BN propaganda onslaught over television


Just caught the 8.00pm news over TV1 and TV3.

For the first 20 minutes it was almost all BN propaganda. The propaganda centred on four main areas:

  • challenge to Anwar to swear on the Qur’an
  • 200 “PKR members” crossing over to BN(!) – ho hum, the usual thing.
  • greater compensation or financial assistance to the poor/squatters within Permatang Pauh
  • rifts within the Pakatan, conflicting ideologies etc; therefore the coalition will be unable to govern the country.

Najib was featured prominently in the news. I was flipping between these two channels and didn’t catch a single scene of Abdullah Badawi.

Meanwhile, I hear a BN source is claiming they have the edge in their own survey.

Finally, brace yourselves for last-minute shock announcements from both Pakatan (perhaps tonight?) and BN (perhaps tomorrow?).

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Like Hafiz we wish were back home watching what is a great moment in history.That hopefully Anwar will be able to realise his vision of a United Bangsa Malaysia with Pakatan Rakyat PAS & DAP. Both parties with strong & good values which the Umno/Bn huge political machine -press,tv,huge public funds have been used to condemn all opposition. Umno feed on the fear of the people- using threats,bribes,cheating & divisive bumi & non bumi racist policy to stay in power. To use the judiciary & police and to use people like Saiful & others is most despicable-the lowest of the… Read more »

hafiz J

haha..i dont know what to say.. i do pray that i will come back home to malaysia and see a better government in place… i’m sitting in front of my laptop and refreshing every minute or so… this sure is a turning point for malaysian..


This sleepy, flipflop guy just try to show the rakyat that he is a caring type. Too late la. What I can say about this guy is “I COME, I SEE AND I Sleeeeepzzzzz”.” After the by-election, he would have forgotten that he has travelled on LRT/KTM etc…. End result, back to square one, forgotten and no action taken since 2004. Now another amazing thing has happend to these BN guys, ‘”swearing” fever. Seems that everyone gone into this fever. We have Sai the FOOL, DPM and now former MB of Perak is swearing like nobody business. They even challenged… Read more »

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim

MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS The use of public properties; e.g. t.v. radio, transportation is all illegal; BN should use their own funds. Because there is no body to question; in fact this practice of illegal use public properties have been going on for a long long time and this practice should be stopped. See the amount of Police force – in the name of “Security” is being used in Perm Pau – there is no need for such a heavy security – this is to freighten or scare the people that BN so powerful – anyway, we will wait and… Read more »


here ‘s hoping and praying hard for DSAI . people of PP , you are representing the rest of malaysians . this is our chance for a better future for us and our children and grandchildren. please dont let us down. Amin


till now (1.15pm 25th august), there is not an ounce of this breaking news from the maintsream news. star on line latest: 2 PKR exco charged for RM5,000 corruption to develop land. common on, are these 2 fellas that stupid and cheap to accept RM5,000 in exchange for land development? Give us something better, ACA and MSM.

Kenny Gan

Can anybody tell me what is the common ideology in BN? Do MCA. MIC and Gerakan have the same ideology as Umno and with each other?


I watch the news and was disgusted. I read NST and Star and was disgusted. think that the rakyat is still naive about these things. And they put Ezam and Nalla as angels. sure…

I agree that PR has more talent. They have won 2 public debates vs BN. Nuff said.

Phua Kai Lit

More propaganda = more loss of credibility.

Never learned the lessons from the
experience of the East European Communist regimes?

Megat Nasarudin Megat Ayob

It was reported by Bernama on August 24 that Najib said “Pakatan Rakyat Cannot Govern Country Because Of Conflicting Ideologies” Is he trying to say Bee eNd is indispensible? Hello! If Pakatan Rakyat is given a chance, I believe they can do even better. Bee eNd now lack of quality and credible UMNO leaders after the first generation leaders had retired or RIP. What we have now are many self-centred, greedy, racists, corrupt, involved in scandals after scandals and LIARS! Say one thing today and do another thing tomorrow. Nak tipu orang sahaja, ingat orang Malaysia bodoh kah? I am… Read more »

Jeffrey Chew

They never learn


I will not vote for an a***-f*****

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

It’s not just a Penang holiday but a ‘Decision Day’
For all eligible voters to have their say
Who will be there in this pivotal seat stay
But make sure no legitimate voting papers go astray

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240808
Sun. 24th Aug. 2008.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,
(A wanita leader pf a BN component party) is alleged to have given RM200 ang pows to old folks and told them to know what to do on day after tomorrow (reference to Tues. 26 Aug). …. Can Mafrel investigate and report on this incident? What has the SPR to say about this?

Let the TV stations show more and more of their bias, for then the electorates revulsion of such blatant abuse would be translated in the ballot boxes.


Its ok , i went to market today , everyone saying BN sucks .. bias and not fair to anwar .. so the more they do it the better ….

TV3 news of the last couple of days have been shameful. Instead of reporting the news, they have been utterly biased. Do they think viewers are blind? It’s the same old tactic used during the 12th GE. I hope the it will be the same outcome as well. I wish we could all boycott TV3. I hope the voters of P.Pauh will not be taken in by the on-slaught of the media.


Oh, you might have missed the “Anwar menggunakan kata kata lucah dalam ceramah” piece on TV3. Actually in terms of vile venom against the opposition, I personally think TV3 beats RTM.

cinta Malaysia


Kenny Gan

Conflicting ideology indeed. I’ll rather have conflicting ideology which can be discussed and compromised over rather than racist ideology which is not open for discussion because no component party dares question their master Umno.


To be expected.

It will be even more virulent tomorrow! Makes nonsense of the notion of an independent media.

Tells you the work that needs to be done even if Pakatan comes to power, to free the judiciary….to free the media ……and so many other instituitions……that for 50 years have been UMNO -ised.

To the voters of Permatang Pauh, you know the truth, all of Malaysia is now relying on you.


Last minutes announcements don’t add any value because the people have already decided. In fact, fence sitters are not more than 5%, so the idea that BN propaganda will help is quite naive. Attacking Anwar would have assisted them on March 8, but they were given a hard slap and it will happen again.