BN’s popular vote


The Barisan Nasional has its work cut out for it in the coming general election, if its popular vote in the 2008 general election is any indication.

It suffered a severe setback in the peninsula and relied heavily on Sabah and Sarawak to maintain its grip on federal power.

BN’s popular vote in 2008 general election

Peninsula – 48.7% (62.6% in 2004 general election)
Sabah – 61.6%
Sarawak – 64.2% (61.8% in 2006 state polls; 55.4% in 2011 state polls)

Peninsula states:

Figures courtesy of Ong Kian Ming.

How do you think BN will fare this time around in these three regions, assuming there is no hanky panky?

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Is Najib hinting a military state in the working when he said he would ‘block’ Pakatan from getting into Puterjaya?

What is a true democracy if rakyat’s wishes on ballot box is not honoured by Najib?


BN’s last bastion is its rural vote bank. That, too, is eroding by the day as the Malay university students are rising up in opposition and bringing their message back to their kampongs and longhouses. If the ethnic communities swing their votes in the same direction in GE13, no gerrymandering and electoral roll rigging are going to save this regime from collapsing. The dynamics of a political tsunami are present as the underlying pressure for structural reform, far from being been defused, is building up. From the massive turnout of Bersih demonstrators in Bersih 3 and the show of strength… Read more »

Gerakan K

Maybe anil click thumbs up 20x for me ??? Remember the compensation for Sabah ‘show’ ???

Andrew I

Ya, and pigs can fly.

Gerakan K

Hello Anil

Since Zorro recognised your article in his blog, perhaps we could reproduce his wonderful piece of work here ( to provoke our thinking before GE:


Meng Tuck

Bloggers must unite to expose the lies of mainstream press.


BN already got many bloggers (e.g. rockybru, bigdog…) as their cybertroopers. I guess this blog is also infiltrated by them, to give moral support to Gelakan K.


Hanky panky, be it via vote rigging, gerrymandering, election goodies or outright bribery has been a trait of the BN’s for as long one can recall. There is nothing to suggest there won’t be any this time round. Nor would it be any less intense. Whatever the case, the people are going to throw their support behind PR once more. BN is on the way out and a cornered beast will fight tooth and claw to survive. This election will be a mean mother of a democratic process. PR are in for a tough time long after the battle is… Read more »

ong eu soon

No hanky panky? You must be dreaming! Last election, BN was just too complacent thinking that it is invincible. The new comers didn’t know how to cheat. This coming election will be the worst ‘cos it is a do or die battle. All BN need to do is help PR announce election results since most of the PR candidates simply lack the organising skill and manpower to monitoring and ensure that every votes are really counted.


Gk Just shioking sendiri…

Anak Tanjong Tokong Lama

Yang, don’t ever be surprised if Taib becomes a king-maker in a close finish. In the heat of the last Sarawak state election, Taib has told his people he wants to see who lasts longer.

And Taib was able to win by banking, I am told, on his “achievement” of not allowing Umno into Sarawak politics. That may sound parochial, but it does find resonance withthe Sarawakians with their traditional distrust of things Malayan!

Remember the 20-point plan? Sarawakians know this has been honoured more in the breach than the observance.


If no hanky panky, BN UMNO, MCA, Geelalan and MIC will be swiped off. The only person who could now save Ah Cheap is Taib of Sarawak. That is why he is now talking to him. Dare Ah Cheap ask him to step down despite Taib agreeing to do so at the last state election. Taib has broken his promise and so will Ah Cheap if we continue to vote him in. The coffer is now near depletion and if you continue with him, GST will come and a host of other tax increase. Don`t take that chance. Make the… Read more »

Gerakan K

Income Tax has already started briefings on GST!!!!!!


GST, a double taxation to the undiscerning!
We must be educated to include GST as a cost in our annual income tax declaration!


Tunglang, GST is more than double taxation. GST tax is 4% on most goods. With the tax it will create a spiral effect that will increase prices in almost every items. After that there will be demand for higher pay and this will create another spiral effect again. As Malaysia salary goes higher up, our good will become less competitive in the oversea market. Already we are feeling the effect of Chinese goods. With our coffer almost empty there will be other tax coming further adding to the burden of the rakyat. LET US NOT BE LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES WHERE… Read more »

Gerakan K

From my observation, people in general feel we are in a nice situation, i.e. nice balance of BN with decades of experiences as federal gomen and pakatan as opposition with few states under its control. Some form of competition in policies from both sides. Malaysians are not that radical for another change after 308. Malaysians still evaluating the long term viability of PAS + PKR + DAP pact and the danger of PAS hudud in current Malaysia environment. And don’t twisting the fact that BN also wanted hudud. Islamic law under BN only cover personal things like marriage and inheritance.… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

