Ask BN for everything, Anwar urges voters


Photos by Anil

Last night, I thought I would go and check out the scene in Permatang Pasir at random. It didn’t take me long to stumble upon a crowd along Jalan Kubang Semang, near the Permatang Pauh old town centre. Traffic police were doing a good job making sure the crowd did not spill on to the road.

As I approached the ceramah venue, I heard a familiar voice – Anwar’s. He was urging the voters of Permatang Pasir to ask BN leaders to do as much as possible for the area.

“As the MP for Permatang Pauh (in which the state seat of Permatang Pasir lies), I urge all of you to ask the BN leaders for whatever you need, whether road repairs or improvements to the mosques or whatever. Take whatever is given, but you know how to vote,” he said to chuckles from the crowd.

But he warned the crowd of 400 at a house along Jalan Kubang Semang not to be too complacent. “I am worried about this.”

Anwar also slammed the MACC for their apparent double standards in investigating corruption cases. “They seem more interested in cases involving RM2,000 rather than the billions squandered elsewhere such as the PKFZ and submarine ‘commissions’. Maybe they can’t see the submarines because they are underwater!”

He expressed surprise that the MACC is re-opening former Penang deputy chief minister Fairus’ case.

Next door, some female campaign workers seated around a table at a BN operations centre ignored what Anwar was saying and beavered away with their own work.

Next up was Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the MP for Kuala Selangor. He spoke at length about BN candidate Rohaizat Othman’s problems with the Malaysian Bar.

“I am not indulging in character assassination here,” he clarified. “But the issue is important as it involves integrity and accountability. We want all our leaders to be clean.”

As Dzulkefly addressed the crowd, which had dwindled after Anwar left, it began to drizzle. A few in the crowd opened up newspapers and placed them on their heads as shelter from the raindrops (see pic above).  Nice to see the mainstream newspapers being put to good use!

A large banner in the premises advertised motorbike service checks and free lubricants at an event apparently connected to the Pas campaign.

As I walked back after 11.00pm while the ceramah was still going on, the BN operations centre next door looked almost deserted (see pic above). Further along the road, workers were setting up a stage and arranging chairs under a canopy outside a row of shophouses near a cluster of Umno banners.

Just another night in Permatang Pasir.

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Hang Jebat

Birds of the same feather flock together; it is the UNMO hierachy start small as practice makes perfect.From thousand to millions and billions and thats the way go for UMNO leaders.


anwar’s right
ask them 4 everything
its our money after all
let them spend a little bit on d rakyat
or else, it will get spent anyway
on cronies, UM(bn)NOputras,
visits 2 overseas (even ,disneyland with d maid)…
all on our poor rakyat’s money…
so UM(bn)NO wont die
if they spend a bit on us 4 a change
n anil,
they r not mainstream newspapers
tyey r UM(bn)NO …papers




Zorro asked where the Chief Executive and his spouse have gone? Lets guess. Someone busy snaring Selangor Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs, using the proceeds of the special draws held recently? No one seems to be bothered much at the special draws approved by a government that always teases PAS for not being Islamic enough. Should not the Pakatan folks be on their guard? And that man who has a history of sponsoring votes buying since the time a Kelantanese challenged a party president, he is (allegedlly) still in the thick of things to help snare more ADUNs using money etc… Who… Read more »

telur dua

Of course they should ask for everything. It is the people’s money after all.


Dear frens,
Something interesting reveal at
Justice for Teoh Beng Hock!


Encik Rohaizat’s ex-partner have come out in the open. Here’s the latest news from MalaysianInsider

“Yusri Ishak alleged that the money was used by Rohaizat to help his friend-cum-client to finance a land transaction worth RM 130,000”. Now, I’m not a lawyer but I think that constitutes “misappropriation of funds” which is a criminal offence. Based on Encik Yusri’s statement above, I believe a police report can be made against Encik Rohaizat. But again I’m not a lawyer so perhaps some readers who are lawyers can comment.


Just wonder why Rohaizat is never investigated and charged for a serious CBT offence! Another cover up?


