Anwar enters the final stretch in Perak (Video)


As the final stretch beckons, Anwar continues to pack in the crowds, last night at Lenggong, Perak.

And over in Gerik:

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There is no question Anwar has star power – when he shows up in any new area, the crowd will be significant. But given GE is here, there NEED TO BE DEPTH in Anwar and PR’s penetration..Going down the stretch, the measure should be the crowd WHERE ANWAR ALREADY HAS BEEN.. In other words, what we want to look for is crowd getting bigger where Anwar and PR has already gone over ESPECIALLY IN RURAL AREAS.. The measure of the crowds in Johor and Sabah and Sarawak in the last days of the GE will be what to watch..It has… Read more »


gerakan k
real reason anwar is scare of gerakan k
feel better now?

Gerakan K (Team)

@Kramer: To be MB, he/she must be elected ADUN. 1Malaysia PM Najib only acts as election director/chief in Selangor not contesting in Selangor. On the other hand, Anwar really wants to contest in Perak.


Anil, u call this packing in the crowds? when did u become a hack?

Gerakan K

Why Anwar contesting in Perak ??? Some say due to burden in LGE. Some even say, Anwar is eyeing for MB post in Perak if his putrajaya dream KO-ed ???


if najib wants to live and die in pekan, then why is he heading the BN charge in Selangor? Is this his safety net should BN lose GE13 but regain Selangor then he could be the Menteri Besar?

It is is good for Pakatan leaders to switch to different places to bring the wind of change nationwide. already we can see BN flers all worried when LKS come to Johor to take over Gelang Patah which is the site of Nusajaya!


well said.

gerakan teng is now associate member of perkasa?

Andrew I

Some say or your imagination talking?