Banging drums an election offence?


A political scientist friend writes:

In the Bukit Selambau by-election, it was reported that ‘Deputy Election Commission chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar pointed out to police that using musical instruments on nomination day was an election offence and requested that they “advise the supporters to stop” but the supporters kept banging on’. (Malaysian Insider, 29 Mar 09).

Can you believe this Election Commission (EC) Deputy Chairman? Is he for real? Banging drums that make ‘noise’ is an ‘election offence’?!? But political parties giving bribes in the past, government ministers providing instant noodles projects and other development goodies (see preceding post for a sample); using and abusing government machinery; people gambling on election results; a dirty electoral roll; etc. are not ‘electoral offences’?

This EC has selective vision. It takes offence at good-natured ‘noise’ but sees nothing wrong or illegal in all the long-standing electoral abuses reported in the media, to the police and voiced out in the courts for years! Of late, it even appears to take partisan positions and ignores the Perak Speaker’s declaration of three seat vacancies.

Perhaps Wan Ahmad was upset because he could not concentrate on his simple by-election work of registering so many independent candidates given the noise. If this is the case, the next Prime Minister should seriously make it a priority to consider appointing a more competent individual to take his place – one who can handle the pressure of working under ‘noise’.

And by the way, where is the ‘indelible ink’? Or is inking one’s finger after voting also an ‘election offence’ since this is another incredulous thing that the EC does not condone?

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Angel Gab
Angel Gab
30 Mar 2009 9.53pm

C’mon, EC, what’s next?

Offence for Opposition candidate to breath!

Don’t forget, EC, you guys shall not be politcally aligned. Where’s your sense of right from wrong? Fairplay?

Know this…the Malaysian Public is sick and tired of your stupid antics and clearly lob sided sense of ‘free and fair’ elections!

You … will face the music soon!

30 Mar 2009 2.27pm

ada baca buku dah, Deputy Election Commission ni??? macam budak kecil aje.

30 Mar 2009 1.29pm

Take a read on the role of the EC in taking back the 5 states. They apparently was in a committee that strategizes the takeover. Read it in on of the blogs.

For EC who so confidently said taht they can take 3 elections at one go, it is funny that this one chap cannot concentrate just for registration.

30 Mar 2009 11.57am

Ha! Ha! Ha! (a million X)
That is so absurd! Any gray matters left up there? Or none in the first place?

30 Mar 2009 11.39am

Whatever we do is kollect..whatever you do is wrong ma…
Like that also lont know , how to cali makan.

30 Mar 2009 11.31am

That’s why Malaysia needs a change, the sooner the better. Even if the government is changed, Malaysia still need 10 to 20 years to fully reformed under new systems be it in education, economic, policies reform and etc.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
30 Mar 2009 11.31am


It’s not correct to equate beating on the drum
As someone who’s really considered drunk on rum
Or as somebody who’s disturbing peace like a bum
Unless it’s trying to be smart when actually dumb

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 300309
Mon. 30th Mar. 2009.

30 Mar 2009 11.31am

Soon Mongolian may have to employ all the active bomohs to capture the Ghost of Altantuya who is creating all the mischiefs. Even his ‘coronation’ is on all souls day!
Good thing, I am no longer in Bohonland to read all these rubbish everyday. It has become more ridiculous by the day…Malaysia a vibrant democracy?
Rudd, you have a sweet mouth!

30 Mar 2009 11.17am

everyday is a black day in our history .its when the voices of the silent majority are heard only then the bn will win

30 Mar 2009 11.15am

Poor opposition. Make noise cannot. Take VCD of tree cannot. Carry PAS flag Batang AI) cannot. Ceremah on private property cannot. Carry Altantuya picture also cannot. What next? Voting also cannot?

But BN can do anything including throwing bottles at an old man in a wheel chair. Don’t they know that he more oppressive they are, the more sympathy the opposition will get?

Honestly, I think Zimbabwe are not as bad. At least the former opposition leader is now the President. Can we hope for the same in Malaysia if the opposition win?

30 Mar 2009 10.58am

I am afraid Malaysia is going the way of Zimbawe. The behavior of the Election Commission has been getting more bias day to day. It is getting worse. We are on a trajectory to self destruction.

30 Mar 2009 10.55am

Sivakumar (could) win the court declaring the three frogs are vacant and power will be by speaker to hold a by election and not the … EC power to decide ..