Bkt Gantang: Nizar gets a rousing reception in Taiping


Nizar receives a standing ovation in one of the largest Chinese restaurants in Taiping last night – Photo courtesy of Kinta Kid

A large crowd outside the restaurant follows the proceedings over a giant screen.

More pictures here.

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perbandingan kelebihan calon yang bertanding di kawasan Parlimen Bukit Gantang antara BN dan PAS seperti berikut; 1. Calon Pas seperti yang telah diketahui umum dan bakal pengundi Ir mohammad Nizar telah menerajui kerajaan perak selama 308 hari, apakah perancangan dan perubahanyang berlaku di negeri perak, a. Pemberian tanah pajakan selama 999 tahun, sesuatu yang belum pernah berlaku, syabas, tapi kepada siapa yang diberi,…. kenapa tidak diberi kepada kakitangan kerajaan yang digelar PAR atau dalam bahasa lain buruh am yang tugasan mereka lebih mulia dari segi agama dan sosial iaitu menjaga kebersihan bandar kita dan membuang sampah dari rumah ke rumah,… Read more »

kenneth iswara

i have always been a victim of umno/bn’s scare tactics
come every election, umno/bn – thru its tv, radio n its mainstream toiletpapers – succesfully frightened me dat pas is a fanatical party
n so never have i voted 4 pas
but, mb nizar is the winning face of pas
he is a moderate pas which terrifies umno/bn
n i m scared no more
yes 2 mb nizar
yes 2 pas
yes 2 pr


he’s indeed a gem!

Ramazi - Caucacaus

Well done ttc , the majority rakyat support for PR is ready only if there can be a snap election. Then DSAI surely PM, LKS for DPM and dedicated and kind IBU Wan Azizah for Home Minster, a perfect team. This country will establish democracy otherwise the rakyat will vote them out. I also do not wish to see another Ahmad, Sockalingam or Ah Kow creating racial politics within the PR for a political career. Give PR the full support now.


Nizar is a nice guy, and his victory is almost assured. We need to work harder to convince the voters to come out in full force to ‘oust’ Najib/Zambry!


We would want a Multi Race friendly MB ? Certainly NOT for MB with interest for his party only & claimed support for his own race ONLY.


Altogether now please: πŸ˜› WOOHHOO! & πŸ˜€ YEEHAR! for πŸ™‚ MB NIZAR! x3 Early bird prediction from inside of Tom’s teacup: BGantang sticks with PR/MB Nizar/PAS; UMNO loses deposit BSelambau stays with PR/MKumar/PKR, majority increases to 3000-5000 Batang Ai goes to PR/JGerang/PKR; UMNO/BN loses deposit πŸ˜€ UMNO/BN is LOSER…going down the … so biddie bye-bye….:D WE SAY YEAH! & NO TO ISA! πŸ˜› AND HARIS FOR AG & RPK FOR IGP! GO FOR DSAI FOR PM & LKS FOR DPM & KIND WAN AZIZAH FOR HOME MINISTER. 2009 Resolution: Seek out all garbage and recycle or dispose post haste for… Read more »


“MB Nizar gets a rousing reception in Taiping”. Not the same applys to najib for his incoming PMship. Can somebody please enlighten me on this funny situation…. PaK Lah was forced to step down as UMNO party president and thus his PMship. He was targeted by his own party due to BN poor showing at the 12th GE where the Rakyat voted him down from a 90+% popularlty to a mere 46+% currently. So he obediently acknowledge his weakness and step down. He thus appointed Najib as his successor due to pressure from an unknown force. The reason for handing… Read more »


Nizar is a good leader. He gets the support from all races. He does not play the racial. He advocates justice for all. This is the kind of politics people in Perak and the country seek now. The electorate will support him. PAS has found a national leader in NIzar. Listening to Nizar talking impressed me. He speaks good English, recites verses from the Quran and translating them for the crowd and his education (he is an engineer) makes him present facts intelligently. Nizar is an asset to PAS and the country in general.


Thanks for the updates & pixs. To support, I’ll do my bits..spreading word of mouth & will recommends this site to others.


Thank You for the followup photos.
We will keep you all in prayers.
Take care and come back to have fellowship with us in PJ.