This guy is lying through his teeth! Who caned the three Muslim girls caught for having illicit sex? And letting the guys go away with it? PAS? UMNO/sycophants! Who caned the Muslim girl for consuming beer? PAS? UMNO/sycophants! Who raided tourists hotel rooms in the middle of the night? PAS? UMNO! Who wanted to impose HUDUD for ALL, supported by UMNO/GELAKAN/MIC? PAS? No! It is UMNO! And who announced that sycophants supported HUDUD for ALL? It is UMNO! And do you hear any opposition from sycophants? Nothing, Nothing at ALL! Sycophants are only out to take care of their interests… Read more »

Sam Yap

I think the 28 people who voted down Ahmad Sobri are either buta BN supporters or simply unable to understand plain English including whats a question mark and punctuation / exclamation marks. Sad.


I had a good laugh, Datuk Hee will be promoted to speaker. Waiting to see her out campaigning and see what happen. Oop I see the speaker need not have to be an adun. Well from the backside again.

Andrew I

xerox machine government.

Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)


Andrew I

Wah, 36 thumbs up. Kena toto, Gherkin. Keep it up. You put meaning into hanky panky.

Ahmad Sobri

The comment is on pink alert! LOL! Meaning someone is suspiciously thumbing his own comment. Not surprising as it comes from gerakan K Hahaha. Mr. Anil, how many times can 1 IP vote? The greatest joke of all! Hallo, tak tau malu ke? Just like GELAKAN, “I’ll be more assertive” chairman, who said UMNO/sycophants had won 22 seats and 5 they are confident. Had a huge ceramah at Jelutong, and guess what? I thought it was a 100,000 turnout, but as it turned out, you can count all those that were present. Less than 50 lah! Remember, this is… Read more »


This time many Malaysians are not happy because BN is abusing national TV to appeal to people to pilih BN.

Also the scare tactics to remind people of May 13 consequences if you opt for change of status quo, Tanda Putera movie is a clear example to echo Najib’s repeated messages of ‘threat’.

Ahmad Sobri

You are spot on! Can anyone give a better description of how the actual situation is on the ground?

A Vote for MCA/GELAKAN/MIC is a vote for HUDUD for ALL!

Selamatkan Malaysia!


Ganda Putera movie was postponed from Sept to Nov to allow Suhaimi Baba and Finas to re-edit the movie as those controversial racist scene could well be sued by Lim Kit Siang.
That is what my friend in Finas told me.

Meng Tuck

Finas is a disgrace!


PM Najib on Merdeka celebration spoke lots of BN achievement but failed to remind us the following: 1) Trade surplus of Malaysia has narrowed sharply from RM18.1 billion in 1st quarter to only RM9.6 billion in the suceeding quarter; 2) Import has rose faster than export; 3) National debt (now 52% of GDP) outpaced GDP growth every year between 1997 and 2011 (for 15 years!); 4) Fitch Ratings has cautioned the lack of credible near-term plan to address fiscal deficit and this could affect the nation’s sovereign credit profile i.e. reduce the ability to borrow more when the real needs… Read more »


Najib has made 31 Aug a BN Day.


if you pay RM1 million a year, it will take you 1000 years to clear the current national debt. That’s the extent of the hutang BN has incurred.

syiok syiok

hanky panky has become a norm in our ‘civilised’ society ? if the administrator do not set up good example, then the rakyat will view hanky panky as something mischievous not offending the law.

for instance, another mural paintings in heritage penang being vandalised again !

can we tolerate such hanky panky ?


There are some who can’t stand Penang’s cultural heritage being revitalized thro’ conservation, community visual arts & meaningful laws over heritage assets maintenance/use. This first step in the direction of mural art in innercity George Town should not be cowered by such dastard anti-art vandals out to create provocations & mistrusts. After paying a visit to George Town World Heritage Inc, I took a leisurely walk in nearby Lebuh Armenian to take in the heritage ambience of old bicycle cum antique shops, an old furniture recycling shop & a Nyonya Beaded Shoes shop. Saw & took photos of the excellent… Read more »

syiok syiok

Crime statistics can be adjusted to reflect peaceful malaysia when in reality we observe many criminal activities even on mainstream papers.

so the truth can be dressed up and only rakyat who use the otak can know who is a better administrator of the nation. Don’t blame the polis BUT the policy makers and enforcers.