Batang Ai: BN holds the edge


Dalbinder reports that things are looking bleak for PKR in Batang Ai, Sarawak:

If the PKR wins, it will be by a slim majority. If it loses, it will also be by a slim majority.

Almost every long-house gets free decorations – any maybe more – from the BN.

Jawah’s past has cast some doubts on some of the local folks. He looks physically not really fit, which will affect his campaign.

And the folks here are also asking,  “Where are the top PR leaders?”

The voters here, who are very traditional, seem a bit confused; one moment, they seem to want change; but then they appear to want to give BN another chance.

I have a Sarawakian friend who told me point blank that it is fairly easy to influence the voters here. His analysis has always been accurate before.

Basic amenities are okay here.  The longhouse people say they enjoy living a humble and simple life like this but they want more access, not in the sense of development. They are fed up with the land issues. But many said, “Okay-lah, during the election campaign, the BN solve it already.”

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MY PREDICTION CAME TRUE. IT WAS A PREDICTION BASED ON PROPER PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH. As predicted by me, Nizar made it. A good man in the name of NIZAR has won the seat. This is an eye-opener to all Malaysians. We want a change. NIZAR is a rising star – no scandals, no commission, no corruption. Next to Anwar will be NIZAR. In Bukit Selambau I predicted the same. PKR’s Manikumar won. The people have made the right choice. Come the next GE, PR will take over the government. Thanks to everyone. If you all had followed my comments in this… Read more »

khai penang

Pakatan rakyat will win in 3 by elction


Anil, thanks for ‘correcting’ my harsh words, just can’t hold back to see such a situation persist to those people who is ‘willingly’ be used by those irresponsible to gain wealth/fame the wrong way. Keep us the work for the people man.


I am Swakian, I opened my eyed so wide but the Batang Ai residents…i still don’t know since I am not in that area. But i heard the NCR issue is a critical issue. Ppl here hate gov’t. But some still want fast money attitude.


Do you peninsular people really care for batang ai?
Or do you just want to see BN lose?
Don’t be hypocrites.


The story of Sarawak is not as idyllic and simple as portrayed. There (some of) the Chinese are still very fierce and Chinese gangs dominate (some) entire towns….


Kepada Penyokong Pakatan Rakyat, Sila pesan pengundi-pengundi di Bukit Gantang/Bukit Selambau/Batang Ai yang kamu kenal keluar mengundi seawal-awalnya untuk mengelakkan ‘Pengundi Hantu’ mengambil alih undi mereka. Dan ramalan cuaca meramalkan hujan akan turun di Bukit Gantang/Bukit Selambau dari pukul 12tengahari hingga petang. Polis Trafik juga (mungkin) membuat RoadBlock di banyak tempat dan ini akan menyebabkan jalanraya sesak dan pengundi mungkin terkurung dalam traffic jam dan tak dapat sampai ke tempat mengundi dalam masa. Jadi, sila pesan pengundi-pengundi supaya keluar mengundi di sessi pagi. Terima Kasih. —————————————————————- Dear All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters, Pls request all the voters in Bukit Gantang/Bukit Selambau/Batang… Read more »


Wrong choice of candidate. Cronyism in PKR.


Apparently, many of you know nothing about Sabah. Local Sabahans are not easily influence. We’ve proven that in four State elections and three parliamentary elections where we voted against BN (even before cyber campaign) while you in peninsular malaysia only came out from your political ‘tempurung’ last year. Even then, you people did not deliver as expected. As a resuts, you in peninsula are crying for our blood. Where were you guys when Sabah was oppressed for voting BN then? Where were you when the BN launched a failed coup d’etat in Sabah in 1985 and a successful one in… Read more »


Well done Dalbinder my young friend and to you too Anil. Sorry I couldn’t join you guys in taking a more proactive role this time because of the impending demise of my dad but my thoughts are with you both and fellow Malaysians and the hope for a better Malaysia for ALL.

Take care and well done.


My dear Iban brothers vand sisters,
This is your chance to send a message to the white hairchief minister that enough is enough.
This is your chance to tell him and his cronies and family connections to get lost and return the wealth of the state to the people.
This is your chance to show them what people power means.
Good luck.Hidup Pakatan Rakyat. Long live peoples power.


thats how Dayaks want their life to be, slave in theyre own state…look at Julau, what does Julai have & most of the youth there are jobless or earning rm300 to rm 400 a month and yet this dr. say only bn can improve dayaks future…but he forget that he growing older and will he ever see modern Julai if it still under taib???

Dalbinder Singh

Yes, my dear friends, BN will win tomorrow in Batang Ai, of course i dont support BN, PKR is trying hard, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Dalbinder Singh

Last time i remember DAP won 6 out of 12 seats it contested, they did not expect winning 6 also, they must perform to mantain. Thats why i am saying, lets keep our fingers crossed. If they could fight for independence from Brooke and later, why not now, from BN.


I believed the reason why top gun PKR decided to leave Batang Ai to local PKR is because they are in a better position to explain local issues. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that Sarawak immigration might deny entry into the states for them.


Batang Ai is a David vs. Goliath battle so even a narrow loss for PKR is still honorable and will rattle the Taib govt. It signals a change in Dayak thinking and in another 2 years when state elections are held, the tables may turn. The Dayak may not be ready to vote opposition wholeheartedly now because the state govt will still be BN and they are afraid of reprisals. But in a state wide election if there is a chance of changing the govt, it will be a different matter. As for the lack of PR top guns there,… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Keep up our fingers crossed for Batang Ai


If that’s the mentalilty of the Dayak then I feel sorry for them .A little “sweets” will buy them over and they don’t even know how much they are losing out.

Let them decide their own faith. No one can help them.


QQuite sad if they are not looking to help themselves.


Sigh….and that’s why UMNO still holds the power after so many years of pilferaging……….


PKR seem to leave their canvasing to bloggers. Bloggers can only do so much. There are a few of them but the news coming out is not fast and furious as they should be. You are right that the absence of the opposition leaders is quite obvious and rather disappointing. Personally I think it is a gone case as far as Batang Ai is concerned. The chances will be better in the next State election when the BN cannot concentrate their money and manpower there.


If the Batang Ai voters prefer to make the MB Sarawak, his relatives and cronies to become richer and richer,but the residents in Batang Ai become poorer and poorer, they can always vote for BN.
Already more than 50 years, the Batang Ai residents/voters still can’t get the lesson?

Are they prefer to be fool by BN forever?
Sad. Sad. Sad.


Let them decide, if they want to live like that let them live like that .. is their choice .. they never think of the next generation .. let them wait until BN sold and steal all their lands




Dear Iban comrades, if you think that you are OK being “used” again and willing to be “used” again by BeeEnd and not worrying about the future of your children, please continue to vote them (BeeEnd), God bless all of you in Batang Ai then, stop complaining and accept the so-called fate that you think its what God fated on you.