Anwar zeroes in on Najib’s Pekan


Anwar has hit the ceramah trail in Pahang, taking in a Felda scheme in Lanchang and now heading to Kuantan and then Pekan.

Anwar at the Felda scheme in Lanchang, Temerloh

Some 300 people gathered at the Felda scheme in Bukit Damar Lanchang in Temerloh this evening to listen to Anwar. (Umno won the Lanchang state seat, which had 18564 registered voters, with a 2139-vote majority in the 2008 general election.)

Anwar at Lanchang Felda
A section of the crowd at the Felda scheme

Anwar touched on wage levels, land issues and other problems faced by the settlers. He also responded to the attacks against him for his remarks on Israel.

Earlier a few banners had sprung up in the area carrying crude messages disparaging the opposition leader.

Anwar is now on the way to Kuantan before heading to Najib’s Pekan constituency.

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Sam Yap

How many people have ever paused to think for bit why the entire government machinery is mobilised to try and stop ONE man………yes……just ONE guy…………Anwar Ibrahim?…

Why not attack Karpal? LKS? Nik Aziz? Hadi? These are all opposition leaders with lots of political mileage….why not hit them with all sorts of allegations etc.

If you had not thought about it, maybe you should and you’d know why Anwar must be made PM.


There is something ONLY Anwar can do..Like it or not that is the reality no matter what his faults and shortcoming are. AND there is no one down the line of all of PR that can do what he does. All the gripes in of Hindraf, Sabah leaders and even those within PAS, like it or not, if its not Anwar, its likely NEVER…


Anwar’s stamina and determination alone boggle the mind. I’m younger than the man but I wouldn’t wish his punishing daily schedule on anyone.
Obviously, he is driven by a compelling sense of a greater destiny – just as all natural leaders are. Have to say it again, I truly admire Anwar’s fortitude and will. We may have entirely different perspectives on reality – but as a career politician, this man earned my love, admiration and respect 14 years ago when he publicly called on Mahathir to resign.

Andrew I

Couldn’t agree with you more. His determination alone gets my vote. A lesser politician would have called it quits years ago. His ideas are appropriated shamelessly that, for all intents and purposes, he has been leading the country all this while.

Gerakan K

Sudah mau election kah ??? Mengapa Anwar boleh kempen ??? Setahu saya kalau tiada election tak boleh kempen. Salah tau !!!


The damage that you do to gerakan and bn is amusing to follow. Either you are truely dumb or a real genius. I hope to find out one day.



Andrew I

He’s the best they have to offer. … will say anything for a song. Even my cat is not that cheap.


I really like the WordPress comment rating system here. Once a commentator attracts more than 10 nett negative votes (I think) the comment gets hidden….
Its not always that a lowly rated comment is of dismal standard, but the one here by…”K”…really deserves it.

Gerakan K

Thanks for support. I think it should grow with times. Next month it should be 25 thumb down votes before hidden.

Gerakan K

I need your motivation. Click thumb up for me !!!

Andrew I

Not in a million years.


… AMMO BN lagi teruk. Sudah mau election pergi seluruh negeri beli undi undi. Salah tau !!!! Bukan itu sahaja , moral pun ta ada. Betul teruk teruk !!!!

Penang Voter

Simply Pakatan has so much ‘truth’ to make known. Unlike BN, which the entire cycle depend on lies and slanders.