Bersih images put pressure on Najib


Images of police brutality, reported far and wide, are portraying the Najib administration in a poor light, while the huge crowds at the rally would be enough to worry the PM.

These are video images of the heavy-handed response to the Bersih rally brought to you by Australian Network News.

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Provokasi Polis:

Andrew I

CSL’s defence would be the viagra made him do it. P

Ahmad Sobri

Till now, the strategy is still, “hold on, divert the attention of the hugely successful Bersih 3.0! Let us divert the attention of the extremely police brutality on ordinary Malaysians, let us now say they went against the ruling of the court, and removed the barricade!” This seemed to be the strategy being adopted by the Najib administration! The amount of brutality on show in public, those tear gas fired directly into crowds of hundreds of thousands of humans, the chemical laced water cannon sprayed on humans to hurt, the manhandling of innocent law abiding protesters, the damaging of equipments… Read more »


I suspect the idea is to make the crowd turn against the police.
UMNO may then continue, under an emergency law, to rule the country without the need of a fresh mandate.

Gerakan K

I 100% support Dr. Rais Yatim opinion that “foto tidak akan tipu, tetapi manusia mungkin”.

Such example is that the pics of BERSIH 3.0 protesters attack on police car and barriers VS statement from Ambiga is that BERSIH 3.0 is a peaceful event.

Mana satu tipu dan mana satu tidak tipu ??? Kenderaan polis DIROSAK dan DITERBALIKKAN oleh perserta BERSIH 3.0. Adakah ini perhimpunan aman ???

Jika ini dikatakan perhimpunan aman, maka Iraq mungkin adalah tempat yang paling aman di dunia. Sila fikir betul-betul siapa yang tipu. Gambar atau kenyataan manusia ???


Gerkhin 1, so what you see now is 1 Malaysian beaten up by many men in blue is truly 1Malaysia for us to believe in?
Why not you be the guy beaten up by these men in blue to taste the medicine of 1Malaysia, irrespective of skin color?
There are more polis violence on videos during Bersih 3.0. Siapa tipu siapa sekarang?


Betul betul foto tidak tipu tetapi manusia mungkinā€¯.

Why did you not mention 10 policemen kicking a lone protester. Why did you still try to tipu us and the whole world.
Manusia mungkin tipu dan itu lah U. Penipu dan pembohong

Gerakan K

Anil and others, DO you all watching TV1 during and a few days after the demonstration ??? I believe 80% of TV1 viewers will reject such demonstration and pakatan representatives. Luckily 90% of TV1 viewers are Malays. A sure BIG win for next GE. Many thanks to TV1 excellent presentation of BERSIH 3.0 pics and videos. One such video is that violent act happened after Anwar signal something to his subordinate. Another one is the attack on the police car by BERSIH protesters. Hmmm, images and videos of BERSIH protesters attacking police car will only put pressure to BERSIH organizer… Read more »

Andrew I

You seem more optimistic than your masters, Gherky boy. Your 1PM should call GE now, since everything is as rosy as you paint it. No need to clean electoral roll some more. No, I’m pretty sure it will be delayed for as long as possible. Never would be quite good time.

Pala Richie

Gilakan K, if this made you happy, then taniah to your Umno.

You can lie to your ownself, what I can I said, other than taniah! and good luck.

Richie Hee

Why Astro need to censor BBC’s reporting on Bersih 3.0?
Why Rais supported the move?

Is the Najib administration really sincere in press freedom or reforms? Or all the so called reforms (ISA, PPPA, Peaceful Assembly, etc…) are just half-baked?

Think about this before you cat your vote so that you do not end up as a fool.


Why should I watch TV1 or TV2 or TV3?
They are all voicebox of Rais Yatim, aka head of BN propaganda agency. Soon they (might) follow Utusan (and might) bring sex videos to children.

I watch Channel News Asia from Singpore. It reports Bersih from the point of view of Bersih participants.


Najib has no choice. He has to go for GE as planned or there will not be enough funds for his ‘buy’ part of the election. He already spent too much to lead up to the polls and wasting the gains will be too costly even a bond rating downgrade. And postphoning will mean failure and invite even more trouble from within his party..



Gerkhin, you like these violence, right?
Attacking like coward … is good to your spirit, right?
Kicking in the face until one’s mother cannot recognize his dear son is rule of law, right?
You know what? These are REAL cowards against unarmed people, the brave people who care to stand for clean & fair election.
Now who are the real chickens?


Lechmi R Kumaran, see this video. It’s time to wake up to dirty tactics, & be prepared for dirtier tactics. More should know, not just say “I was there”. Being there is not enough. Self pride has no place in Bersih. It is a collective effort of the Rakyat, not for self-gung ho acclaim. Rally wise or not is another thing. Reality dirt (Kotor) sucks. We all now see it. Rally is no picnic outing. It can easily turn into a brawl. Those who have experienced fist fights know what it tastes like. Rally, yes. It has to be more… Read more »