Ceramah favourite Gary Nair adds a touch of comedy


Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s Gary Nair has emerged once again to enthral the crowds in Penang and provide a touch of comic relief at Pakatan ceramahs.

Here he is, speaking at a Pakatan ceramah in Taman Free School.

Thanks to Josh for the link.

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raja tholar

dap, pkr and pas are going to lose badly in the election

Garry ho

Good show GNair.Hpe w cn share yr rally i downsoutn.


05/05 is the day, make sure you cast your vote and make sure you convince all your family members, your friends and your friends’ friends to do the same! INIKALILAH!

18 Squadron

Gary Nair, hope to see more of you in the Penang ceramah. Your messages are straight forward and you do know how to capture the audiences with your fluent Hokkien. Great speaker indeed!!!


HahahaHehe! Brilliant guy, amazing speaker Gary Nair, so effortless in his Hokkien dialect!



This is what we call 1 Malaysia, An Indian speaking in Hokkian to Penang Chinese, Can any of UMNO people speak in Tamil to Indian crowd? Surely no and yet they propagate 1 Malaysia without knowing the true meaning of it, I doubt even Najb knows the true meaning of it. This time around we will show them who is the real master. INI KALI UBAH!


Listen to the crowd reaction at the mention of (Political) Ostrich Koh.

Gerakan is FINISHED.


What a rally. The facts speaks for itself.


Although I do not understand Hokian, my face was with a constant smile. This is the face we all will have when the announcements of the results are made on the 5th & 6th April


A Umcedel survey says 43% of voters believe Anwar was qualified to be PM, while 39% of voters said the same of Najib.