BN on a roll?


What are a few of the reasons for the BN, or should we say Umno, winning seven of the last eight by-elections?

Here’s something I wrote for Asia Times:

Umno bounces back in Malaysia
By Anil Netto

PENANG – The political tide that earlier rolled against Malaysia’s ruling United Malays Nasional Organisation (Umno)-led coalition appears to have turned again in its favor, raising the prospects for possible early polls.

The latest indication of the shift: two by-election wins by comfortable majorities over the weekend in two state assembly constituencies. The wins levelled the by-election tally at eight each for the Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition and opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) since the Anwar Ibrahim-led opposition made significant gains in the March 2008 general elections.

However, the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has recently been on a roll, winning seven of the last eight by-elections held since October 2009. The next big test will come at the Sarawak state elections, where the state assembly’s term ends in July but polls are widely tipped to be held in April. Together with neighbouring Sabah, the two states account for a quarter of the seats in the federal parliament.

Full article here

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Anil the truth is very simple. firstly Anwar’s court case is hurting pakatan esp. pkr. We at the DAP and PAS fully support Anwar in his fight against this court case but the negative publicity is hurting pr. secondly we do not have the money to throw around like another does. so voters dont vote for us. Thirdly the indian vote has left pr and mic has started to make inroads again with the indian votes. We at DAP have a very strong following among educated urban Indians and surprisingly even the urban young Malays. Our strongest supporters are the… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

What are the tell tell signs of the emergence of a new political coalition. 1) As his usual i help you, you help me approach, the Najib administration is going ahead with 10 infrastructure projects in Penang provided …. 2) The Chinese New Year 1 Malaysia Dinner attended by …. 3) With maximum claims and allowances, a SA will get total RM8000 per month, but this SA can afford to buy RM600,000 property with minimum monthly installment of RM3000. After deduction from party contribution and other expenses, the take home pay will be about RM4000. If this SA is not… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

On the report lodged against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s rented luxury bungalow in Jalan Pinhorn, Latifah confirmed they had received information and details pertaining to the matter.

“The investigation is still on-going,” she said.

New Coalition

The list of exclusion from the new coalition includes:


B. Zero KPI and the useless Gerakan

C. Mahathir and his racist goons

D. DSAI and his clueless buddies

Double Standard

Why pointing your gun at BN while it was PR who is doing all the wrong thing, Anil Netto? It isn’t BN who is on a roll. It is PR who is on a slide. The 8th of March phenomenon was not PR on a roll, but BN on a slide. People had had enough of BN so they voted for PR. It was not because were so fond of PR. No. They were totally fed up by BN. This time around, the table has turned. The scandals from PR – from Ronnie Liew from DAP (I know this gonna… Read more »


Anil You been listening too much to these PAS and Pakatan leaders to make an informed and impartial observations. The reason why Pakatan and especially PAS were thrashed was not due to BN’s control of media or soaring commodity prices alone. The prices of oil palm had been on the rise for years now and not only this year. In fact 2008 also had record high palm oil prices too and BN had the same control of the media. The reason or the difference is simple. It can be attributed to Najib and his policies. Just think back what it… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

You may be right in certain sense. The new coalition will be called 1 Malaysia coalition, which will be truly 1 Malaysia when there is no opposition in the Parliament.

Double Standard

Why do we need any “opposition” if the “opposition” is as useless as BN?

Why do we need any “opposition” if the “opposition” lies to the people as much as BN?

Why do we need any “opposition” if the “opposition” is as corrupt as BN?

Andrew I

The key word is “relative”: who is/does more or less.

Ong Eu Soon

RPK might has sense something go wrong and start asking for a third force. He might even received the news of the emergence of a new political coalition. Get ready for a third force by supporting the call of RPK, so that you won’t be caught by surprise at the end of the days.

May WSJ is also right about the KITA party, may be it will turn out to be theonly choice for those who want to vote for change even I hate the ideas of having Zaid as the leader.

Double Standard

I already sensed something wrong when Sdr. DSAI gave the CM-ship of Penang to Lim Guan Eng !


