Anwar drops a bombshell; opts for Permatang Pauh


Anwar has decided to opt for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat, probably after figuring out that the delay and uncertainty in neighbouring Kulim was going to be far too long.  Azizah is giving way for him, which is a pity because as president of PKR, which has the most parliamentary seats, she is the first woman Parliamentary Opposition Leader.

Anyway, they are probably looking at the larger picture, which is 16 September. They probably hope to up the political ante, before Anwar can be arrested, if it comes to that. I guess, for him, time is of the essence.

What do you think of all this?

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Anwar, get yourself prepared to change the long suferring of all the beloved Malaysian. Do not forget about Sarawak & Sabah – the so called the richest states in Malaysia (interms of resources). Those people are living in poverty ( esp. the rural folks – penan’s and other natives). Roads: No proper road linked to rural villages. Highways: Highways are now a ”LOWWAYS” ,Coastal roads – is just like having a boat ride in the sea during monsoon season – pot holes that may any time punctures your tyres and damage the suspension system. The lost of many lives still… Read more »

ken destino

DSAI will win. we need a 2-party system desperately. PR and BN should be around for the people to choose what they want. The rakyat decide and not the politicians. good luck to DSAI and thanks to Azizah for all her sacrifice. she has been a good wife indeed. as for now the rakyat are shifting to PR. give them a chance. after all at the end of every 4 to 5 years, the people can always decide again.


I don’t understand the fascination with DSAI. Not fascinated with the current government too, anyways. He’s just a politician through and through with some real histories that we should Think deeply on. There should be another real leader that we should suppport.

lee wee tak

I agree with Margeemar. Let Kak Wan be the honcho first would be the right strategy.

The creation of by election for him would create unfavourable impression of him


And the old goat is sure his woman would do the same for him. It would be nice to see that happen……soon, we hope.

agadam magadam

JOY AND HAPPINESS…!!! Anwar has to make it quick,.. real quick, before those m…… can nail him on something fabricated and new..

Pray…Pray… It happens sooner…!!!!


The most important thing is Anwar to become an MP so that the people will have more options to choose the best person to be Malaysia’s PM. MP’s like Loh Gwo Burne can resign anytime to give way to Azizah. Can be done easily only after we kick UMNO and BN out from Putrajaya! Read Nik Aziz mind here: Wartawan : Apa harapan Tok Guru pada penyokong kita? Mursyidul Am : Harapan saya supaya mereka bertenang dan jangan terpengaruh dengan taktik yang dibuat oleh musuh. Saya setuju supaya UMNO lenyap di muka dunia. Nak lenyap atas muka dunia payah juga… Read more »


After announcing that he was going for Kulim, DSAI changes his mind the next day and announces it’s going to be his wife who’s going to make way for him after all. The reason being, he can’t wait for the Kulim court case. What i want to know is, couldn’t the incumbent PKR MP for Kulim just resign? That way, Azizah doesn’t have to give way. Maybe the wife wants to step down from politics. If so, why is she still hanging on to her post as President of PKR? Can we also deduce that DSAI prefers Permatang Pauh, the… Read more »


Wan Azizah, the woman black singers crooned about in the 70’s. She is her man’s woman. Don’t we just love her?!

All those sorry excuses for men can’t get to her. And then there was that old goat who once went around accusing her for using tears to garner votes. He will NEVER know what love is.


I prefer anwar to be PM if he can deliver something good for us,compared to current BN leaders who are more self minded thinking..our country need change of leadership to move ahead..

Isa X

Why worry he will be MP jail or no jail PM jail or no jail. We the people are determine and no bully will change the will of the people. damn stupid UMNO, they are beginning to realise that this country belongs to all of us. Let B….. make his threats , we will not surrender our country to corruption again. They have to go. Oh people let us unite against this wicked and corrupt gomen. This party which holds itself above nation country and its laws. They gather our wealth unto themselves and spoiled their children … rotten at… Read more »

People Power

Since DSAI will go for the by election, some of the MPs from various state will defect to PR very very soon.
This will be another Tsunami for BN!
People Power!!!!!


