Azmin’s promise to Sarawak


PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has made a pledge to the people of Sarawak that could change the dynamics of the local political situation in the run-up to the next state election.

What is his pledge? Go here.

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Right Admin! Let’s hope Pakatan Rakyat is fully committed, keeps to its promise and make sure they respect the 18 and 20 Point Agreement without fail and not just to win the election.

Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban!


Azmin “autonomy” talk are not going to convince many people.

Just look carefully, Sarawak already run under Taib Mahmud AUTONOMY ADMINISTRATION FOR more than 20 years. And Sabah already run by LOCAL BN coalition for many years.

So what … Azmin talk on “autonomy”.

People need to see PR solid plan to support CHANGE.


What is the East Malaysian view of the Immigration part of the 20-point agreement? That strikes me as not only bizarre, but also counter-productive. At first glance I can’t see why (for example) it would be a good thing that a British person would need a visa to visit Wales. Isn’t it almost certainly going to result in East Malaysia becoming a ghetto? When I imagine an ideal united Malaysia which accounted for the fact that the centre of the nation is in a comparatively large sea, any possible concept I might dream up includes some infrastructure that seeks to… Read more »

Admin (

Hello Jong In response to your stance which you are fully entitled to and which we respect, we would just like to clarify that at the dinner during his speech, before he reiterated the promise, Azmin did clearly explain about the signing of the autonomy pact on 16th September 2010 in Sabah by the top leadership of PR. he did not hijack the promise. He merely re-enforced and REITERATED it on behalf of his leadership. The top leadership had looked at the nitty-gritty of the repercussions of autonomy and it was agreed that the best way would be to respect… Read more »


Thanks Admin for responding with links and clarification. I appreicate that.

My point stays – so it has been promised by top leaders of Pakatan Rakyat coalition on 16 Sept 2010 but Azmin Ali wasted no time hijacked this “full autonomy” thingy to look like his ‘promise’ to Sarawak?

This is serious matter, the issue of “full autonomy” requires the serious attention of top Pakatan Rakyat leaders to look into the nitty-gritty of things, the legal tie-ups etc, and not for this slime-ball to flap his wings and do chest-beating rhetoric campaign on stage in Bintulu!


lets give this kid a chance. He fought a hard battle to get into the PKR leadership. The question of autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak is clearly set out by our founding fathers. So Azmin is stating what is a fact. BN over the years quietly side-stepped the whole autonomy issue and ran Sabah and Sarawak like a private club.

Azmin has a clean record so far and he has shown leadership qualities. He knows what he is up against and he needs to rise up to the challenge.


… Same method as using a needle to prick an inflated balloon.
Angry voters is what the BN hate to see.
Sabah and sarawak cant be angry with Pakatan as Pakatan is not the feds.
And so better for azmin to concentrate as a politician for PR instead of as a witch hunter in pkr.
Nothing is wrong with PKR azmin’s pledge as najib will say the same thing as well just to win.


I met YB Azmin Ali at the Selangor State Government Level Christmas Fiesta 2010 in Tesco Rawang on Dec 10 and when he first saw me, he glance the second time(I was standing a few metres away) and he streached out his right hand for me to wish him. Well he seem to have changed for the better (look more humble and people-friendly) and hope what he said that he will give antonomy to the Sarawakians to run the Sarawak state once PR is rooted in power in the GE13, will be kept as a promise. Sarawakians must give PR… Read more »

Admin (

Hello Jong

PKR de factor leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and Nasharudin Mat Isa of PAS signed an agreement in September that pledges to grant autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak should Pakatan Rakyat capture Putrajaya at the next GE13th.

YB Azmin was only reiterating a promise that was already made on Malaysia Day on 16th September, 2010 in Sabah.

You probably don’t know about it because the mainstream media did not give the historic signing any news coverage whatsoever.

Nevertheless, you can read about it here:


Is it not that Swak already have some autonomy like immigration and especially, and i repeat especially the massive timber and other natural resources and land matters? So much so that the pek-moh have apparent complete control over these resources, raping them to enrich himself, his family and his band of bandits. So I suggest azmin not to insult Swakians with promises of what Swak already have. Just do us a favour by helping kick the pek-moh out of office in the next election. That’s good enough. Autonomy is a right of all Swakians, not for pekmoh to enrich himself… Read more »


Azmin is young, energetic and intelligent and PKR need just that for the next battle . He has gone through thick and thin with PKR and what he is now is his reward. Zaid is now history and he can be the President of that mosquito party. Looking at the past week it seem that he does not have that much support and would not impact PKR & PR. Giving autonomy is a good strategy to break up the alliance of BN UMNO in these 2 states.


