As CPO price falls, could polls be delayed?


The price of crude palm oil has dipped below RM3000 as carnage across markets about the dimming prospects of the global economy takes its toll.

Now the more pertinent question for us here is what effect this will have on Umno’s vote bank in Felda plantation schemes. Could polls now be delayed in the hope that prices will recover?

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@Yang, Seriously Pakatan is a timebomb that will explode when they (unfortunately) win the GE. Pas will rush to implement hudud. Dap again will hear “tak suka boleh keluar” statement. Malu & *bo hood* for generation ~ If you notice the flip flop of Pakatan’s Hudud, Negara Kebajikan, Middle Malaysia, Buku Jingga direction/idealogy, BN has the purest consistency for hudud. BN has blocked the hudud since Mahathir era and till now my 1Malaysia PM Najib. @Yang, vote wisely. I think personally you know they will *tipu* now for votes and betray you later. @Yang, stoning to death for expression of… Read more »


It was supposed to be doomed when PR won the 5 states of Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan, but as expected they did very much better especially Penang, Perak and Selangor.
We have tried 53 years and although it was good from the start it has degenerate and we must change before it degenerate further.

Andrew I

@Gherkin. I think my ‘disintegrating’ idea of your brain must have motivated you to get some of your little demons to vote me down. As always, your conclusions about shifting sentiments are as accurate as your number predictions.


Things will only get worse! Greece will default on its loans, Italy is also in trouble, Germans don want the burden to bail them out everytime, the Wall Street sharks already bled the american taxpayers dry. If he doesn’t call for election soon, he will lose his UMNO presidency. Of course I’ll be very happy to get rid of the big f*t FLOM, at least DPM’s wife is a lot more pleasant, compared to FatMama anyway!

telur dua

Things happen for a reason. It is conspiring against a Gomen which has forgotten how to govern, forgotten their duty to serve the people. Against a Gomen gone rogue.

In any economic or political upheaval the people becomes collateral damage.


CPO price fall,
Today Guang Ming big front news, Chicken price up from RM7.20 to RM9.50.
Next will be Najib falls

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

“Do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you!” Wise words from a wise man! But, unfortunately, UMNO for that matter MCA,GELAKAN/MIC and all those in Barang Naik lack grey matters! Want the price of palm oil to rise? Talk to Robert Kuok, perhaps he may ask the Government of China to buy from Malaysia, triple the quantity what they are buying today. The PM failed miserably to convince the Government of China to purchase from Malaysia. Ask, Dr. Jeyakumar to speak to those involved in the palm oil business/Govenment of India, perhaps they… Read more »

Gerakan K

Walaupun Osama telah mati, tetapi dunia masih tidak aman. Ada orang kata Osama akan kembali. Betul, Osama yang lama akan kembali. Begitulah harapan penyokong-penyokongnya.

Kenyataan kamu yang saya dianggap amat bahaya:
Selamatkan Malaysia! Jom Ubah! Wipe out MCA/MIC/GELAKAN totally from the Malaysian political landscape! Never give these … a chance to ever make a comeback in Malaysian politics!

Jika tiada *MCA/MIC/GELAKAN* yang menolak agenda hudud Pas, bayangkan apa yang akan berlaku kepada Malaysia yang tercinta ??? Siapa yang akan bermaharajalela ???

Kamu guna nama Melayu yang gagah lagi perkasa, sila jawab dalam bahasa Melayu.


Sesiapa yang hidup atau mati dunia masih tidak aman selama lebih 3000 tahun tetapi kita mesti mempunyai harapan dan harapan kita tidak boleh diberikan kepada BN kerana mereka adalah party atau orang yang begitu skandal, korup dan menipu. Harapan kita sekarang ialah PR.

Karpal Singh, LGE dan DAP sudah menolakkan agenda hudud PAS tetapi Timbalan PM kata mahu Hudud. Apa kata portnstar CSL. Porstar cakap dia tidak mahu hudud tetapi takut menolak Mooyidin Hahah betul betul (takut)

Andrew I

Star headline: Chua is all charged up for the battle.

I suppose you could call it a battle. Please stop that sniggering at the back. Thank you.

Gerakan K

Nik Aziz kata Dap boleh keluar Pakatan. Pas tetap dengan matlamat hududnya.

Tindakan ini sama dengan orang yang koyak gambar KTK. Dap ada *hood* lawan balik Pas kah ??? Malulah Dap !!!


Gerakan K please use your spare time to teach KTK how to ride a bicycle without falling. Else he can never ride alongside Najib to bodek.

If he still cannot ride, then you can pasang extra wheels to keep him in balance.

Aranda Del Rio

Why worry abou Hudud laws when it is only applicable to Muslims? As it is the current civil laws has failed to prevent rampant corruption among the cronies. So it is the very reason why Umno is objecting to it for fear of losing their torsos along with the ill-gotten gains.

Gerakan K

Typical pas supporters’ childish reasoning. You must be never read news for decades.

Andrew I

Sounds logical to me. Your comment, on the other hand, has no logic to it as it doesn’t address the point he is making. It is also childish as you are clearly arguing for the sake of arguing.

Gerakan K

Have you notice that you got so many thumb downs ??? On the other hand, I unprecedentedly got many thumb ups.

These maybe the ground sentiment toward pas hudud agenda and dap *bo hood* response to pas’ nik aziz comment.

GE maybe faster than expected. 11.11.11 could be the date.

I will buy toto 6d 111111. What a special number

Andrew I

The only thing that has disintegrated and salah is your brain.


In the meantime we continue to see price of housing continue to go up. Do not expect charity from the housing developers as they are not welfare organisations. The blame for rising cost of houses are basically the government lackadaisical attitude toward this group. Instead of curbing prices, the government chooses to raise the loan ceiling and/or loan period, which will mean a lot more of us will be indebted until we die. It is very clear that this policy of the government is self-serving in the sense that the government minimizes its meddling of the developer’s finance, but will… Read more »


Fakri, Its not the loan ceiling or period that has caused the price of housing to go up. There are several factors but the most important one is the policy of the government because it is subservient to the big time developers. Take for example Penang. The government rather wants the RM40,000/= for every low or low medium cost unit that were not built. And developers who did not pay the 40+ have to build low medium apartment at 72+ which later they upgrade to 130+k. By such action developer have no need to build anymore medium cost projects and… Read more »


CPO dipped but, Copi “O” naik!!! UMNO creeps still enjoying their side incomes…so no worries for them, man.
The Global financial situation is still unpredictable…at least we all know there is no indicator for an early recovery and the major financial powers have not the will to come out with a solution…so folks, just hang on with whatever cash you have.
….with this unpredictable financial situation, UMNO PM (lacks the courage), to all for a GE or not to call…maybe, looking for direction…

Gerakan K

As hudud issue has disintegrated Pakatan, could polls be anti-delayed ???

p/s: Andrew !, my grammar ada salah kah ???


Hudud issue has not disintegrate PR but has made them stronger. Poll delayed because najib is just plain chicken.


PR has reached a consensus on the hudud issue. Has BN done that when the Deputy PM Mudyideen agree and Pornstar CSL disagree. The good outcome shows PR’s maturity to agree to disagree amicably.


KLCI has also dropped tremendously in the last 1 week.
It could be a ‘staged event’ by certain party to cause mass sell-out and then buy in at low price to cash in for election war chest.