Anwar takes his message to Malacca


Cut out corruption and leakages and the country will have enough financial resources to provide free education right up to university level, said Anwar.

He said RM5bn per year was all it needed to provide free education to Malaysians, and with the country’s oil revenue, that should not be a problem.

Anwar stressed that Pakatan parties should tell their supporters to have zero tolerance for corruption and racism. He added that the Chinese language is assuming greater importance as an international language of business and we shouldn’t begrudge those who want their children to pick up the language in addition to Malay.

The Pakatan leader was addressing a dinner crowd at the Pay Fong Secondary School hall last night and told diners it was time to give Umno a chance to improve itself as an effective opposition party.

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As a Chinese in Malacca, I find that its MCA chief Gan tian loo is really low class and has nothing to offer to teh chinese community.
I have urged many chinese to boycott MCA to punish them for good!


Anwar lying … as usual ….. and you ‘devil worshipers’ still believe him !!!!


It is a very weak excuse for to say that Najib is very busy and could not debate with Anwar. Chua’s reasoning is faulty. Who is the busiest man in office? Probably US president Barack Obama, and yet he has time to have debates. In UK, former PM Gordon Brown had debates with David Cameron and Nick Clegg. In France, Nicholas Sarkozy had a debate with his opponent, Francois Hollande. If those leaders who had bigger burdens than Najib could make time for debates, why couldn’t Najib? The simple reason is that he dares not. He is afraid to show… Read more »

Adam Fmn

Politicians well meaning or not do what they can to get elected. I don’t fault either party for that. Right now thought the government is on a spending binge so huge to get re-elected there will be some sour medicine to take regardless of who wins the GE.
Education is a better investment than submarines right? Its a matter of priorities.


Surging above $1 trillion, U.S. student loan debt has surpassed credit card and auto-loan debt. This debt explosion jeopardizes the fragile recovery, increases the burden on taxpayers and possibly sets the stage for a new economic crisis.

Read more:


He got one thing right – the problem with student loans and vernacular schools – it all does not matter much if there is a quality education system even just at the university level..In fact my biggest problem with Anwar is this free education for all. There is no reason to do free education IF the education quality is high – the loans will pay for it..The money would be better off invested in schools rather than just give it free but its not a vote getter like free education..Its practical politics but its not incomplete governance.


I have observed Anwar closely since 2 September 1998m when Mahathir did Malaysia the biggest inadvertent favor ever by sacking his “ambitious and impatient” deputy and crucifying him politically. By so doing Mahathir put Anwar through the final test – and in my opinion Anwar passed with distinction. Fourteen years down the line, my admiration, love and respect for the man has only increased. Watching him in action on this video, only serves to further strengthen my confidence in this extraordinary man’s destiny – which is to set us back on the right course as a nation, so we can… Read more »

Andrew I

The vacuum left post-Anwar is what we have now. This is what happens when you surround yourself with court jesters…no suitable candidates whatsoever and we all know who to thank for that.

Angry and Fed Up

and that’s why we NEED pakatan to form the new government.

Gerakan K

That is why any rational voter can’t vote pakatan. Surely Malaysia will bankrupt under pakatan. Why ??? They want to give everything free. That is even worse than communism. That is BOHONG-ism. Or Anwar-ism if you like it. So unreal and only happen in fantasy land where you can print money as you wish.

Andrew I

BOHONG-ism. Two letters stand out in that word. Can anyone guess which ones?



Andrew I

And the winner of this week’s quiz is Yang.

Phua Kai Lit

No comment on PM’s distribution of pre-election goodies
on a massive scale? Free tyres for taxi drivers, free laptops to
school children etc etc ?

Andrew I

Whatever Gherkin’s stand, it’s usually outdated by his masters’ stand, like hudud in Johor. Time to head up to Getting to lose more money and hair, Gherks.


Rational voters will surely reject AMMO Barang Naik and their sycophants. With all the corruption that come to billions such as the Scorpene and cowgate, it could be used to help the people through free education and many others. Digging the national coffer to pay for the BRIM 500 vote buying Penang and Selangor are 2 examples where with integrity and a corrupt free govt it could save millions to help the people through the 100 and many other scheme. And all these are implemented right after GE and unlike N … during the GE Say no to corruption Say… Read more »


GK, how many students can you sponser with the RM3million that your 1Malaysia First Family and their entourage used for their trip to UK, Washington, DUBAI AND MILAN?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

😆 Anwar Keng….Anwar Seng….Anwar Chan Hai Mou Tak Teng 😆

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