Badawi billboard sets tongues wagging


A new billboard in KL has sparked speculation over Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s political future.

The billboard, along Jalan Syed Putra near the turnoff to Taman Seputeh, features a large portrait of Abdullah Badawi, at least 10 feet high, with the words “Opinions Ideas appreciated, viewpoints welcomed”. It also includes his email a website address.

Blog reader lanwm spotted the billboard too:

I was like I can’t believe my eyes when I saw that huge billboard with his face! I tried covering it with my hands but it was just too huge to be covered!

The question that a few are asking is, why would a Prime Minister who is leaving office soon want to solicit public views during the twilight days of his administration?

“I never bought the story that he (Abdullah) will go gently into the night,” said the political commentator who first alerted me to this billboard.

The key question now is, when will the two by-elections be held? Will they be held before the Umno general assembly on 24-28 March or after? If they are held before – and that’s a distinct possibility – and if the Pakatan wins both, then Najib would go into the assembly with four straight by-election losses.

Now, that wouldn’t be likely to inspire confidence, would it?

Meanwhile, the Pemuda Umno website has a news report of an indoor gathering at the PWTC:

Pergerakan Pemuda Barisan Nasional (BN) akan menganjurkan satu perhimpunan Menjunjung Setia “Daulat Tuanku!” secara besar-besaran di Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur 19 Februari ini.


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Victor Lam

PM doesnt want feedback la its just billboard to boost his sleepy ego. Or maybe all the ERL passengers can see it and think what a caring PM we have. …Anyone ever try contacting goverment agency via email or fax??? 0 response. Try call JPJ hotline…. cow come home and go out again also you wont be able to get through.
All this is just a waste of public funds. Hope wind blows it down or lightning hits it … That will be sign from god and make others …. their pants. (Or course no motorists will get hurt)


Dear PM, My feedback rests on TRUTH. You proclaimed on taking over the reins of the Government that you are the PM of all Malaysians. You have failed in some aspects to fulfill your promise to the nation, though some filtered-down legislstions on the Judiciary and Anti corruption have surfaced. The much awaited legislation on dictating police conduct has yet to emerge. The release of ISA detainees has yet to take place. One notably positive and welcome episode is the way opened for some expression of views and ideas through blogs through which invalkuable feedback can be got for improvement… Read more »

kenneth iswara

flip-flop,… cant 4give (him) 4 firing chemical cannons on msian indians at hindraf rally nov 25 2007 d only umno dealer who arrested children who wanted 2 give flowers 2 him in symbolic protest n then declares thaipusam a holiday with samy vellu acting big drama on stage then, still loses ge12 cos indians cant 4give or 4get now, tidurwi wants feedback dats called feedback, u … badawi : who will release ji terrorists … n stil refuse 2 release hindraf 5 …no b…. 2 implement ipcmc, reform police, judiciary, aca n racist umno … need more opinions n viewpoints… Read more »

anna brella

I am sure that we all know that true leaders are like good captains who do not abandon their ships. If you watch, you’ll see that it is always rats that are the first to leave a sinking ship. And these rats have been letting the good intentioned captain down when he was unfortunately, occupied with heartfelt matters relating to the illness and death of a close family member. So sometimes when riddled with too many hidden rats who are trying to sink your ship, it may be wise for the captain to nearly sink it so that these rats… Read more »

alan foo

Hi folks,

I am appealing to whom that has the email address of ‘Pak Lah’ to sent it to me.I would like to write to him to advice him to stay on as PM.
And also to remind him of his late father ‘Haji Ahmad Badawi’ who was once my good neighbour and an old friend(jiran) when his father who was the Kepala Batas UMNO chief at that time having their UMNO division headquarters at No.84- Jalan Bertam,Kepala Batas which is besides my No.85- Jalan Bertam residence in 1970.


My complaints about the billboard …

1. Pic was taken 20 years ago when he could still sit up straight
2. Scares my children (Useful threat though: If you don’t fasten your seat belt that man in the billboard will come down and sleep in your seat …waaaaah!)
3. Zero sex appeal – Penelope Cruz (next to Volvo showroom) “Whoo hoo! .. “, … then AAB “Whoah! … ”
4. During traffic jams brings back bad memories of miscast vote in 2004
5. Too high to …


Massive size billboard? – Tak pakai duit mana boleh masuk? Last try for SIL before FIL leaves office?


