Anwar Ibrahim’s press conference


What do you make of this? Do you think Pakatan Harapan or PKR should cooperate with Umno? What would their ideological platform be, given the track record of both sides? Good governance, anti-corruption, constitutional provisions. But this is vague, without going into specifics.

In the last general election, it was the goal was to save Malaysia from 1MDB, kleptocracy and oppressive rule. Now, it is to save Malaysia from growing authoritarianism and to restore parliamentary democracy. These are critical issues.

But if they don’t spell out the specific reforms they want to implement, everything will be airy fairy, and it will be hard to capture public imagination.

What will they do for low-income households? How will they curb the higher costs of housing, healthcare and education? What is their stand on wasteful mega-projects, for instance, the unnecessary massive land reclamation and controversial Pan Island Link highway and tunnel in Penang? Widespread logging elsewhere? Polluting activities? Food security?

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PAS picks Bersatu over Umno for GE15!
End of the road for Muafakat Nasional?

Gerakan is now sandwiched by PAS and Bersatu!


In Bolehland below 18 is considered matured to get married but 18 years old are not mature to vote?


This press conference by IGP on “blue coat of silence” is really shocking?


What cartel he is talking about?

Is bukit aman controlled by secret society?

Time for Gerak Khas to spring into action.


KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) cannot dismiss a claim of an insidious “cartel” seeking to control the police force as a problem to be dealt with internally because it is a “question of law”, DAP’s Gobind Singh Deo asserted today.


it is reported in Malaysiakini that PAS will be having many muddy development projects along Sg muda and turn into Sg Tua. Peng land will have many milk tea and kopi susu. Where is our milk tea? In Kelantan or Kedah? He will soon join by many Sg Muda turn to Sg Tua milk tea. What Peng land environmentalists are doing?


DAP Penang election tomorrow at Spice Arena.

Anil can provide live report?

Any predictions? LKS-LGE team, CM CKY team, Ramasamy team, JeffOoi team, NgWA team, KarpalS team, Zairil team etc to make impact ?


Gang gang during state election okay and gang is over when the election is finished. Time to serve rakyat with vigour


PKR pok kai of ideas except knows how to rear tadpoles and frogs. The kautimology continues from BN’s time into the future. Next time, rakyat vote for sometime good, it is frog leap and change any time by kautimology.


Bolehland politics now so fluid with possible combos because the seasoned YBs are basically fascinated by power and perks?

Time for younger untainted ones to replace the tired faces for country to prosper?

The likes of Tanjung Bungah NGO should step forward to offer alternative views locally???