Since Dato Seri Anwar will take over the administration of the federal government and becomes our PM,then it is appropriate for Dato Seri Wan Azizah to resign as MP of Permatang Pauh to force a by election. BN’s candidate will loose his or her deposit this time no matter who is contesting,Ezam can try his luck here if he so desires but the people of Permatang Pauh,regardless of color and creed will make sure BN’s candidate would not ever step his foot in this area after the by election.You pick on the wrong personality,you should pick people like “big foot”… Read more »

agadam magadam

JOY AND HAPPINESS…!!! Anwar has to make it quick,.. real quick, before those m…… can nail him on something fabricated and new..

Pray…Pray… It happens sooner…!!!!


Should be ok. High chance since UMNO people also support him in that constituancy. Are you ok with husband-wife-daughter in parliament? For me, Azizah has done her part. Great job done during hard times (10/10 points). The time has come for her to change direction and give full support to the in-waiting prime minister. She should always be by Anwar’s side to realise the hope of the people. It will not be possible to do it while doing the opposition leader job. I think she’s doing the right thing. Never underestimate the hand that rocks the cradle. I’m sure UMNO… Read more »

tairam desta

it was hell repeater if DSAI be arrested for the same stupid charge,especially after DSAI confirmed his intention as candidate in by-election after DS Wan Azizah pave way for her husband.this umno… are really power crazy n do anyhting to stop DSAI from coming DSAI…u got lots of supporters behind u so dont u worry a less abt those damn UMNO …


Yes it is indeed a pity Wan Azizah has to sacrifice her seat. But I think they– meaning the stragegists and advisers in the Pakatan know what thye are doing. The stupid BN people must be stumped for a while atleast before they take the next step. If everything is fair we will be seeing a Pakatan government by September 15. BUT it is not going to be that easy as we all know that the corrupt BN and its cronies will not give up that easily.

It’s a game of chess being played out in M’sian politics. Unfortunately, it looks like the rakyat are the sorry pawns in this battle.

J Choo

This was what I predicted. I also posted it in my blog on June 11 citing 4 reasons.

1. He wants to come back with a LOUD BANG! What better way to do it; of course Permatang Pauh.

2. This will show that he goes back to his own people.

3. No other present PKR incumbent MP needs to vacate.

4. Wifey can take a deserving rest.

You see? It’s a win-win-win-win scenario!!


growing pains …

Edmond R

I think we should advise all Malaysians to extricate ourselves from the web of lies and deceit spun by Barisan Nasional and rally behind Saudara Anwar who has been fighting hard for justice and equality all these years.

As I have written in my posting, should we let at 23 year old university dropout determine the future of 27 million Malaysians or should be give our full support for an experienced 60 year old man who wants to bring change to our country.

A Little Space

I think this is okay. To have someone else reign to fit Anwar in does not sound good.

I think Wan Azizah needs some time for herself after a decade of trials and tribulations. I wish her well.


Anwar drop the shell but not the bomb.
The Goverment of the day dropping all the “bomb”.

rajraman.Thinking very2 hard,when the IMPACT of this dropping going to lead to.(economy collapse,more poverty,more petty theft and more more more more more dont know)

A true Malaysian

I take it as a nature progression for Kak Wan to take a back seat and be a simple housewife that I think she aspires most. She was indeed a victim of circumstances where she has no choice, but to fight on for Anwar, to which many wives may not succeed in facing the hardship.

So, it is time for Kak Wan to take a well deserved rest.

Best of luck to her.


Enough is enough!

The best response from Betel Nut Chronicles so far !!!!!

“Are we going to allow a 23 year old university dropout to determine the fate of 27 million Malaysians?

Or should be rally behind a 60 year old man who has been fighting for justice, equality, peace and freedom for Malaysia throughout these difficult years?

The verdict is for us to decide. Let’s untangle ourselves from this web of complacency and escape from the liars’ lair.”