The Kelana Jaya Stadium event (Video)


Aljazeera has come up with its take of the rally on 8 May.

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Norman Choy

Yes, may be we Malaysian cannot change the election but our God the Jehovah can change.

Key lee

AbgM , this is like a chess game,’ strategy ” if they would put phantom votes to all area, it wud be obvious , don’t you think so. How stupid is yr comment. Surely they wud only put it in area they desperately hope to win, Perak and Johore. For some area to win becos of pride stake
eg Lembah Pantai, Bentong, Putrajaya.etc,etc. Understand. I don’t understand why you goons of BN do not see how corrupted are they.


Key lee if you say so, with proof of course launch a complain and take them to court. I am sure you would say now that they controlled the justice system. Nothing seems to be right, It will not end isn’t it?The bickering has been too long, people need peace and stability to run their daily life. I am saying this NOT for BN or PR


KJ using an excuse that has been exposed false by Charles Santiago and Nurul Izzah’s suit shows clearly how the newly “elected” govt is defaulting on same things they have done in the previous term without a new plan to move forward.

Again what happen recently was INDECISION 2013. Nothing has changed with the GE.. The newly “elected” govt will keep doing what they have been doing even if PR does not have anything to stop or change them anytime soon..


UMNO & EC leaders will one day have to answer to GOD. They can hide but not forever.

Phua Kai Lit

Aiyah, Khairy.

We remember Rembau in 2008 GE and the
blackout during the vote counting.

And after you “won” in Rembau, you as UMNO Youth Chief,
did not even get a Cabinet position !


UMNO knows that they have the courts under their control and more likely than not they can prevail … Proven or not the amount of abuse and cheating is so clear that you don’t even need a smart person to understand that there is cheating going on. For example, why would EC officials ask all vote counters to leave the room so that they can have a break when the result was tilting towards the opposition? In Lembah Pantai for example, we have unknown vehicle transporting ballot boxes that were not for Lembah Pantai and was stopped by PR supporters… Read more »


Aya, ayo, why you all so dumb dumb, if they can really cheat, then all state will definitely be under BN, never knew Malaysian can’t reason out, yen na dai