Baru Bian, Anwar draw crowds


2000: Sarawak PRK leader Baru Bian is drawing the crowds at ceramahs, according to a PKR source at the scene. He is now speaking before 700-800 people – and this is just a village, Long Tuma in Lawas. Up next to speak will be Anwar.

The crowd at Long Tuma listening to PKR speakers including Baru Bian

Next stop tonight: Kampung Siang-Siang, where a similar number of people are already waiting for the speakers to arrive.

The source said the party is upbeat about its chances: “The people here are ready for change. Only a couple of days ago, we had an unprecedented turnout of 3,000 in Betong whereas Jabu could only draw 200-300.”

As for the constituency of Marudi, where the Snap president is expected to stand, PKR has a candidate on stand-by in case the Snap chief pulls out, said the source.

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system engineer

It not just Taib Mahmud was a multi rich leader . Could be said even the other BN leader including Najib Mahathir were multi rich . The guru should be more than the murid . Najib turn would be during the general election . Wake up sarawakian . Get rid of Taib and the geng . I am sympathy the way taib treated the rural resident in Sarawak .The lifestyle was behind for 100 years . Woke up , woke up . Najib and geng believe the sarawakian were stupid . Prove them you were not . Give full support… Read more »

system engineer

Tommorrow was the voting day for Sarawak. Sarawakian, corrupt … rep will try to buy you people .

Just imagine a corrupt BN leader thence to be your leader . Just take whatever they gave but no vote for corrupt leader . The amount won’t make you rich as they was .


BN/UMNO is a flop now. The people will chuck them out soon. Video, sodomy and omega are not going to work. These are all … to hoodwink the people. Then they make use of a “frog” and a “sick-minded” lady to despise Anwar. The two ended up being despised by the people, instead. In one of their ceramah rotten eggs were thrown at them. What shame. In Sarawak nobody wants to listen to their fictions. Time has come to throw BN out. Sarawak will pave the way. We want a change and this change will see Pakatan Rakyat taking over… Read more »


For how long you want to be a fixed deposit? You should be well off by now for putting the fixed deposit for so long but you deposited in a corrupted bank poor guys like people in Penang say “pi mai pi mai tang tu aja”


03 reason why dayaks n others switch to PKR: 1. Corrupt n Greedy (leaders): Stayed Too long n nothing much has change. Sarawak is the richest state in its natural resources n yet still among the poorest. Don’t judge S’wak by looking at Town area, go to the rural area. Some kpg don’t even have electricity supply. 2. Never give chance to (other ethnic groups) to become CM of S’wak. You see Datuk Jabu..sampai tua dalam politik masih jadi Timbalan. Apa ni..padahal kaum majority ialah Iban. Majority “RULES”… There are so many experience n knowledgeable (other) leaders, why never give… Read more »


Moga semuanya bijak pilih kawan Baru Bian ini sebagai Ketua Menteri kita. Harap jangan pribumi Sarawek tumbang kepada katil dan minyak petrol yang diberikan. Kerajaan Pakatan mampu menyumbangkan Sungai, jangan harapkan air telaga BN saje. Rakan Dayak yang BIJAK mesti pilih PAKATAN RAKYAT. Sekarang rakyat sendiri tak tolong mereka, JESUS pun takkan tolong mereka. Percayalah


I am a tax payer. I have never failed to pay for my tax due to the government. What have I got back from paying my tax? I am now almost 50 years old, the roads leading to my village has been as poor as those roads I noticed in Africa! We knew very well that Sarawak is the riches state in Malaysia with all the natural resources available here BUT where are the revenues that we generate plus the taxes the government collected from us every year?? If they are for the development of Sarawak, then who are making… Read more »


I am in Selangor . Yes the rakyat of sarawak should give a full support to Baru Bian . Behave just like the voters of Selangor , Kelantan , Penang , Kedah , Perak . We in Selangor were gaining with alot of benefit from the keadilan government . I am serious about it . Please don’t be so cheap where you were easily bought over . Be professional about these . Cos of your mistake others had to pay the price .


Let Baru be the next CM of Sarawak and we access him after 5 years.


Now that the nominations are already in, let’s all pray regardless of our religion, that the Sarawakians will vote wisely inspite of and because of the flying 100s and 500s to rid the State and the country of greedy, self-serving, self-enriching and sinful leaders and replace them with people of high moral integrity who will serve the people sincerely, fairly and without fear or favour! Good luck, Sarawakians!


In the peninsular, the sex video has backfired badly….it may do the same in Sarawak…

This entire issue is beginning to lend credence to RPK’s view that UMNO wants Najib out…. looks like he is going to pay a heavy price …..
Thanks to the internet, the days of fooling the peopla are long over….


Yes, hopefully the large crowd could be turn into votes……


While it’s good and ego flattering to have a large crowd attending the ceramahs, the more and ultimately the real test is whether the crowd can be translated into votes for the party’s candidates. Past experiences had shown a large crowd at a ceramah need not necessarily mean a large and winning number of votes for the party! Just ask Kit Siang about his past experiences in Penang.


Not the same in Sarawak or Sabah because politicking is not so infused in so many people lives like they do in Semenanjung – its part of the reason Taib has gotten away with the nonsense that he has all these years.

Ba' Kelalan Voter

I am from Lawas. We are very simple and straight people. We dont know how to play politic like our fellow semanajung guys. But one thing we know well is that we were thought by ouyr forefarthers to stand for what is right. The bible teaches us to make a stand for the widow, orphan, poor, marginalised and down- troddens. We are proud that Baru Bian stands for these values that we hold dearly. He has stood for us the Lun Bawang and the other natiive Dayaks and Malays through thick and thin in fighting for their kand rights since… Read more »

Gerakan K

O la la.

From the trace records, you are “Ba’ Kelalan Voter” as claimed and from Lawas as well. You can win this. Oh, forget to add, God willing you will win.

p/s: please use web proxy next time to further enhance your web browsing experience.


Large crowd because the folks want to see the actor in person?


I would rather see Najib.

He’s handsome.


Obviously, the “sex movie” produced (by Datuk T) have failed and failed miserably!

…crime does not pay.

Matter of fact, the opposite effect was realized by the strong crowd support. Peh Moh raja and (Najib), eat your … hearts out!….