Cheers ring out across nation as Mahathir is sworn in as Malaysia’s 7th PM


Applause and cheers rang out in coffee shops and cafes around George Town people crowded in front of television sets to witness a historic occasion: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, almost 93, being sworn in as the nation’s seventh prime minister.

People snapped pictures and filmed the televised proceedings on their smartphones and then broke out in spontaneous applause as the Mahathir signed the official records. Strangers chatted with each other.

And look who else is watching:

Who would have imagined this even a year ago. The swearing in at the palace by the Agong just after 10pm, beamed on national television, put to rest the anxiety that had been building up ever since the results were announced in the wee hours of dawn.

These were the celebrations outside the Palace in a video published by… wait for it … Utusan Online. (How times have changed – and so rapidly too!)

Free at last! A new era beckons.

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The cause of recent miseries of Rakyat started from 1MDB financial fiasco & thieveries that brought about cutting of subsidies & cheating GST. PM Tun must reinvestigate the #1 culprit ie MO1 & drag him + wife to court. Including asking Interpol to arrest #1 Fat Chinaman (still MIA) from Penang. Including drilling that AG, that House Speaker, that IGP, that MACC head. Also, not to forget that ex-Bank Negara head Zeti. This bunch must answer with all the truth without fear or favour. Also, PM can talk to Indon President to allow US DOJ to grab that idiotically super-expensive… Read more »


Prime Minister Dr Mahathir has accused MACC of ignoring widespread corruption and hinted that heads could land on the chopping block for this.

He also said the new government would look into the conduct of the Election Commission chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah.

izad salleh

Anil…thnx for the covering last nite…u did a good job bro…good luck n all the best


Wishing Dr Mahathir Mohamad good health in caring out his duty & leadership as PM for a Malaysia Baru. Rakyat are now looking forward to better things & changes to benefit all Malaysians.
Also looking forward to an early release for Anwar Ibrahim, our future PM.


Tunglang Zeti was ousted for going after IMDb culprits and replaced by the present chief The latter is responsible for not pursuing against the corrupts in IMDb He is the one who decided to close the chapter So please don’t pin blame on zeti Well I hope Mahathir will relook at who is ultimately responsible for gruesome death of the prosecutor Don’t u all forget the poor Mongolian girl and teoh Beng hock too Let’s have closure by getting the real mastermind behind these deaths and let’s move forward with a new hope for a better Malaysia This is a… Read more »


Hello, don’t you have any other name to use?


Some names for Mahathir’s cabinet Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad together with his Pakatan Harapan colleagues is going to have a tough time coming up with a cabinet list which he probably has to finalise before the holidays are over. Uppermost in his mind in deciding the list has to be the way the parties comprising Harapan have performed, the racial composition of the country, and most important of all the commitment, dedication, integrity, ability, competency and qualifications of those who would-be ministers. The list has some promising candidates who will help make Malaysia great once again. (Read article)… Read more »


Karpal’s mission is accomplished, says widow Gurmit Kaur For Gurmit Kaur, the wife of the late Karpal Singh, May 10 this year is a very special day. “On this date, we changed the government. It has become historical, a new Malaysia was born on my birthday,” she said in a moving message on her Facebook. “I turned 70 on this date. This was the best birthday gift for me from Karpal because I know he has a hand in this victory,” she added. “My inner sense tells me that if we won, it was not only with the hard… Read more »


Syed Saddiq describes Tony Fernandes as an unsung hero When a video of him praising former premier Najib Abdul Razak and an AirAsia aircraft with BN’s election slogan surfaced, the airline’s chief executive officer Tony Fernandes drew immense flak. However, Pakatan Harapan lawmaker Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman described the tycoon as an unsung hero. He said the AirAsia boss was pushed into a corner due to his actions as well as his refusal to sack Rafidah Aziz as chairperson for being critical of former premier Najib Abdul Razak. “I’d like to share with you something I have been keeping… Read more »


Thanks, Anil.
Btw, that Tunglang is not me.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Fake tunglang on the prowl…. beware.


Need to add tunglang ori, else there will be many versions like Awang Selamat?

Many BN cybertroopers disappeared overnight after the defeat of BN. Shriek is not one of them.

Mah HS

According to Tony, Air Asia was summoned by the Malaysian Aviation Commission, Mavcom, and told to cancel all those additional 120 flights to bring overseas Malaysians back to vote.

Although Tony did not succumbed to pressure, he must now lodge a complaint against Mavcom in order to justify his claim.

Ma jiji

Very soon there will be many crossovers from a defunct Umno, and…a New Umno is born !

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Umno Baru Baru = Pribumi Bersatu?


When dust has settled ngos and non partisan bloggers must stay vigilant
Like Rafizi said power corrupts absolute power corrupts
We must watch them like a hawk and if they turn back on their key promises we will rally again for an alternative
This so much we promise pakatan

Ranjit Devraj

Some election, Anil!


I am grateful Najib is gone but Mahathir past misdeeds needs to be addressed as well & I am prepared to give him a second chance to correct it if you does what he said will do…


Hopefully a new beginning for Malaysia for a democratic, fairer & clean government where every Malaysian is treated equally & with respect.