Bersih delegation visits Major Zaidi Ahmad to express support

The Bersih delegation, from left: Anil Netto (Aliran), Maria Chin Abdullah (Empower/Bersih chair), Toh Kin Woon (Lim Lian Geok Foundation/Aliran/Bersih northern region vice-chair), Major Zaidi Ahmad, Adam Adli (Bersih secretariat), Mustafa Basri (Ikram). Another member of the delegation Mandeep Singh of Bersih is not in the photo.

A Bersih delegation visited Major Zaidi Ahmad to express their support for the air force officer’s predicament as he faces seven charges for going public about the easily washed off ink used in the last general election.

The six-member delegation met Zaidi at his home in Bertam/Kepala Batas yesterday.

Among the battery of charges that Zaidi, 46, faces at a military court hearing are speaking to the media without authorisation, violating Malaysian Armed Forces Council orders by lodging a police report, and sending a couple of text messages related to the issue.

If the soft-spoken air force pilot is convicted and sentenced to even a day’s imprisonment, the father of four young children stands to lose his pension and long-service benefits.

Full report on the Aliran website.

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
26 Feb 2014 5.05pm

Well done, everyone!

Ed G
Ed G
26 Feb 2014 4.59pm

What wrong has Major Zaidi committed against the armed forces or the nation? As far as I know, he lodged a police report against the EC upon finding that the so-called indelible ink could be washed away. The EC is not even remotely associated to the armed forces and the action of exercising his right as a citizen of this country was not by any stretch of ones imagination being prejudicial to the security of the nation or the interest of the armed forces. However, what is most disturbingly manifested in this episode is the seemingly lacking in the spirit… Read more »

26 Feb 2014 11.27am

Patriotism is defined by BN as supporting BN regardless of their dirty deeds in GE13?
What kind of democracy is this?

Ps: do watch the excellent local movie ‘The Journey’ in the cinema. It is now the all time box office winner of local movie.

26 Feb 2014 12.33pm
Reply to  Julian

Enough reason for people in Kajang to reject BN!

26 Feb 2014 9.33am

Major Zaidi Ahmad is a patriot, he did what he thought was good for the nation and people, he blew the whistle, and now they use the court to silence whistle-blowers, go on, people’s patience has its limit – we are like water, we can overturn and sink your ship!

26 Feb 2014 4.02am

As an officer he should know the rules and regulations and should have gone through the proper procedure. I have been an official myself in a neighbouring country and would anyone criticize that govt if I did the same thing and was prosecuted. Bersih can only give him sympathies and he will soon be used by the opposition from PR DAP, PKR and PAS for their political mileage. The only person who will suffer will be the Major and his family. Wise up my friend

Maj MKNathan
Maj MKNathan
25 Feb 2014 10.53pm

Fantastic ,Way to go , keep up the good works Maj Zaidi….