LIVE: Police move in at ceramah in Bukit Selambau



A Pakatan supporter vigorously waves the DAP flag to welcome the crowd to the party’s dinner in Simpang, Bukit Gantang tonight – Photo by Anil Netto


Pas posters flutter over the largely Chinese crowd at the DAP ceramah in Simpang

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Nice spin…suggest you to start to work on another spin on why the pakatan candidates still lost despite “overwhelming support” that you had spun earlier…hahahahaha…


The curtain is going to fall soon for the campaigning to stop. Tomorrow is the voting day. The people are creating history here. People of all races have joined hands to campaign for candidates of different race and religion. This is good sign for the country. The racial and religious lines have been broken. People have generally melted into a Malaysian race. The people have learned to be together. Thanks for PR and BN for advocating a multi-racial approach in politics. PR obviously do not play the racial card as this is the party’s philosophy. BN should emulate this approach… Read more »


Dear Anil, Thank you for your great effort to update us on the bye-elections. After all is said & done…. It might be 50:50 for all the 3 bye-elections…. UMNO/BN have always chosen the easier way of “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”…. Intimidation & hard to refuse Parting Gifts(Political, Business Goodies!) at this nation’s & taxpayer’s expense…. This great nation & its Leaders COULD have gone either of 2 ways…. The Honourable Westminster style of Democracy with the Rule of Law requiring the formation of the RCI prior to the appointment/s That would make this great Nation,… Read more »


I pray that the right person will win the seats… and I do secretly hope that PR is the one.


Keep dream on guys… I think it is already Najib 2 Anwar 0. The chances of Najib 3 and Anwar 0 is very real. Nizar has bet everything, his political career, PR’s claim and PAS & DAP’s credibility on this by-election. If he loses, the damage will be humongous.If he wins, the impact will be minimal as it would change nothing and status quo will remain. But the loss, along with the expected drubbing at BS and BA, will reverse the momentum built over the last 1 year. You can expect with every reform and change Najib introduces, the weaker… Read more »


God works in unknown ways. Deep in my heart, I wish that PR will win the three states. What is God’s plan for Msia under the new PM Najib? Will he be under pressure to reform or maintain a tight grip on the status quo? Tonight, I’ll pray that the the best party with the best leaders will win in line with God’s future plan for this beatiful and mighty nation. Msia is beatiful because it is the nation beloved by God for its racial harmony despite government-sponsored racism. It is mighty because the dramatic political upheavals and elections have… Read more »

SAM 12

Anil, I was at the ceramah site at Ria Jaya,SP last nite. Actually there were about 3000 plus listening to the Pakatan ceramah and were all singing along. 2 doors away was the BN bilik staffed with about 20 MIC and there was a few people outside their place.Frustrated they started to interupt the Pakatan ceramah by shouting and playing loud music to distract the crowd gathered at Pakatan ceramah.Pakatan speakers were cool enough to tell the crowd to ignore those BN fools. The BN speaker even challenge the crowd who just ignore them.BN cant even get a speaker to… Read more »


I agree with K’s comment. For those people who have nothing nice to say about the “kejutan” thing, please keep it to yourself. This is not the time to be critical. Please be united for freedom sake. I am not a Malaysian but my heart is with your cause. I pray hard that you will win the war.

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil Samy and Maha are dead woods; Rakyat cannot understand why they are being brought back up to the political scene. Samee is definitely a liability for Malaysian Indians – he should not be brought into the picture. He is a foregone conclusion – a failure for the Malaysian Indians – he has done nothing for the PEOPLE except that he has fattened himself – bodily and also financially. NO MALAYSIAN INDIANS will VOTE FOR HIM HIS PARTY AS LONG AS HE IS NEAR THE M-EYE-SEE. During 1960 he was only an office boy carrying tea for the bosses.… Read more »


Actually there were only six (6) so-called PPP clowns who jumped.


Great job on covering the events live! Looks like a huge crowd there in the picture! Can’t wait for elections this Tuesday! 🙂


NO NO NO the Rakyat of Malaysia DO NOT Want anymore of Dr.Mahathir’s racist poison. The Emperor framed & sacked Anwar because Anwar as Finance Minister refused to use Public funds to bail out Mahathir’s son’s Shipping Co. Yes….and Mahathir took over the Finance Ministry….how very convenient …….its like striking the lottery a billion times over. …. Porsche franchise,F1, Marina Island ,a bakery and many many more. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ … whilst the poor Malays,Chinese and Indians are still thinking how to put food on the table to feed their loved ones ! The man is back for more ? Badawi… Read more »


Salam Sejahtera,

To Daud,

i think, You forgot to add Post votes in your calculation. the figure for the majority 2472 is not safe at all.


sink umno

cant wait to see the crowd at chedets session tomorrow.. can it get thousands to come to listen to him

radin kamal

Great job by Anil. Keep it up. Passionate and professional journalism
indeed unlike the … that we get from the MSM. Hidup rakyat Malaysia


Do PR really need last night “kejutan” of PPP’s 6000 members jumping over to PKR??? 6000 or 600 0r just 60 .Come on we do need this kind of propaganda. This is not going to influnce the voters in BS. Does PPP even have 6000 members in Kedah????? Where were the members who were supposed to join PKR.Did they came to the ceramah or are they just phantom members to serve the self interest of Nadarajah. Next we will have Nadarajah demanding to be field in the next election!!! Come on, surely PR can recruit new members and not those… Read more »


I am just wondering why Nizar is spending so much time with the chinses when majority of the chinese votes are for PR.

I think Nizar should spend more time to woo the malay votes.

Chinese being chinese and when they make a decision to support a party or a person you can be rest assured that they will not change their mind easily.

So YB Nizar,please go woo the malay voters which is as important as the non malay. votes


TDM is one person who can criticise anyone, leave the party as he wishes and joins as and when he likes. He behaves like an emperor and no one should control him. Sad that a party like UMNO is thrashed and cabinet members belittled at his whims. Does UMNO need a person like him to improve its image? He is more a liability.


In Malay “kejutan” can also mean “surprise” other than shock. So I guess when PKR say “kejutan” it simply means “surprise” rather than “shock”.

Anyway PKR should learn not to shoot hot air.


Total Voters=53880
Malay voters=62%=33,4056
Chinese/Indian voters=36%=19,396
Malay turn out=70%=23383
Chinese/Indian turn out=62%=12,025
Malay votes prediction:45% for PR=10522
55% for BN=12860
Chinese/Indian votes Prediction:70% for PR=8417
30% for BN=3607
Total PR=10522+8417=18939
Total BN=12860+3607=16467
Independent Votes=150
Net Majority=2320

Total Turn Out=35,408=65.7%


Mahathir is no asset to UMNO now. Many are not happy with him. Many just hate the way he treated Pak Lah. The Indians and Chinese are not happy with him either. The people still cannot forget his past -as he would never admit the blunders he did when he was the PM. Corruption and cronyism ruled the day then. The 2004 general election proved that when he quit, Pak Lah scored high. The 1999 general election saw him almost losing power. Among the religious people of Bukit Gantang, they are just unhappy with Mahathir. Generally, the people here do… Read more »


Mahathir has not made much impact in both seats here. The people are looking into the future and not the past. They seem not interested in any more ‘story telling’ by past leaders. Ezam too made no impact in both seats. Ezam seems to become a liability to UMNO wherever he is present. The real contest is now between PAS and UMNO in Bukit Gantang and PKR and MIC in Bukit Selambar. PAS has rejuvenated a lot since and is now close to the people’s heart in traditionally Malay settings. Nizar is seen by many as a future leaders –… Read more »