out to vote in the afternoon. Got some work to do this morning.

Live coverage of the polling results will begin on this blog from 4pm.

Oh yes, I should mention that yesterday, a number of people phoned me to vent their frustration and anger at Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes for his political support for the BN and the prime minister. Not a wise move, if you ask me.

Someone asked me if we should boycott Air Asia. I told him we should seriously minimise or limit all our air travel given how it affects emissions and climate change.

All the best with polling, folks!

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Clever Voter

Overheard several voters saying they will boycott Air Asia Fromnow on.

Johan Khun Pana

I normally visit China and Thailand annually. From this moment onward i will try not to use AA.
There are many other competitors who are offering competitive rates.
And dear Tony, now you can go fly your own kites.

Ho Wan Lai

Air Asia now everyone can fly into blue ocean?


The blue Air Asia attire should now be displayed in Muzium Negara.


We should do it in unity because nowadays business man has no compassion only sees where the money is.


This is the problem with the ‘kangtao’ culture.
Corporate licking of political entities which dish out ‘reserved’ Satu-lagi-projek, whether they be crumbs or windfalls. No wonder Johor was a bed for corporate-political illicit affairs that Chinese political party love to play as ayam jantan.

Johan Khun Pana

Since Rafidah & Tony have explained . Let’s move on. Not looking for vengeance.
Yeah, AA blue uniform tailored made for BN campaign ought to be in a museum together with Rosmah’s Birkins and jewelries.
Tony will have to pay for the cost of repainting the Airbus from his own pocket.

Johan Khun Pana

Tony really did make a foolish decision . It really cost a lot of US dollars to paint an Airbus.
Now that the P.Harapan took over the federal govt. Tony have to send them back for striping and re-paint.
Or did Tony & AA receives a hefty “sponsorship”? As he is a pally buddy of MO1’s brother.
Many people underestimated Mahathir and the citizens desire for a change.


Now, Cash is No More King!
Rakyat are kings!


Everyone murmuring and whispering… change !!!


Counting Agents must be alert and on the guard to prevent cheating. They must have torch lights in case of sudden blackout!

Aloysius Francis Pinto

I voted at the BalaiRaya Jalan SS3/14, Petaling Jaya. i arrived at 8.45am and the queue was already about 250m long. There was chaos at this voting centre, as inexperienced election workers and volunteers were mobilised to serve the crowd. About 50% of the crowd were Senior Citizens. Through all the noise, shouting and under a blazing sun, the voters were resilient and determined to cast their votes.The last election at this same voting station, it took me less than 20 minutes to cast my vote. This time it took 2 hours. On the positive side, this extra time gave… Read more »


Penang voter told he has already voted when he turned up at polling centre


Jibby would not tax those under 26 knowing that many such people are unemployed or are graduates that are underemployed with low salary.


Please give credit to the unsung heroes of Harapan: Liew Chin Tong and Rafizi – key strategists making inroads into the mind of voters.


RAHMAN prophecy fulfilled.
Hebat sungguh Tun M.

End of the road for 1Malaysia, TN50, NBOS.


Anil exclaimed: “Free at last! Free al last! Thank God, we are free at last!”


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau kau kau kau… It’s indeed a sleepless but exciting night of tension, waiting, cursing (EC) & unbelievable finale of sweetness of victory. Never imagined such a sweet victory for all righteous Malaysians. A new dawn is approaching. A special thanks to Dr Mahathir for gathering a combined force that finally defeated the incumbent alliance of Blue Ocean Sharks. This we will remember Tun as part of Malaysian history. Also, not forgetting Sarawak Report Clare Brown for her relentless reporting that opened our eyes to the truth. And we all should thank one another (including Pakatan… Read more »


Those supposed to oversee the queues were inattentive. Queues were slow. Lawless people formed multiple queues into one room. As a result, I spent almost 3 hours queuing up, together with many senior citizens who had to sit down most of the time. Yet, 2 rooms were almost empty.


Long q and long wait at polling station because SPR is somehow less efficient this time, (deliberately?) took longer time to check IC against electoral list, causing more delay to result in lower voter turnout?


Guan Eng slams officer for barring voter in short pants from voting


This morning I voted with a conscience, which took me like a long while looking at the ballot papers to make sure I crossed the right ones. At the kopitiam opposite the polling station, I met my father-in-law who also has voted. He looked at me, I at him. That moment of tense brought back the heated memory of 2008 in my mind, the evening after the Han Chiang rally where I wore a red tee which infuriated my father-in-law of diehard BN. This time, he didn’t ask who I voted for. I just hope (harap) my father-in-law will look… Read more »

Johan Khun Pana

Voted in Bukit Bintang KL at the Abu Bakar school. Dressed in a collar T-shirt, Bermuda pants and slippers. The general police force, traffic police and all election personnel, candidate’s representatives are all smiles. Very smooth process. In and out in less than 7 minutes. Came out and chance upon an elderly Chinese man who is confused as to where his voting station is located. Since he is having a piece of paper which the name of school written clearly. Escorted him all the way to the correct place some 15 minutes walk. One Question – Why there are BN… Read more »

Zuwairi Md Yusof

it say start at 8 am but end up at 8.15 am in my voting place.


Please invite Claire Rewcastle over to personally thank her for her courage and fearless reporting. Each time I read her post, I kept thinking of her ‘sources’ who could not get their information out in Malaysia except through her!