Students defy warnings not to attend Anwar’s Adelaide address


Students were warned not to attend the event but close to a thousand people turned up.

In a separate interview in Adelaide, Anwar spoke on the prospects and barriers to political opposition in Malaysia, the Allah controversy and the lessons of the Arab Spring.

Anwar was a guest of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and the University of Adelaide, hosted by the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre (IPGRC). He was interviewed by the Director of the IPGRC, Prof Kanishka Jayasuriya.

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Wrong again, grkumar – you are a classic troll, making unfounded and inaccurate statements. Having lived in Queensland for more than 20 years, including 15 years in a town that was once the heartland of Pauline Hanson’s support base, I’ve got a good idea of how unpopular she has become. If you can’t direct us to any links that support your assertions, stop making them.


Sow hat if you’ve lived in Queensland? Does not give you any edge in knowledge over anyone else. In fact it dos not qualify you for anything connected to knowledge if you’ve lived in Hicksville for that long….

Troll yes well if you’ve lived in Queensland your head is up your proverbials where everything with a light to it is a troll to you….


In reply to your question, ‘so what’, my point was that you thought my argument was invalid because you assumed that I lived in one of Australia’s ‘isolated cities’ and that I am ‘insulated from the reality of white Australia’. I was explaining why your assumption was wrong. In reply, you have changed tack to say that I don’t know much because I’ve lived in Hicksville. (This is a baseless assumption – all you know about me is that I’ve lived in Queensland for some time.) Arguments can be valuable because they can lead us to greater understanding of a… Read more »

Pak Tim

I am amazed you bought his eloquence. He is nothing but a paid cybertrooper or troll if that is what you call them. (They) spend … money on this sort of thing(?) Don’t waste your time on him.


grkumar is entitled to his racist comments. Fact is the Chinese are welcomed in Australia and they contribute to the economy of the country. No amount of bad mouthing the Chinese and Anwar will change the facts. UMNO, on the other hand, has proved time and time again that they have only themselves and their cronies financial welfare at heart. Corruption has impeded the progress of justice and racial and religious tolerance. In fact, there is nothing good to say about UMNO. Now we are the laughing stock of the Muslim world because of UMNO judges.


Ali Rustam’s failure with his Chinese-bashing tactics has shown that the malays at grassroot level are not anti-Chinese despite the numerous racist attempts by Perkasa/Isma to blame the Chinese community. Anyway, many of my friends who studied in Australia have settled comfortably there as integration is easy without discrimination.

Pak Tim

I beg to differ, no one should be allowed to make racist rants like that. But then, we won’t know who among us are bigots if they keep their mouth shut so, rant on. I agree with you about compliant judges. I thought Pak Lah undid what the doctor in the house did to our Judiciary. Here, we show the world that we are still very much a third world country maybe, even lower. Premier Lee is right. Why would he want to come here in private and get mugged? The robber (could) be set free. They only throw dissidents… Read more »


It is your view that my comments are ‘racist rants’ and you are entitled to your views. What did Dr. Mahathir do to the judiciary that he had no power or authority to do?

Lee Kuan Yew is well known for his very “democratic” (action) of not only his citizens but also of his judges which is why 38% of the population there are now foreign born. Democracy is anathema to the Chinese….

Pak Tim

Why follow a bad example?

don anamalai

The event received overwhelming response, forcing organisers to change the venue to a bigger hall to accommodate some 900 people, 300 more than initially expected. Those who attended the talk said that the crowd, a blend of Malaysians and Australians, were curious to hear Anwar speak after news that Malaysian offcials warned students was reported by the Australian media. The audience cheered Anwar’s pro-democracy stance, and while he may have been preaching to a gallery of supporters, he also criticised the Australian government. Attendees said that Anwar expressed disgust over Canberra’s silence on the threat sent to Malaysian students, as… Read more »

Pak Tim

What can we expect from the Australian government after our government has agreed to process their toxic product. Nevertheless, it had to be said.


…..the south east Asian Chinese … let the Australians take in more and more of them and shoulder south east Asia’s burden who have already claimed more than 20% of the Australian continent economically and in terms of its population. Fair exchange no robbery.

There are over 500,000 illegal Chinese from south east Asia who have come into to Australia as tourists and students by “jet”. Government has done little to dislodge even a fraction of them in Australia. Instead they are distracted by the “boat people”. Good luck to the Chinese in their “New Home” ….


You could repeat these things in Washington and every major European city and it STILL won’t be enough to get UMNO/BN out of power. Its about battling for every inch and the battle gets bloodier and bloodier, almost pointless – think the Battle of Thermopylae, the battle of Iwo Jima, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Dnieper, The Tet offensive.

Its a long, hard days and nights ahead..

Pak Tim

That’s right. What is needed is a Malaysian spring. That will happen when BN cheat in the elections again.