“Pakatan Rakyat will give full autonomy to Sarawak if we win at the 13th General Elections” – Azmin Ali

– I have not the slightest doubt in all probability Pakatan Rakyat may agree to this, but my question is – did Azmin Ali consult senior Pakatan Rakyat leaders before making this statement? Who is he to speak ahead of Pakatan Rakyat leaders?

He is that desperate, isn’t he?


‘Confidence-man’ preying! LOL!!!

After so much irregularites in recent PKR election, Sarawakians supposed to believe this power-grabber?

Baru Bian should watch over his shoulder 24/7!


Azmin, like hell you are!


IMHO, If LGE go Sarawak and say he will bring Penang model to change Sawarak, it is more convincing than Azmin Ali cheap empty political talk.


It’s economy, stupid!


when anil exposes taib’s wrongdoing u gerakan k says ‘so what?’. people like u condone such malpractices. what a joke you r yourself. be sure u are worthily paid to be a clown here otherwise there’s tanjung rambutan for u there.


The Hornbill spirits are resurrected.
Here is a great hope of self determination for the Sarawakians. A new destiny of pride, courage and faith to rid of the white haired corrupts from the land of their ancestors. Never since the days of Rajah Brookes has there been much of a hope. These people must have their wealth back, not to be continually leeched off their future.
Bravo to Azmin and PKR. The promise should be carved in stone tablets.

Andrew I

Bravo, Azmin. Collapsing walkways and a few hundred ringgit angpows every five years will be a thing of the past.


Gerakan K

You are a disgrace to 1Malaysia


Azmin is really starting to fire up. Well done. Now I feel PKR has a leader with some serious leadership qualities. BN have met their match. This kid is as clean as they come. And the kids starting to fire up on all cylinders!


I am sorry. Much as I mistrust BN to govern properly my state, unfortunately PRK has also proven to be unworthy of my vote. So please do not demean our warrior cry by adopting it to be yours.


This is crap reporting. This issue of autonomy, while its the right of Sarawak and Sarawakian was NOT lost just because BN wanted it. If Taib and BN Sarawak parties did not sold out, someone else would have.

The only way to ensure Sarawak and Sarawakian gets what they deserve is ACCOUNTABILITY – Give Sarawak their autonomy but Federal role to make Sarawak leaders accountable i.e. Right of inspection at any time and all paper trail go to Federal agencies too.


He promised them something that had been promised to them before and they gave him a standing ovation? I need a job like that one.

Gerakan K

What a joke !!!

I promise to give everyone that voted me in election a clean sin record card !!!

Come and vote me now.


Gerakan K: How can we believe you and vote you ignorant fool. You are some wannabe who craves for the benefits that should not be entitled to you. If we vote you in, it will be even worse, just as corruptible and deceit as UMNO BN because your traits tell us that you (might) do anything to get something that should not be. You could sell your soul for that pittance what more if you in power. An example is Zambry usurped government who in little more than a year not only has 66 millions missing from the state coffer… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Gerakan K,

Just belittling by saying “What a joke!!!” clearly shows that you’re not on an intellectual discourse!

Just answer this questions:
(a) Are Sarawak and Sabah co-founders of Malaysia or did they just join Malaysia?
(b) If answer to (a) is “Yes”, ain’t there certain conditions imposed by Sarawak and Sabah and agreed upon by all parties (including Singapore) when they co-founded Malaysia?


Don’t try to play God!
Your sins are in record. So is everybody’s.
So don’t try to fool others, just like what those BeeEnd goons did to them Sarawakians for umpteen years.
What you just said was already in record word for word, to be accountable in details on Judgement Day.
Pray God you deserve favour from Him.


Thanks to the constant irrelevant messages from Gerakan K, I have decided not to support BN but to switch my support to Pakatan.

Gerakan K

Who cares about you ???

I don’t care for the tiny moon machais also !!!