Batang Ai: A tough and crucial contest



BN supporters on Nomination Day – Photos by an anonymous Sarawakian


And the PKR forces


The candidates, Jawah (PKR) and Malcolm (BN)

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im curious….why the FRU force surrounded the PKR supporters? they are so ”ganas” is it? i mean


BN in S’wak is rich, damn filty rich….. sigh the gap between the rich and poor is driting further & further away.


This is the first election in Sarawak which has got the ruling regime really rattled. They are pouring ‘instant mee’ development into Batang Ai like there’s no tomorrow. As for PR’s chances, I would say slightly better than 50-50 and improving. Jawah is a seasoned politician and orator unlike ex-civil servant Mussen who is depending 100% on his party machinery to win. But can Jawah convince the Iban to rise above money politics and the shady politics of development? Will the deep grievances over NCR land translate to votes? Why do marginalized people keep voting for the very people who… Read more »


The Sarawak PKR is definately fighting an uphill battle. The EC has fixed three by elections on the same date to the disadvantage of the opposition.

The election machinery of the opposition in Sarawak can never match BN’s without the support of the PR team from semananjung.

Let’s hope the “wind of change” has reached Sarawak and the voters of BI will not succumb to bribery… for the sake of their children.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia


Politicians promise many things On the seats they coveted They don’t want others to do Bring on the good wagons Be Santa then you are planted Symphony of colours They make your eyes glow They weave the art of magic The grandeur of images You think you will get it You can dream on On the campaign trails Know the honesty and lies Wagons of goods to give Corruption coin with a smile The heated colours Mixing the glow and flowing truth The symphony of lights Sparkling yet illusive Don’t be fooled The sweet colour tones Branding minted goods Remember… Read more »


I dont worry so much of batang ai, i know we have a good candidate and lets dont give hope yet, still way to go .. I will suggest PR to used the slogan “Working Towards The Future Generation” .. tell the Ibans that , sarawakian should work in sarawak and not to peninsular .. Sarawak is the largest state in malaysia and rich with oil, timber, oil palm and land ..

Show them the photo and what PR can do for them .. and said PR will assign Iban as CM if PR takes over Sarawak ..


Not a good sign. Even if you take into account that BN logically have a larger machinery, you don’t see the usual enthusiasm leading to the PKR win. Anwar need to get to Batang Ai as fast as possible and work the grounds more…


FRUs … have been instructed by their master to ensure PKR’s supporters do not misbehave….

Sam Yap

Anil, I do agree with your assessment in an earlier article that Sarawak had always been BN-UMNO’s repository of MPs to ensure BN’s grip on federal government. This is made even more apprent after the GE March8, 2008. If Pakatan can break this stronghold by cracking Batang Ai, its already a big step forward. It could be the first ripple in Sarawak’s pond which will spread and its a signal to Sarawakians that, YES! It can be done, BN can be toppled in Sarawak!!! I hope that Anwar sees it this way and camp in Batang Ai for a few… Read more »


Pkr will win 2000 votes at batang ai,
those Bn flag came from pbb and other componant party member!!
Those PKR flag came from local batang ai ppl… as you can compare and see….who will win…
bokkie open dish batang ai pkr win 0.78 pay, Bn win 1.00 pay so u can see also who is the hotest to win…


im curious….why the FRU force surrounded the PKR supporters? they are so ”ganas” is it? i mean the PKR supporter?


After viewing the election nomination in batang ai. I have notice that the PKR supporters were surrounded by FRU in red as thought they are monster and the opposition party is villain.

On the other side, the BN is so peaceful.

I dont like The DOUBLE Standard by BN government. (now i realised that this country is in distressed, we need a new party to lead us and our children future) . BN MUST GOES>> PR ” BRAVO”


Looks like Batang Ai will be the toughest contest for PR.
The “Old Politics” still reigns supreme in Sarawak.