Pity though the “battlers” are all steadfast and stuck in their armchairs, armed to the teeth with their ignorance and wet dreams none of which will take them anywhere. Long may they fight from where they are.

semuana OK kot

It is so easy to give vague advice on ending war, ending disagrements though consultation, etc., especially at public expense. The hot air makes you sound so wise. As someone said, it is like being a vegetarian between meals. But when the shoe is on the other foot…

Pak Tim

At the expense of the public? What are you babeling about? Not making any sense.

najib manaukau

Regardless of how many letters the scaramouches from Umno have sent to the students , forbidding them to attend the meeting, especially those who are on PSD scholarships, still many, if not all, who are able to attend will attend. They are aware they are not in Malaysia and in Australia.
Now you now why the present regime does not want Malaysians to be educated and it is for these reasons as far as the warlords from Umno are concerned they are doing their utmost best to have as few Malays as possible from being literate !

Phua Kai Lit

Do not be afraid if you are not on a Government scholarship.

Even more so if you are going to be Australian citizens in the future !


Students should be exposed to alternative thinking now that BN is bringing financial woes to rakyat with more deficit and wastage.


Very Maoist. Very Maoist. “Students should be?”. Not given up the ghost of Chin Peng yet hey Mr. Chinese Malaysia?


Every picture tells a story. her here is again a fallen faded jaded star of a man pathetically once more as always surrounded by anti Malay Chinese to whom he is pin up boy. Australia has had enough warnings about the invading Chinese hoardes or “Yellow Peril” as their most famous prime minister referred to them as. It was Robert Gordon Menzies who warned against them in south east Asia and later in Australia. John Howard warned against them but their money politics which now shapes Australia and its future had him silenced. As the Malays stood against him and… Read more »

Pak Tim

grkumar, what kind of lie are you trying to sell? Nobody will buy your story that Malaysian Chinese are anti-Malay. The opposition could not have won the popular vote without Malay support. Malaysian Chinese votes constitute less than 20% of the electorate. It is the Malay voters that made the difference. Basically, the Chinese voters rejected the Chinese component party of the BN who did nothing for the Chinese community but robbed the community instead and enriched themselves in the process. The Port Klang scandal for example stole billions from public funds. And what of your leader whose complicity in… Read more »


You bought it enough to respond to it. Your entire community did ab about face and ran in the tsunami when they believed (albeit wrongly) that the tide was about to turn in favour of the Chinese party the DAP and its surrogate the PKR. Lie…..? my advice to people like you is to lie low. From Chin Peng Sun Yat Sen who briefly occupied Malaysia seeking to build his own republic out of carving up south east Asia and your scant regard for anyone other than your selves is evidence you are anti Malay. You always have been anti… Read more »

Pak Tim

Your response is laughable, macam kera kena belacan. What makes you think I am Chinese? Really, how much are you getting paid cybertrooping … ? You would have done better for the Apartheid regime but you were probably too young then.


It is your content that makes me think you are Chinese. You don’t have to be ethnically Chinese Pak Tim . You imply have to subscribe to that mindset. Apartheid, you ought to know a thing or two about it from what you support here. The Chinese were honorary whites during that regime anyway.

Pak Tim

You are displaying a classic tactic of a paid cybertrooper. Where in my comment did I say I supported Apartheid? In fact, I said the opposite. I was implying how well you would have served that regime.


Paid cybertrooper…….so thats what they call anyone who has a contrarian argument to that of the Chinese from Malaysia who seek to dominate everything from a blog to government to land space.

Pak Tim

Most definitely, what else can you be? No sane and rational person would make comments like you do.

Anwar Goyang

I agree with grKumar. It was Chinese Tsunami. Do you any more explanation?


You might want to check your moral compass. Where were you & your Umno kind when little children were abused? Isn’t these incidence worse than gay relationship.


Pauline Hanson draws big crowds too inspite of warnings from churches, public and private interest groups and government about her race baiting and allegations of corruption and the rest. Does not make it right, does not make her message any better than Anwars and certainly does not mean the rest of the world or nation support her. The same lesson can be applied to your arguments about bigger numbers and curious onlookers showing up at Anwar’s rally. They may have simply wanted to hear him lie again about losing the elections, lie about allegations of corruption and nepotism when his… Read more »


You weren’t there either Kaycee when as you put it “little children were abused by UMNO kind”. Are you admitting Anwar is Gay and was involved in the butt punching of the men he was accused of butt punching and that it is justified on the basis of my not checking my moral compass? or are you suggesting UMNO had engaged in child abuse. If you do have the evidence of your allegations why do you not take them to a court to have them charged?

Another one of the Chinese Tsunami’s at work here?


grkumar, Pauline Hanson does not draw big crowds. In last month’s election her party won 1.22% of the vote. Kaycee suggests you check your moral compass – I suggest you check your facts if you want people to place any credence in your opinions.


Dean your ignorance of the pulling power of Pauline Hanson leads me to believe you are from the isolated cities like Adelaide insulated from the reality of white Australia. Pauline Hanson pulls in a quite a big crowd. When compared to others her pulling power is not insignificant. She may have faded in some quarters but not in the bush, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the NT.

White Australians love to pretend she even does not exist because of the embarrassment this woman has caused to the image of a “liberal minded tolerant 21st century wannabe power”….