Book launch: Local Democracy Denied?


From his six years experience serving in the Penang Island City Council, Dr Lim Mah Hui shares his perspectives on local government and the way forward to strengthening local democracy, which includes not only bringing back local elections but just as importantly encouraging more public participation.

  • Date: Sunday, 12 January 2020
  • Time: 2pm – 5pm
  • Venue: Lecture theatre 1, Wawasan Open University, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

The book, published by Gerakbudaya, will be available for sale at the launch for RM25. More information about the book.

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Bayi Yoda

It will be good if Dr Lim and supporters can cycle or take RapidPenang bus to book launch event to give more positive impact to his greener Penang ideas.


Famous nasi kandar outlet at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town heritage enclave, was ordered to close by MBPP, after rats and cockroach droppings were found in the premises.

Bad publicity for tourists.


Beratur is halal, but not clean!
Need more enforcement on other basic mandarin outlets too to safeguard customers!


Keep the faith.

Scare not of CNY decor, ashes of dead man, beat/road comic…


4/4 Scared not of 3 pages Jawi introduction. Must come in one package only considered Malaysia Baru ma !

Don Anamalai

Jawi for Bahasa Melayu, not for Bahasa Malaysia. Simple as that!

There is a distinction between the two.


fully support the learning of Jawi by the Tuans, it is their heritage after all. lets make it compulsory 4 years studying for them while the nons can focus on the less useful like science and mathematics….


Now also scared of Ponggol no thanks to Jakim! Everything also afraid how to progress? Cannot understand culture everything also treated as threat to their … faith?


Toyota “Flying Car concept” at CES 2020.

Wonder why our Bersatu Minister did not present Malaysia’s flying car at CES, Las Vegas?

SNP Blackford

Loke: Forget cash, e-wallet is safer

Of coz gomen encourage rampant adoption of e-payment services so that they can track your purchasing habits, which feeds into valuable big data that can be sold to corporations. However bear in mind that e-wallet operators are ‘centralized’ in nature and it only takes a handful of rogue employees/ hackers to expose your privacy. Thus the notion that its safer than cash is theoretically incorrect.


Yes, do not sell your personal data for RM30.
Your spending habits will feed the big data collection. RM3000 then only can convince me to go e-wallet, else I stick with my credit card with more benefits, no direct debit and my money can stay with me longer to earn interests!


For fascists, local democracy is dangerous as it raises the people’s expectations from the grassroots level. This is why Alliance/BN set up 3 commissions in sequence, until the 3rd produced the recommendation they wanted, i.e. to discontinue local ellections.