BN has lost Sabah, croons Anwar


Before a crowd of 20000 in Seberang Jaya in mainland Penang on Sunday night, Anwar claimed that the BN could kiss its chances in Sabah goodbye in the coming general election.

“Tanya sama Najib,
mengapa kau goyang,
nanti jawab Najib,
Sabah dah hilang.”

Anwar said this was the real reason Najib announced a RM2.8bn allocation for Sabah.

What do you think? Is Anwar being overconfident or is the BN really finished in Sabah?

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In the UMNO/BN arena, these corrupted blokes of late were knocking each other rampantly all over the places, scoring their own goals!…obviously, these are negative signs that things are not moving smoothly in BN camp. Is it the beginning of the end of this evil regime?

Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)

Bye bye big time for BN and UMNO!

Wan Idris

My chinese friends attended the MCA Mega dinner because it was a sponsored free makan and chance to win in lucky draw. But they will never vote for MCA. Hee hee…

Ahmad Sobri

20,000? Are you sure, Mr. Anilnetto? I recently attended a ceramah in Penang island by the Penang BN chief, that “I’ll be more assertive” GELAKAN chap, also the BN Penang chairman. It was supposed to be a ceramah meant for 100,000 people but sadly less than 50 turned up. I had been following the ceramahs of UMNO/sycophants in and around Penang. Two weeks back on the mainland, I could see a BN ceramah, so I trooped in, very warmly welcomed but, I looked around me, I was the only one sitting on the red plastic chair laid out for about… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

I hope the “free food” at the ceramahs organised by

I suppose you were allowed unlimited helpings ? 🙂


The other days I was at a children motivation talk.
The speaker say to achieve whatever you want you must first have that dream. DAP Penang dreams was achieved after Tanjung 3.

Mandela dreams was achieved after 30 over years.
Yes PR dreams will soon be reality and Ah Cheap dreams will soon be shattered..

Gerakan K

If you believing anwar, pakatan is now the federal government as the result of sept 16 nationwide frogging project. Until now, SATU HABUK PUN TARAK !!!

I will rather retire as multi-billionaire now than trillionaire.

Dream on anwar, dream on pakatan ~


Never underestimate what RM40m (that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there’s lots more coming from the filthy scumbag …) can do, plus UMNO’s bag of other dirty tricks: a never ending supply of Indons and Filipinos, UMNO’s (alleged) instant voter bank on tap..

the mythbuster

SABAHANS RISE! RISE!! RISE!!… Isn’t it enough (they) have robbed you of your natural resouces? Isn’t enough they have made your state the poorest in Malaysia? Where are the promised infrastructures? All are built in Semenanjung Malaysia with the timber, oil and mineral resources of your state. The fact is your elected members of parliament have ‘sold’ your rights… To make Sabah their permanent fixed deposit, they have (allegedly) brought in foreigners from Indonesia and the Philippines. These instant Mykad holding citizens have displaced you, in your own country. You and your future generations have lost your rights for 46… Read more »

Kumpulan Pahlawan sabah

SABAHANS WILL ARISE !! we can no longer tolerate all the continuos hardship our people(yes, murut,laut,kadasun,bajau,chinese,malay etc) go through for the past 46 years! our children cannot continue to be the poorest in the whole country! this time we must get all these rich corrupt traitors in the state!


I know now, I must go now
I belong to yesterday
So kiss me goodbye and I`ll try not to cry.
All the tears/money in the world won`t change your mind.
For the last time pretend you`re mine
My darling kiss me goodbye BN UMNO


Given the turn out in Balik Pulau and Permatang Pauh, PR definitely got Penang locked up.

The crowd in Sabah is very impressive and see definite gains by PR.Sabah will likely be the most interesting campaign fight. Given that momentum is with Anwar, its going to hurt the longer the GE is delayed..


Anil, their evening out is from 6.00 – 9.30 pm. Anyway, what is important from now until election day is to translate the turnout into real votes. The locals activists have to play the leading role in keeping the momentum up & gotv on election day.


The ‘nothing else to do’ excuse has been around even when LKY was campaigning in Malaysia. Not all are voters but given that they only hope to at best (and its iffy) just 10 parliamentary seat in Sabah, then definitely a few more seats clearly already achievable.. Like it or not Sabahan will never regain the control of their state without PR first taking Putrajaya. UMNO colonisation of Sabah is complete even if its not total. Any local politicians that says otherwise is a liar. Its the same thing with Hindraf, the idea they can get even anything close to… Read more »


So kiss me goodbye and I `ll try not to cry.
All the tears/money in the world won`t change your mind.
For the last time pretend you`re mine
My darling kiss me goodbye BN UMNO


Time and again I have that the opposition, particularly its head should stop uttering cocky and over-confident statements like these. That is really stupid. Even if you know you are going to win, keep quiet until you have really won. No use counting your eggs before they hatch. This will only give the opponent a chance to do something, fair or otherwise. Secondly, if you speak before a crowd in a place like Seberang Jaya, of course you will get a favourable response. This is an urban area whose votes are with you come what may. But Sabah is 90%… Read more »


I agree that we should not talk too much until we have won but in a war that is too close to call, the opposition must keep up the momentum of perception. In a war, perception is very very important. It will increase the morale of your troop and followers. In turn it will make the people assume or perceive that the opposition is winning. And when the populace perceive that the opposition will win, it will swing over the fence sitter and even those who may vote the BN.