Anwar’s car stoned as he thrusts deeper into BN strongholds


Thugs damaged Anwar’s car yesterday as the opposition leader was reported as visiting the Sembrong parliamentary seat in Johor.

Sembrong, a parliamentary constituency in Johor, has been a BN stronghold. In the 2008 general election, Hishammuddin Hussein defeated Lee Sang of PKR by 11570 votes, a reduced majority compared to his winning majority of 16978 in 2004.

Update (23 February):But Hishammuddin denied that the ceramah took place inside his constituency. “Firstly, Batu Empat is not inside the constituency,” he was reported as saying by Malaysiakini. “I don’t know why they continue to mention Sembrong. The ceramah was not held there.”

Last Monday, Anwar’s ceramah at a Felda scheme in Machap, Malacca was disrupted by youths noisily revving their notorbikes.

In the 2008 general election, in the Machap state seat, the MCA’s Lai Meng Chong defeated the PKR’s Ginie Lim by a 1639-vote majority, a drop from the BN’s 4562 majority in 2004.

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Well, at least KFC is in no danger of not enough pool of talent..

Phua Kai Lit

The whole world is watching.

Phua Kai Lit

A sign of weakness and increasing desperation, not strength.


You bodoh atau apa. Polis sudah benarkan ceramah. Lagi pun Najib pun pergi seluruh negera kempen. AMM0 Barang Naik dan Najis takut kalah di election GE 13 itu it sebab (penyokong) mereka menggunakan taktik kotor dan kasar.

Gerakan K

Itu saya kata.

Belum lagi election, tak boleh pergi kempen. Undang-undang negara sudah jelas terhadap larangan ini supaya insiden pergaduhan tidak berlaku.

PKR tetap degil dengan tindakan provokasinya. Kita hanya boleh salahkan PKR kerana tindakan provokasi mereka.

Selain itu, siapa tau pihak yang memBATU itu siapa dan dari mana ??? Mungkin orang gila ??? Mungkin orang sendiri ??? Mungkin dari orang yang benci provokasi ??? Dan beribu-ribu mungkin.

Election belum lagi. Jadi hentikan fitnah and buat kerja masing-masing.

Penang Voter

Only BN can campaign? Others can’t ? What kind of pathetic nonsense are you mumbling. The less you talk, the less we will regard you as a ‘retard’.


they’re act like an animal, just like their leader did.

Andrew I

When they can’t answer, they become Neanderthal men.

Yusdi Yasin

Andrew, please don’t use Neanderthal as a comparison. The Neanderthal specie live long ago and may have been a noble one. What we have in our case here is homo sapien which is the process of degeneration into an entirely new specie. Morlock perhaps?


One thing is very clear. AMMO, Barang Naik (BN) and Malaysian Chauvinistic Party (MCA) are now in desperation. (BN supporters are now resorting) to dirty tactics, violence and breaking of the law.