Well said Han2. Education Minister is a Dungu. Malaysian students……I am sorry for all of you.We have all incapable ministers who cannot even think. After selecting (an alleged) cheat as a canditate and trying to tell the whole world he is clean is precisely showing what UMNO has…….all Dungus. MACC,Finance,Foreign , judiciary , education etc Ministers need to be replaced. REFORMATION???? Rakyat is dying to see the changes.


His partner Yusri has revealed that Rohaizat is a signatory to the law firm’s account. He also (alleged) that Rohaizat lent the client’s (the Co-op) money totalling about RM200K to his friend. Here we have a BN candidate who (allegedly) misuse client’s fund and most of the stupid UMNO leaders still said he is a saint!!!! And by using the BN sysmbol, all the other component parties’ leader are made to look stupid and in support of corruption. Vote BN and you will have a Bolehland of Corruptions. If Rohaizat dont withdraw, I suggest all voters (including diehard UMNO supporters)… Read more »


Those alledge pengundi hantu (could) belong to UMNO BN… but they (could have) defected… that’s why pemuda UMNO are making noises this time on pengundi hantu…

Leong Yook Kong

BeEnd will start to complain that the voters are UNGRATEFUL after the announcement of the by-election result. I have yet to decide whether to pick a candidate with integrity or a candidate without integrity??????


Loyar Buruk,
How I wish my former boss can say that? Heck, why not give chance to Pakatan Rakyat to run for federal government


Its forgone conclusion PR will win. The issue is will people be too complacent to vote.. Look at how they leave after Anwar goes away…

Its very advantageous to get a big win this time.. put pressure on Najib-Muhiyiddin. Any excuse and Najib & Muhiyiddin will grab hold on to say it does not mean a much.. I bet you they already preparing for it..


I strongly feel that BN is now trying their best to be transparent.They have put up one of the “Normal” BN candidate. Only thing in this case, the “Normal” BN candidate has 3rd party documented evidence against him. While the Raja Klang & Raja Shah Alam managed to “legalize” the physical evidence (read Mansions) of ill-gotten gains with help from colleagues in high places.


Birds of the same feathers flock together… BN got one of their kind to contest, so thats a wise decision! Wakakakah….


Rohaizat shouldnt be a candidate for the election.He better learn to be a good and an honest man with high integrity before dreaming to be a leader.


Is this loyarburuk from Jupiter or what?

BN’s choice is unsurprising as this RO guy is representative of 99% of what UMNO has to offer.


“While the bar council exposed some of the negative milestones of his life, it also deliberately witheld some other relevant data.”—- Like what please. Here poor rubber tappers trust was abuse by the very person they place their trust in. What else is there to say somemore. As human,yes we forgive but for wrongdoer they must pay for their greed.


Yes, everything, except the 24 mil type of Mansion, the rich … dentist … is now occupying or some big commissions of Govt purchases…..these are exclusively reserved for the UMNO elites!!
Disbarred lawyer, why waste your time in this by-election and be exposed for your infamous past….

Pala Richie

This is statement is damm right! Ask goverment for anything from money to land. Or this money (could) go to … BN leaders. Who say Tiong is ATM for BN? maybe BN is ATM for Tiong? Anyhow, who cares whoc is ATM?, the money inside the ATM belong to rakyat. So be money-face rakyat, ask for money. The best a MP can contribute is dead during his tenor, by-election is time everybody get money!!! 1 malayais is money and only money.. proved me wrong, untill then agree with me.


Do not judge a book by its cover. Everyone deserves a second chance to make amends in his life. While the bar council exposed some of the negative milestones of his life, it also deliberately withheld some other relevant data.


It’s going to be a sure win for PAS and Pakatan. BN has chosen a ‘wrong’ candidate for this event. Even before entering the ring, people are talking about the wrong choice of candidate by BN to challenge PAS’ candidate. BN was in a haste and did not do their homework well. Walk into any coffee shop here, this is what the people are talking. In politics, perception is more important. No amount of rationalising would make the people believe in what some UMNO leaders are trying to say about their candidate. The person who chose him as the candidate… Read more »