Bersih procession moves through KL


2045: A Bersih procession to mark the anniversary of the Bersih 2.0 rally on 9 July 2011 is moving from Dataran Merdeka passing through Petaling Street and Jalan Hang Jebat towards Stadium Merdeka.

Photograph: Bersih

Walking along Jalan Hang Jebat:

The procession finally reaches Stadium Merdeka just before 9.00pm:

The crowd paused for a moment of silence in memory of Baharuddin Ahmad, who passed away during the procession last year.

Protest organisers, Kill The Bill declares: “We want the Peaceful Assembly Act to be abolished and for the Bersih 8 demands to be realised.”

Then Chin Huat addresses the vigil: “Walaupun merdeka, rakyat Malaysia belum bebas lagi … Pada 9 Julai 2011, rakyat Malaysia tidak kira kaum dan latar belakang bersatu … Kita tdk benci atau menyelebahi mana-mana parti politik, sebaliknya kita inginkan kuasa rakyat memilih pemimpin secara adil.”

Photograph: Latheefa Koya

The crowd finally disperse after the singing of the national anthem.

Supporters are also gathering peacefully today in Sabah, Johor, Malacca and Perak, adds Bersih in a tweet.

Earlier, supporters had gathered at Dataran Merdeka despite the rain.

Among the participants are Bersih 2.0 steering committee members Wong Chin Huat and Maria Chin Abdullah.

Remember the unsung heroes of 9 July 2011:

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Ong Goo Kang

Putrajaya has declared “war” on Malaysians keen for electoral reform, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today after several anti-Bersih flyers bearing the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry’s official logo were found in the backseat of a taxi.

The prominent lawyer-activist had sent out pictures of leaflets purportedly distributed by the government to taxi drivers that paint the electoral reform movement as “pengacau” (rabble-rousers) despite two ongoing public inquiries into the chaotic April 28 rally in the capital city.

kaki pulau

This candle-light vigil marking the anniversary of Bersih 2, was blacked-out by the mainstream media. Thanks a lot, Anil for publicizing it. Salam Bersih dan Hidup Rakyat!

Ong Goo Kang

We should use ‘Salam Bersih’ in our daily greetings.



A constant reminder to reject corruption.


Just realized how foolish the likes of Perkasa and the ‘Hang Ambiga’ contingent are.. Bersih is SO MUCH more – organisationally and personnel wise.Perkasa and the ‘Hang Ambiga’ contingent merely galvanised everyone and MORE people..

Anak Pulau Pinang

We owe it to future generations of Malaysians to leave them a far better place than when we found it.

We must have free and fair elections to ensure that our government that is elected enjoys the legitimacy of exercising power.

Participation of the people is only meaningflu if the elections are free and fair, never rigged by phantom voters, dead voters, strategically placed voters and gerrymandered constituencies.

CY Tan

Yes, it was one year ago today I took part in a rally for the first time. Now looking back at the photos, the people caught in my lens appear so endearing to me! Thank you to all.

See if you were in my album.

Gerakan K

That is not constructive works. Time wasting thing, too.


Its not a waste of time.

It is to continue our struggle for clean and fair elections, assembling and expressing our views peacefully as are our rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. And to express against the brutality of the Nacheap govt against its peace loving citizen gathering in a peaceful gathering.

Anak Pulau Pinang

The message of Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 is clear: Malaysians want free and fair elections. Win and win with glory. Lose and lose with grace.

Don’t win without the glory or lose without the grace in a rigged election.

If you are not a Malaysian, you will never understand this simple message.

Andrew I

Wasting time is going for free buffets to listen to rubbish.

eddy chua

Be safe, stay save my friends and a very sincere thank you.