It is always thrill and amazing whenever our sleepy, fliflop lame duck guy name was brought up. THis time he and his 10 foot tall poster with the words “Opinions appreciated, viewpoints welcome”. Well hers my viewpoints and opinion:- 1. Kick out you “Oxf…” SIL from Umno youth. Your are alrady sinking, but your great SIL make sure you sink deeper. 2. You are the best of the worst within the UMNO clique. Hno choice tat you carry on as PM. Do not let (your deputy) become the next PM. Democary will be doomed when he takes power. 3. Dont… Read more »


It seem that people don’t mind to have a weak leader than wicked leader.
So….. That is still a posiblity that Pak-lah might carry on as a PM after March 2009. He is not that stupid anyway but rather a plan to let go more power for his deputy to let the people see his ability, capability and true color!


C’mon all PR leaders and parties and rakyat Malaysia,
Pak Lah is not bad at all compared to whats coming next.
Time to support Pak Lah and ask him to stay on as PM,
especially in face of the economic crisis facing our country.
The future of the country and people should come first.


I’m writing in.. Tell him to bring 50 MPs to PR.. Anwar then lets him stay on as PM.. Najib be the new Opposition leader.. 😉

Sunny Lim

Someone please take the lead and all Malaysians to gather at the PM office to tell him that we want him to stay.

Perhaps, the NGOs should, and tell the PM to wait for us. We don’t want Najib!

Ong Eu Soon

[email protected]
The address and contact number of the Prime Minister’s Office are as follows:

Office of the Prime Minister
Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62502 Putrajaya

Tel: 603 – 8888 8000
Fax: 603 – 8888 3444

The letter can be sent to:
Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia
Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62502 Putrajaya

You can make an appointment by calling the number 03 – 8888 8000 and ask for the office of the Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Ong Eu Soon

Najib will only be the April Fool prime Minister not matter what happen. Love to see him campaign in the coming 2 by elections. The by elections might finish him off if the guy up above has his way.


Do not underestimate Malaysia, semua boleh in this bolehland as long as you have money and connections.


Any photo of the billboard…just curious to see as i seldom drive along that road…

Phua Kai Lit

My suggestions:

Appoint Tengku Razaleigh as his DPM and

Stop the machinations of his SIL.

This will guarantees his place in Malaysian history.
And he won’t go down in history as the Malaysian equivalent of
George W. Bush.

It’s not too late to do so, Mr Prime Minister sir!


Do you have his email? I would like to email him to encourage him to stay on as PM. I rather have sleepy head than the ….!!

Lochos Vestu

Badawi, Please Stay on as PM!

Then, we can award you the title, “Bapa Demokrasi” when you retire after GE13 when BN loses to the opposition!


If only you had listened, seen, smelt, much earlier, the need not put up this billboard. The tide has come and gone.


First and foremost- What a waste of public money. Donate kat rumah org tua lagi bagus. Dont newspaper and tv make enough coverage of him already?
Last time the ulamak… said its haram to eract such a big figure.. its like ermm worshipping? but then again at that time its DS Anwar’s image. Probably someone got jealous so that someone ask the municipal council to tear it down. So can we assume the same with Pak Lah face?

Saya tak lalu jalan tu. Im glad I didnt.


oh so far no comments about the massive BN rally i see. the rally was also highlighted by the malaysian insider with lots of comments (including mine).


Anil, Pak Lah is trying to say something. He want our views. What’s his email address anyway? In another month, he may be stepping down to allow Najib to take over the helm. So we sould advise him not to, because if he does, then : – the Wrath of God (could) be on us all. – we will become another Zimbabwe (remember how Zimbabwe used to flourish before}. It is the duty of all Malaysians to stop Najib from becoming PM… The best person to do this for us all is Pak Lah…. So Anil, please mail me Pak… Read more »

Red Indians

Would it make any difference to Malaysians whoever becomes PM when none of them cares for the populous except to enrich themselves and their cronies?? Corruption is now a disease so embeded in our cultures, there’s really no way out of this cess pool. In times like this, we should not forget Tengku Abdul Rahman who truly had the interest of all races at heart. Umno and its youth wing think they rule the country and with such arrogance and no one is stopping the rot. Its a shame, a beautiful country like ours could become a banana republic very… Read more »


Its unbelievable that the selection of the most important post in our country, the Prime Ministership, is made by Umno divisions heads, most of whom have very little education…and so whoever becomes the PM is decided by the 2000 odds backwater…. Shouldnt the PM be decided by the raayat like the US system on a state by state basis with electorate votes? If we continue with the system of selection… it really makes no diff to the raayat who becomes the PM then… Perhaps, a wise old man like Tengku Li may save the day for Umno from further downfall.… Read more »