DSAi has to give the CM to LGE. DAP has the largest number of seats in Penang

Ong Eu Soon

Don’t worry about BN, there will be no BN in the next general election. A new political coalition will replace BN. Pakatan will be defeated by this new coalition. LGe will still be Penang CM but not forming Pakatan state government. All signs are there indicating the emerging of a new political coalition. Guess who is the driving force behind the forming of this new coalition. No prize for the answer! Someone will follow the foot step of LCE in order to make sure that he remain the CM for more than one term. There will not be enough force… Read more »


No matter how the PM tried to entice PR members, no matter what propaganda he use, no matter how (his administration) tried use the police and (courts) to silence us, we all knows that many of the people are still with PR. It is still 50/50 either way. Past 16 by elections shows that it is 8 to 8 for BN & PR and 2 to 2 for BN & PR winning over the other turf. It must not be a simultaneous election. Sarawak election must come first for PR to capitalise on white hair to win. There should be… Read more »

Andrew I

And talking of being on a roll, here’s a woman who probably wishes now that Singapore didn’t let in those naughty casinos:


It is all about bread and butter. When talking about BN, it is not talking about the coalition, but in fact, it is about Sarawak politics and umno, nothing more. mca, mic, etc are pretty irrelevant in the picture. OTH, when talking about Pakatan , PAS in Kedah and PKR are the weakest link. Selangor PKR, especially Khalid Ibrahim , are pretty lame on improving the day to day living, e.g transportation, job security, etc. So called free water policies, are bring out a clear message of improving live. Although stay in Selangor, I prefer Penang government way of impose… Read more »

Gerakan K

GE 13 is for PR to lose. Another prediction from Pakatan fan. But why ??? Remember how RPK and DAP told us that PAS already dropped its Islamic agenda in favour of “Welfare state” objective. But now after 3 years people voted them into office, they repudiated their election promise. Luckily, in last GE they failed to form Federal Government, otherwise more ban will be introduced. I also can’t image that hudud law being implemented and executed here in Malaysia. No more concerts and beers. Football jerseys with certain symbol also cannot. Red devil fans sure kena the ban. By… Read more »

Andrew I

Why you so worried about thumbs down? Bad KPI to show your … backdoor minister, is it?


The truth is that BN UMNO also agrees to have an Islamic State and Hudud law while the weaklings like MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP goes along with it. When UMNO was feeling the emergence of PR, it then tried enticing PAS for unity talk. Although UMNO know that PAS was harping for an Islamic state and hudud law, it still entice PAS for unity talk and sharing of power. What if UMNO and PAS unity talk were successful, UMNO would have been even domineering against MIC, GErakan or MCA. And during the unity talk, these 3 weaklings were so… Read more »


Gerakan K…. From your writing…it looks like all those UMNO propaganda through Utusan, berita harian, RTM and TV3 that “PAS ikut telunjuk DAP” are all lies that being feed into rural Malays… So rural Malays MUST vote PAS into power…. Perlis, Terengganu and Pahang can be considered a PAS held state already… hands down even before GE13… as an addition to Kedah and Kelantan…. looks like UMNO is doomed…. everything is lost already bfore the election… so does BN….. the truth is that BN’s UMNo and BN’s Gerakan/MCA are “lidah bercabang”. To the Malays they say that “PAS jadi kuda… Read more »


It is undoubtedly a materialistic world, Malaysia no exception. We poke fun at Pink lips infamous saying, “Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu”…the fact is, it is bearing fruits for the racist party aided by MCA peeled dicks and UMNO thambys! Yes, UMNO/BN is sure rolling out ‘Egg rolls’!!

Andrew I

Boh Pia Bea Eyah.

Should be the new rallying cry for BN. They’ve ‘borrowed’ everything else. Now’s the time to ‘invest’ in elections to secure another 5 years, with new found oil in East Malaysia.

The good times are a rolling.

Bowen Liu

Yes. Many young voters were outstation and cannot be home for by (or buy) elections. We willbe back to our respective hometowns in full force come the next general election.


I feel the ferocious anti-BN battlecries that we made in Anil’s blog and others’ are actually paints grotesque pictures to the Malays, making them scurrying back into the folds of Umno. In actual situation, we are all not that ridiculously anti-BN. I for one respect all law-abiding Muslim and have tons of Muslim, Indian, Punjabi friends!… Hence, my advise is, dont dramatise our disgust into hatre on the BN. State fact for fact, without drama. Also I am wondering could it be certain persons are being planted in blogs to aggravate/ensnare commentators into writing dramatized statements that scares our honest… Read more »