Bangladesh PM’s Office website post removed


“They” have acted quickly: “they” have removed the post about Bangladesh citizens allegedly being given voting rights in Malaysia.

This is what the site looks like now.

I thought this might happen – but I didn’t think they would work that fast on a Saturday.

bangladesh PM's office websiteThe post is no longer retrievable even from Google cache. Fortunately, Yahoo still has a cached copy (click on thumbnail on the left). So here is a screenshot for posterity.

And this is the link to the Yahoo cache.

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Org cin cakap, “Habis makan mesti cuci mulut” !!!!… blink ! blink ! blink !….

Tun Fatimah

Have you checked the existence of the 66th World Islamic Economic Forum mentioned in the picture? It says here that the forum was form since 6th march 2006, and this year will be their 9th World Islamic Economic Forum and its acronym is not WIFE but WIEF ( )
Please check your facts first before spreading this ‘news’, else you are spreading false news.


Hey Jamie, I came here to verify as well. Do you realise that this post & most of the comments were made in 2011? Did he predicted the future or something? Being a Tech guy myself, you can’t change the time stamp log on an entry.


consider this scenario. The speed that the webpage was removed may be due to this:

1) The webpage wasn’t removed at all, in fact it had always been the way it is now – meaning no mention of Bangladeshi workers being given voting rights etc.

2) Which means the screencap is actually a screencap of the webpage, and edited to promote the writer’s agenda. The writer then claimed the real website has been tampered with, and that HIS screencap is the real thing.

Possible, no?


The cache did not work. How about providing screen shot instead ?


The speed at which the webpage was removed shows there is truth in the allegation. If someone had fabricated the story for malicious intent they would have welcomed the publicity. I can think of no reason why anyone would want to fabricate a story like this in the first place. Fitnah for what purpose? The only reason why the story was written is because it is true.


You should know once something is published on the Internet and has been picked up by others, it is practically impossible to cleanse it out…
Anyway, the “Fast Citizenship in return for BN Votes” seems to be a well known story among Indons and Banglas…



The man has been in Sarawak since 1953 and still not able to be a citizen. Maybe he should migrate to Bangladesh and then come back to Sarawak to fast track


Maybe it was removed by hackers. On the Home page, it is written HACKED BY CYB3R_MASTER_KASH_BOY

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Anil, Most likely the truth hurts and is too damaging politically! This can expose the actual traitors of Malaysia! If the article is true, then there’re traitors of the nation running the nation! Is there any reason to not believe the article is not true? What would the Bangladesh PM and Bangladesh to gain from its publication in its official website if the claim is false? Only “otak udang” and UMNO and BN cyber-spinner, paid or otherwise, can think and spin of only 1 reason, that is if “bukan fitnah atau adalah 100% betul dan sahih” the article “ditarik… Read more »


As usual lah, “You tolong gua, gua tolong you”…what can we expect from traitors of the nation. (If this is true, they) should be ashamed of yourself to trade the country just to clinch on to power!


The cache copy is still available here

Gerakan K

Fitnah telah ditarik balik.


A proof for the world to see, read and shame is still a proof.
Nothing else to say? Even the Mongolian steppes roamed by Altantuya are full of this proof-echo!

Gerakan K

Buat apa nak komen banyak-banyak mengenai *fitnah* ???

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Gerakan K,

Fitnah! From Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Office official website? What does the PM of Bangladesh stand to gain from your so-called ‘fitnah’?

You again have discredited yourself in your overzealous attempt to ‘bodek’ BN and BNputras!!

Gerakan K

Jika laporan tersebut bukan fitnah atau adalah 100% betul dan sahih, tiada sebab artikel tersebut ditarik balik.


What is so difficult to tarik balik. All Najib has to do is call his counterpart in Bangladesh and tell her, aiyaa, we giving your people citizenships must be secret lah, dont tell the whole world and they can delete the page. It (could be) a goverment to goverment deal.


Sekarang orang kampung nak tahu apa yang SEBENAR dah jadi Malaysia, Tanah Air Ku.
Orang kampung tak mahu orang asing berhijrah ke negara yang cantik ini dan sewenang-wenang menjadi Rakyat Malaysia tanpa apa-apa syarat selain berundi siapa tahulah.
Inikah rezeki senang bagi orang Bangladeshi yang selama ini tak berkorban, mempertahankan dan bersumpah ke Negara Ku?

Kopi-O Kau Kau Orang Kampung – rasanya asli, jujur dan tanpa kotor-kotor.


Good work, Anil. Thanks to your foresight, our govt cannot deny the existence of such abuse. Now let’s see what both sides have to say about it?

I’m just so appalled with all these foreigners given instant citizenship when there are some Malaysians born here being denied of it. It’s one thing to legalise illegal workers but totally flagrant abuse to give them citizenship for ulterior motives!

What will become of our country? Now we have ‘Instant’ Malaysians, besides Instant Noodles. This is MADNESS!

anthony chew

instant madness, instant greed and instant glory!